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  1. I did the plat yesterday and i didn't had that checkpoint issue. The only bug i had was in Season 4 when some charakters just where completetly black or they disappeared in cutscenes.
  2. Now even the german calendar changed from Boss Hunt to Community challenge.
  3. The german calendar still says boss hunt from 24 sep. - 30. sep 🤔
  4. The Game and all DLC's are delistet in the german store. was about to buy them now. i put the game , the vr game and all dlc in my wishlist few hours ago. i just needed to wait for my psn codes. and now i got my codes but the gam is delistet 😂
  5. I saw in the forum that you shouldn't skip the credits. I finished the game again and now all the trophies popped Edit: That's the glitch i used in case someone wants to know
  6. Hello fellow trophy hunters. i played through the game on easy, then i did the NG+ glitch to play on grounded+ . I finished it now but didn't receive any of the + related trophys not even the Easy+ trophy. Anyone else had that problem? i try and replay from the last save i made at the last workbench in the bus depot to see if the NG+ trophys pop.
  7. That other version is the german digital version
  8. I used the video you allready postet here in this thread, i found it on the .org forum.
  9. Just for your information, my account is from april 2017 and i did all online trophy in august 2018 in multiple sessions over 2 weeks. I used a alt accout on my 2nd ps3 created sometimes in 2016. the stats are also saved there.
  10. Yea it's completly delisted. I checked a few stores (US, German, Austrian). If you haven't bought it allready or know someone who did it you are out of luck because even the ultimate box on disc dosn't contain all dlc.
  11. Royal Convoy (909,280 & 870,251) 6:30 hours White Whale (167,651 & 674,315) 6:30 hours
  12. I just checked if the downloads for Minecraft S1 PS/PS4 and S2 PS4 is still available, and yes they are. All episodes can be downloaded.
  13. That's not new. They arn't available for purchase for a few weeks now.
  14. What do you mean? At least in german the episodes are still available to download. Same for minecraft season 1 on ps3 and ps4.
  15. Can confirm it too 🤗