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  1. @Spaz Although it happened a couple weeks ago, I just checked your PSN Profile. Looks like your journey is finally over. Congratulations.
  2. Platinum obtained!!! My second hardest Platinum behind Super Meat Boy but also the most enjoyable. Although it's been confirmed that future DLC won't be happening and Vergil, Trish and Lady won't become playable; one would pray for some sort of DMC5 related news in the future.
  3. Only four S-Ranks left: Devil Hunter: 18 Dante Must Die: 8 Hell and Hell: 5 and 8 I can easily beat 18, but 5 on HaH and 8 on DMD and HaH are extremely annoying to get an S rank on. EDIT: I beat mission 5 on HaH and mission 8 on DMD. Mission 8 on HaH is infuriatingly annoying. I keep messing up in the dumbest of ways. Almost beat it twice with high stylish points but those blue ground projectiles hit me every single time.
  4. Hell and Hell complete. I somehow managed to S-Rank missions 12-20 in one sitting. All that's left for me to hit Platinum in this awesome game is cleanup: Devil Hunter: 8, 10, 12, 18 Son Of Sparda: 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 Dante Must Die: 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16 ,18 Hell And Hell: 3, 4, 5, 8 However, with Mortal Kombat 11 on the way, it will take a little while longer. Regardless of difficulty, I can definitely hit Platinum.
  5. Heaven or Hell is finished and I finally completed Bloody Palace. Took me 6 attempts with Nero. Unlike Dante and V whom I completed BP on first attempt. Although it would've been better if I played normally, I used the Super characters for the sake of getting the trophy. I'm not looking forward to playing Hell and Hell. Especially after S-Ranking the Prologue.
  6. Jesus Christ... I just finished DMD mode and I managed to obtain 10/21 S-Ranks. I died 5 times on missions 10, 11, 12 and 18, getting D-Ranks in the process. The rest are A-Ranked. I'll work on them after I finish HOH and Bloody Palace.
  7. Indeed. I tried to get Impossible Boy for two consecutive months then took a two week break. After that, I got it in 6 days. Extremely difficult, but very doable. I also noticed that you obtained Girl Boy. Congratulations. I wouldn't drop the game when you're this close to a very treasurable Platinum. Although it was a long time ago, you told me yourself that you'll get the Platinum; you don't know when, but you will. You're also 10 Platinum trophies away from 200. It would be even more satisfying if SMB was your 200th. Although that choice is up to you.
  8. A lot of these tips are very helpful. I'm definitely going to have to dedicate a day in the void. I managed to S-Rank every mission on Human, but on DH and SOS, I might have to change my style of fighting and control scheme plus using the camera manipulation more often if I want to S-Rank missions 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18. I beat the first three missions on DMD but since I haven't played a game with such mechanics and difficulty in a very long time, it will take me a long time to hit Platinum; let alone beat the campaign on DMD and HAH with an S-Rank. I'm nowhere near pro, but I've gotten better compared to my first playthrough. Plus, I need to learn to take my time whilst fighting enemies and bosses instead of charging blindly.
  9. The worst thing about going for this Platinum is time zones. Everytime I see a player's trophy progress, its either when I'm at work or when its very early in the morning. Though I've already joined a promising session, I'll have to consistently play at 3 or 4 in the morning since that's when everyone is playing. I have everything except the 8 ranked trophies. EDIT: Even at 3am GMT+ 10, no one is playing. Just my luck.
  10. You're right. I just got the trophy and obtained the Platinum. I did 897 Zone matches in one sitting. It seems my progress towards Ice Breaker helped a bit.
  11. I got NERD naturally but I am 100% certain that I have played over 1000 matches (I even wrote it down), but the trophy didn't pop. I've been playing Classic with a second controller and set the game to one round but nothing happened. Do I have to do it in one session like the Score Attack trophies?
  12. I would suggest getting up and close to your TV screen so you can see when and where you are jumping. Make a suitable rhythm in your head - counting from 1-7; aloud if you need to and you'll beat it. Trust me. I was stuck on XOXO for 4 hours until I finally got it when I played the level for the first time, but when I got the rhythm down, it became almost deathless. What killed me was everything except the top. Good luck. If you still need help, use this video, created by srakaaaaaa.
  13. Thanks. The quest is over and my heart rate has never gone so high. Fact: 2015: Died on almost every level in the Forest light world and rage quit after beating the Hospital Boss. 2018: Beat the game 106% and obtained the Platinum.
  14. Well everyone, it's finally over. After struggling for 32 consecutive days, I was advised to take a break for a week or two. After doing so, I managed to progress more than I ever did in 2 days. On day 3, I got an 18/20 and a 16/20; I was completely aware that I was close to achieving the goal yet I did not know when it was going to be over. On day 6, it happened. I idiotically left 7-9X for the very end - the most luck-based level in the entire game and I crushed it. Impossible Boy has been conquered and I have finally obtained the monstrosity of a Platinum. A big shout out to @greenzsaber, @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y and @OJ9999vr for their guides and support. Also, a big shout out to @lilpain97 and @KaKrackle for making me realize that the death count does not mean anything. So @Spaz, @ZachSmoke, @PlatynowyKot or anyone else who is reading this and strives to beat Super Meat Boy 100%, though I would normally say good luck, if you lack any redeeming qualities that this game gives you - persistence, patience, precision or reflexes; you will get them eventually. Until then, have fun with this addictive yet very demanding game and see you all in the Platinum Club. Death count - 62,061. @reckscollie I am one clumsy yet persistent player. I no longer need to see this thread. I'll probably follow it for a little while longer, but I'll leave eventually.