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  1. I have the PS5 version installed since yesterday and i'm on 1.004.000. How you guys are stilll on 1.003.000? Weird. And i'm in germany.
  2. I did 100% on the digital japanese version when it was released. Don't know if a patch broke it
  3. You don't have to do any of these, just make sure you play it online maybe even with friends. Cause you have to download the latest gamesettings update ingame. And as far as i remember you have to throw it far away from you and not right in front of you.
  4. Social chest at 333,647 , time remaining 1 hour 59 minutes
  5. I just added it to my cart via PS App. I could buy it right now.
  6. Game dosn't really need a guide, but because the game is lagging extreme even on a ps5 where i recorded this, i thought i would share my livestream where i got all trophys so that you can finish it as fast as possible.. Game is called: Arab Drift Cars in the PSN Store. 3:57 - Explore the map trophy 5:17 - Explore the restaurant trophy 6:14 - Explore the station trophy 8:30 - Explore the drift arena trophy
  7. I just tried it. Online still works as of now.
  8. I just tried it. Online still works as of now. Was suposed to write in that other thread 😗
  9. Yes works solo, it even works if you are in a 4 player game with you being the only one who meeles the boss I'm stupid, i thought of frozen dawnand not shadowed throne. never tried that glitch above.
  10. No that's the game overview you linked. this is the direct link to the us version and this for the eu version As you can see the PPSA Code is different.
  11. I had the same problem but on my vita and not pstv. Anyway i had to earn another trophy in the game i tried to synch. don't know if that will help you.
  12. I can't see it either. Not on your profile in psn and not here on psnp. It sounds stupid, but are you sure that you have an active PS+ Membership? If so you have to contact the playstation support.
  13. It will renew the license.
  14. You have to start the download again, you can cancel it right away, The game will be playable again. The problem could be though that your game isn't on the download list anymore cause of some error from sonys site.
  15. I wanna say thank you to @Smzthyy & AwesomenessDude_. Even if i didn't need your help in the end. Cause without your last session i wouldn't even have startet the International Version to find out that i, for some magical reason, can send the challenge to my second account. So really thank you guys for this opportunity. And offcourse i have to thank @TheYuriG for that great detailed guide. If i can help one you somehow in a game, let me know.