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  1. Theydon'teven respond to twitter users aymore. maybe it's cancelled or at least delayed.
  2. It didn't.
  3. it dosn't matter how i reached it, fact is the trophy dosn't unlock for anyone at this moment. And if you didn't know this is a trophy website. As long as i didn't use unallowed software aka CFW or some sort of that stuff probably 1% or less of the users here care about how i or others reached that weapon level. i could bet a lot of people used the custom mutation glitch which was postet here to get the easter eggs and/or wepaon level done.
  4. Yea it's still glitched. i maxed my last weapon and still no trophy. i have every weapon at max prestige and max level now...
  5. No that's not possible, tried it multiple times with friends.
  6. You'll get it...
  7. The german psn store updated the shut down date to 31.01.2019
  8. The German PSN Store updated the Twisted Metal and Allstars Battle Royal product page. The servers are now set to shut down on 31 january 2019. Sound Shapes still says 25th october. Warhawk is delisted. Edit: Proof for Twisted Metal: Proof for Playstation Allstars:
  9. Can confirm that MP101 isn't glitched anymore. i had to replay 1 tutorial as well to get the trophy.
  10. I changed a few of my store accounts to match them more with my main acc. so far no po problems. the only thing i noticed is that i can't play Bo2 on one of my store accounts, it says server unavailable, but i played on that account bo2 before so probably there are some issues with that game and the id change. Other games like playstation Allstars Battle Royale didn't have a problm with the id change. I could post a list of compatible PS4 Games Sony postet in the Beta Forum, but i'm probably not allowed to post it here
  11. I don't think that this trophy is glitched. I got it after shattered 115 zombies. All i did is shooting them with the winters howl and then knifed them.
  12. Yeah that trophy is definitly bugged. i got all stars and unlocked all intel and still didn't got it. I even replayed every tutorial. GG Treyarch ^^
  13. For me as an zombies fans this list looks very nice. didn't like the mp but i'll finish this anyway
  14. Someone asked Playstation UK on twitter about sound shapes. Seems like cloud save won't work after october 15.