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  1. To put it bluntly I'm tired of all the easy bullshit platinum trophies. Admittedly i have a few more that i bought a while ago but I either don't to play them or I'm saving them for YT vids or something (i.e. Punchline, The Shenmue Games, and a couple others) Originally i used to only buy those types of games just to boost my platinum amount when i was 14 but now i realize why waste my money on games like Orc Slayer and My name Is Mayo just for platinums if I'm not gonna enjoy the journey. Now that i have 200 plats i wanna turn over a new leaf for my journey to 300. Any fun, easy, or respectable games to platinum? I'm asking for games between the difficulties of 4/10 - 7/10 (maybe any 3/10s if there is any i should play) FPS and Racing games are gladly accepted, I'm very weary on sports games since most of them are the 2k games who intentionally make their platinum trophies hard and glitched. I'm also looking for games on any console (PS5, PS4, PS3 and Vita)
  2. so on the vita for jak 2 and 3 i have to use the orb glitch? Fair enough. what about the skull gems? do i actually have to grind for them of is there an easier way?
  3. Is it possible for me to unlock all of the collectibles in the vita version for Jak II and Jak 3? Or do i have to collect them legitimately?
  4. i have no idea
  5. these trophies look easy enough to be a 2/10 at least but i may be wrong. what do you guys think
  6. there is still hope. some companies need to get their heads out of their ass and make their trophies actually worth something. like Uncharted 4 and DOOM
  7. I like the Jak game's trophy lists. This one looks easy, at least for a racing game.
  9. Thanks mate, I appreciate it.
  10. is it a game breaking bug?
  11. I currently have 76 platinum trophies and i already know my 77th one will be South Park: The Fractured But Whole. I'm compiling a checklist of all easy platinum trophies (or platinum trophies that aren't easy but i want in my collection). Anyone have any games i can add to said checklist? Preferably games in between 0/10 and 5.5/10 in difficulty. If you include any games that have multiple lists please tell me which console and/or region in which they stack.