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  1. Oooopsie yea i am stupid. I for whatever reason thought it need to be just 1 set.
  2. I did all the missions on veteran yesterday and today i got the remaining collectibles i missed on my first run. When i got the last collectible in mission 9 i also got a few cards and completet 2 sets of cards at once but the trophy for getting a full set didn't pop. I finished all missions where i missed the collectibles and didn't quit the if that is somehow important. The only difference was that i played on easy and not veteran. The game show me 2 full sets and even the website show me 2 full sets. Anyone know any solution?
  3. You have 2 options try an VPN like DerelictSoul says or find someone who can share the game from an EU account. You simply can't play the us version with an EU connection, don't know why.
  4. Here you go
  5. If you are talking about this then yea i had it too. It is an old bug called "out of range bug" which was on pc and now it is on consoles too. On pc there was a way to fix it ( but it won't work on PS4/XBox.
  6. You have to earn a trophie before you can see the list + you have to play the tutorial first to unlock the car minigame
  7. Interesting. I tried it on at least 4 accounts and on all of them it worked first try
  8. Here is the record i made and used for the trophy Just import it in PS Macro and start it when you start the song at the same time Edit: The file works most of the time. Testet it on multiple accounts and everytime it worked first try
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand i got another bug, yayyy. I'm on the last mission in Jimmys Vendetta , you have to kill 3 guys before you can kill Hillwood. After i killed the third guy i instantly got the out of range/black screen error. All the solutions fpr it on youtube like this can't be done on PS4 cause they are only for pc. So what i tried is i changed the resolution on my ps4 to 720p, cleared the cache of the ps4 (just in case) which didn't work. then i tried the same with 1080i and it didn't worked either. Good job 2k/d3t...
  10. Do i need to earn 55000 completly via selling/scrapping cars or just a little bit? Edit: I crashed 5 cars just in case cause i robbed 5 stors for the trophy. now it worked. I didn't had that bug when i played it on release. Thanks for the tipp @demonoutcast & @woggly4
  11. For now yes
  12. The amount of bugs and glitches in this game is ridicolous. I had to replay almost all chapters at least once because an bug occured where i can't continue the mission. Right now i'm in chapter 14 and i need to give Bruno his money back, after i talked to him i'm stuck in an infinite loading screen. I allready replayed the chapter from scratch via chapter select, quit to the main menu, closed the application but nothing worked. I was so hyped about about the remaster but now i'm just disappointed.
  13. The glitch still works in the PS4 Version. So the trophy is not too bad.
  14. Yes this trick still works
  15. Wolfenstein 2009 is down for a week now. I just tried it today. It's not possible to create or search for a server