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  1. So if I wanted to complete only MHW base, would it be 100% in the Trophy list like a game with no DLCs?
  2. Have they fixed the Auto-popping trophies? Just got a PS5 and want to know if it's safe to continue my playthrough on the PS5 version and comeback later to auto-pop on PS4
  3. Or is the Story Expansion Pass enough to get all the trophies?
  4. Does it still work as of now?
  5. Trophies that require Winning an Episode, like Squad Goals and Golden Guy
  6. My main problem is that they put a new trophy list and just make you unlock the trophies you had automatically pop in the new list, this would make anyone without platinum stuck with another incomplete game in their trophy list!
  7. Wouldn't the online become easier because there are fewer players so the chances of you winning increases?
  8. Thanks, is there any content (not trophy related) that I can buy or does it include absolutely everything?
  9. I have the collection from PS Plus, can I 100% all the series or do I need to buy any DLC?
  10. Guess FIFA 16 will be gone in Sep 2022 then, hopefully, I can get the last trophy before that!
  11. The Invincibles was last unlocked on April 19th, so I won't even try it, for now, I consider myself a Platinum owner because I did all I could do, that's the only way to stop thinking about it!
  12. Just got it after winning on all the maps, simply playing wasn't enough!
  13. Well, guess I won't ever get all Cod platinums then! But has someone actually been banned or is it just because it's against the ToS? Also, was your answer Yes to both PSN and PSNP?
  14. Can you get your PSN/PSNP account banned for getting this trophy from a modder?
  15. If I Buy the season pass, am I going to have access to all the DLC trophies?