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  1. then your start post isn't clear enough. but anyway, since we are in the eu too, we allready tried US Server, south american server and according to my friend he tried african server. so i would still say your solution isn't 100%. don't get me wrong, i appreciate that you shared your work around.
  2. The trick with the asian server is not a 100% solution. i got a friend who has 964 wins as of now. we found some japanese and a few chinese players who invitet us. we played several hours with them. and he still didn't got the trophy. the games where sometimes extremly laggy , i'm pretty sure we played on asian servers. he got at least 10 wins and a few losses. he/we dont know what to do anymore.
  3. Yea i should have read that first Hopefully the 100 wins are boostable.
  4. Seems like Teamwork is fun Win a Team Up match. ist the only online trophy right? I hate the online part in wwe games. they are allways or most of the time laggy as hell.