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  1. You can't get plat in GTA5 because of "Run like the wind" but appart from that every other game is possible as far as i know.
  2. It's not possible to buy it without a japanese credit card. So you have to find someone with a JP credit card who can buy it for you or someone who can share it.
  3. This is the response i got after i found him at the official borderlands discord:
  4. Wait did he importet his US save in the JP PS3 or PS4 Version? cause you can't import saves into any PS3 version of BL1. and if he importet it in the ps4 version he should be able to play the dlc.
  5. You can't buy it yet. Nobody know if it ever will be available. The guy who has 4 DLC trophys might just used an modified save OR he might have the japanese PS4 GOTY and he importet an save. But i don't know if the Japanese PS4 version is the same list as the ps3 version.
  6. Sorry then. English isn't my native language and sometimes i can't find the right words
  7. How is this false? You said it yourself there was only the first 3 dlc. You could get 100% before the patch obviusly. The dlc isnt on the disc and it wasnt added with the patch. I checked it 2 days ago when they released the patch. It is also not on the psn store yet.
  8. The claptrap dlc was never released for the japanese version. Which means if they never release the dlc you can't get 100% in that game.
  9. You need an insta kill weapon. But seems like not every insta kill weapon work. Luckily I had an pistol that worked for this glitch
  10. I had the same issue. Crashed for me at round 17, 19 and 2x on round 20 wave 3. would have been first with 100% ^^ anyway what helpd me was skipping the rounds.
  11. Yea they can be importet. I used them too. Like @KANERKB said, makes the underdome (and crawerax etc) less painfull
  12. No there is an option in the main menu to export your charakter. you can only do one at a time but you can do it unlimited times.
  13. You can only import one at a time like Gage said. But after you importet one you can import another one. The collectible trophys in DLC 4 also does insta pop. So you dont have to farm the ninja claptrap. Also the zombie dlc trophys only pop if you travel to the dlc location.
  14. Theydon'teven respond to twitter users aymore. maybe it's cancelled or at least delayed.