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  1. Yea you can play offline to get the other difficulties. Even i as a huge Borderlands fan am disappointed with these DLCs.
  2. Just the Road to Glory mode is unplayable, which makes these three trophies unattainable If you haven't these trophies you can not get the platinum.
  3. Because Road to Glory is a separate online mode that was closed 2 years ago:
  4. I guess some people didn't understand this situation. If you upgraded a PS3 Version back then, you need to insert the PS3 disc into the PS4. It worked as a license, even though the PS4 can't play PS3 games. If OP upgraded the game in 2013, he should be able to download the digital PS4 version, when starting it he need to insert the PS3 disc again.
  5. Interesting, they changed it with today's PS3 update then. You definitely needed the 2FA before.
  6. For everyone worried about this. You don't have to. 1:) go to , under "security" tab activate 2step verification by using the google authenticator app on your cellphone 2:) on the same website under "security" u can now generate a device password. People without a cellphone / PC might have problems now.
  7. You don't need that. You can use google authenticator to login on your PC/Laptop, and generate a device password there.
  8. I doubt that, Sony rarely deletes the whole download. The last time they did that, as far as I remember, was the P.T. Demo, which was due to license issues. They could remove the login into the old launcher tho.
  9. Yea I can confirm that you can get the trophies on the new launcher, and they will auto pop on the old launcher as well. At least for now.
  10. No, the hotfix only downloads automatically if you start the game while being online. But even if you accidentally start the game online and download the hotfix, you can quit the game and go offline. Cause I didn't know about the glitch until like an hour ago. I went offline and can play the other difficulties.
  11. You can go online to download the dlc and the current patch. Just play offline after you downloaded both.
  12. You still can get them now as long as you play offline. They can only fix it with a new patch
  13. Everything labeled as "MyFACTION" is online even if you play against AI. So yes all MyFACTION trophies will be unobtainable after server shutdown.
  14. Seems like the new system software update broke some things. You are not alone.
  15. On PS5 I can't access either the PS4 or PS5 PS+ Cloud. But on PS4 it works. Side note: I can't access Fall Guys multiplayer on PS5 cause the System tells me that "the new systemsoftware isn't recognized". GG Sony