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  1. I was sure the change of ps name was the solution for people without luck... Anyway, I got all mp related trophies in february without any issue. Leaderbord and stats worked fine for me.
  2. Thanks for the reply
  3. Hi, following the guide there are only 2 online trophies in the base game. (As of July 17th 2018 the marketplace has been removed and Follower Perks do not require to be online) Can I earn Such Great Heights (Reach the rank of Captain in Online Conquest) and Bound by Blood (Complete an Online Vendetta) only connected to psn WITHOUT psplus? Thanks
  4. I'm just curious... has anyone, with stats saved before the leaderboard glitch, tryed to log this mp after the change of the psnID? Maybe it is the solution... or maybe not
  5. I can confirm comic pages are totally useless for "State of the Art" achievement: http://trofeips3.net/thread-Guida-ai-trofei-PS3-PS4-The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2 http://web.archive.org/web/20180506182319/http://trofeips3.net/thread-Guida-ai-trofei-PS3-PS4-The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2 As written in italian guide, only point 1 and 2 count for it
  6. Thanks for check this. I'm asking because i'm playng this game these days, and "State of the Art" popped (randomly?) while i was playing the challenges, yesterday. I have already completed the main story, and a lot of other stuff too, but i haven't completed the requirements for "bookworm" yet. I think point 3 is a false requirement for State of the Art, or maybe are required less then 285 comic books for it. I usually play offline and i haven't sync the trophies of this game yet. I hope for an official answer about this question before sync my trophies on psn.
  7. For the guide here on psn (and for the guide on playstationtrophies too) these are the requirements for unlock the trophy: (Concept art refers to the Posters, Comic Books, and Figurines you can unlock in the game.) 1 Posters are unlocked by doing Combat Challenges and races. There 23 Posters, so you will have all the Posters before you finish all Races/Combat Challenges 2 Figurines are unlocked as part of the story 3 Comic Books are unlocked by collecting Comic Pages scattered around Manhattan. You need 285 out of 300 for all of the Comic Books. Point 3 means you need to unlock "Bookworm" (1/3 of the requrements) before "State of the art", or i'm wrong? Actually the rarity percent for bookworm (14.05%) is lower then State of the Art (15.09%) for ps3 version. Is State of the Art glitched (in a good way) ?
  8. Thank you Smashero, issue solved. The ebayer sold it to me without its cable. The original ps3 cable can charge it only, but it doesn't work. I'll try to buy its hori cable if i will ever find it, one day.
  9. Hi, i have bought this used but it was without manual. Anyone knows how to sync it to a ps3? I have already tryed the reset botton. When plugged, lights turn on but it doesn't move or shot: nothing. Any idea? Thanks
  10. Sure, just write me a message on psn when you are avaiable
  11. Hi, the online trophies for the base game are very easy to boost in 2 players: you have only to surrend in turn 50 times, and the mp is desert. I can help for the Six Degrees of Schafer trophy only, if you will not find someone with this: it is a viral trophy. Anyway, you have to start a boosting session and search someone there for boost trophies because it's not allowed to ask here
  12. http://oi65.tinypic.com/33o2kop.jpg Hi there, I bought this used. Lights turn on when plugged, but i don't have any response of the commands on the screen. I have already tryed to press and hold L3+Select but nothing happens. Anyone has the same controller or just know how to sync? Thanks
  13. Solved finally. Thank you!
  14. Hi, i'm from Italy but i usualy need the trophies' list in english for comunicate with booster partners (often the italian translation is different). No problem when i'm not signed in, but when i log in, i can't choose language anymore: Lists are shown only in italian for me. I have searched for some languages option in my account setting without success. How i can solve? Thanks
  15. In the meanwhile... https://widgets.ign.com/video/embed/content.html?url=http://www.ign.com/videos/2015/11/13/xbox-one-retrocompatibilita-con-stoccata-a-sony-ign-it