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  1. Seems lke we got the same idead since i tried it while you wrote it, worked for me to
  2. Thanks for the tipp, but i only unlocked Speedrun under 10 minutes with a time of 4:37. i guess i have to try it again
  3. Can confirm that. i did the speedrun with 5:33, 5:24 and 4:32 and no speedrun trophys. i didn't die by spikes yet but will try it now. Edit: Didn't got the Die by spikes trophy. @RatalaikaGames please fix it
  4. You used downloaded savefiles. no way this will get lifted.
  5. i didn't know that. but good to know, i'll give it a try. i only have 1 alt to kill. at the weekend i have a friend who can help me.
  6. Probably me. cause it seems like i can't make it this week. on monday i couldn't boost much , had some work to do. tuesday i boostet about 13 hours in one sitting but only made 6000 points, many games didn't count, more then expectet. yesterday i boostet for ~14 hours and over 90% didn't count. in addition to that , i lost about 4500 points for some reason. today also not looking to good boostet for 7 hours now and most of the matches didn't count. i use the method postet in this thread, i tried tharsis depot and beach head map, also i set the match tp 3. 5 and 10 minutes. but it just seems i am out of luck . the good thing is i didn't sychronize the trophys i head. so the game is not on my profile yet.
  7. I didn't know that. i mean i boostet the game 2 years ago on an other account. i never had such a problem + 2 friends did it just a few weeks ago in january and they also didn't have that problem,
  8. I was kicked from psn during a boost session, cause my internet was broken for a few minutes. anyway after i got back online , i checked my stats and saw that i lost about 4500 points. i startet my second week of boosting on monday , the 4500 which are lost are from this week. i will cry if i miss a spot for vgc because of this does anyone else lost points?
  9. then your start post isn't clear enough. but anyway, since we are in the eu too, we allready tried US Server, south american server and according to my friend he tried african server. so i would still say your solution isn't 100%. don't get me wrong, i appreciate that you shared your work around.
  10. The trick with the asian server is not a 100% solution. i got a friend who has 964 wins as of now. we found some japanese and a few chinese players who invitet us. we played several hours with them. and he still didn't got the trophy. the games where sometimes extremly laggy , i'm pretty sure we played on asian servers. he got at least 10 wins and a few losses. he/we dont know what to do anymore.
  11. Yea i should have read that first Hopefully the 100 wins are boostable.
  12. Seems like Teamwork is fun Win a Team Up match. ist the only online trophy right? I hate the online part in wwe games. they are allways or most of the time laggy as hell.