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  1. Thank you very much for the xmb method. I was going to do sand snake exactly as I did the no death run in warrior within, but luckily I stumbled upon this thread. I got to near death quite a few times and heard the prince scream. I even jumped on the wrong ledge in the last mental realm section which made me repeat the previous step. It didn't count as death. I got the trophy at the end.
  2. Never mind. Managed to get it finally. Just in case someone might need a solution, I need to make the following two comments. 1. I noticed that this game and flow don't like to pop more than one trophy at a time. So if you fulfill the conditions for two trophies you'll probably end up getting only one. 2. Since I already got all secret flowers there was no way to fulfill the conditions to that trophy, like getting a secret flower to force the game to realize that you have all of them. Getting the replacement white flowers didn't work. I backed up my save file and deleted it. Restarted the game and got all secret flowers again. Thankfully the trophy popped. Try not to do this trophy in conjunction with any other chapter specific trophy, just to be in the safe side.
  3. I got my last three secret flowers in the last level while going for the urban trophy. I thankfully got urban, but didn't get dream. I have three leaves per flower. Tried to go and redo level one getting the white flowers substituting the secret flowers. Finished the level, but nothing popped. Any suggestions as to how unglitch it?
  4. I got the plat a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to all who helped, directly or indirectly.
  5. Managed to get all trophies except for g castle parts, shampuru grinding and festival of pain. I just can't get enough damage to get it. I managed to get 1,111,111,111+ damage twice in peon rebellion, but died. I can't imagine getting it 9 times in one match. I suspect that I need 4 sun goddess medals maxed to get my stats ridiculously high to get that much damage easily. I tried to max some special skills to 999 but I don't see a significant difference in damage. One hit gets me around 30M damage. I appreciate any insight. Edit: Got it and I don't know how. For furture reference, if anyone is struggling with it, I followed the last hint from nanacheese. Mugen world redux #3. There's an inverted damage crystal. Bring all your characters near to it. Defend until you get 999 in the gauge then use syrma's ultimate soul. First ultimate soul netted me 6.5 billion damage. Unfortunately the consequent ones only gave .5 billion each. Strangely overload just didn't kill me. It just reset my overload to 0%. It took more than half an hour but I finally got it. Even though your damage is inverted you can still die. Keep on reviving using items/skills. I had two sun goddesses medals on syrma. One efficiently enhanced from 1 to 999 and the other enhanced on steps, grade by grade from 1 to 99. I hope this makes somebody suffer less with this trophy. Only shampurus to go.
  6. When you say upgrade, do you mean upgrade an item from grade B, per se, to A then enhance before upgrading to S, or upgrade all the way to S then enhance? I have been upgrading one grade then enhancing to level 100 then upgrade then enhance. Rinse and repeat. Thanks for the tips, by the way. Totally appreciated. On a different note, is it better to moe kill using the heart line or the money line?
  7. Acasser, will you allow me one more question? I figured out the efficient way to make money by enraging the large Chrystal and then banging every enemy to the ball overhead. Using that method I got a lot of money and almost maxed my 4 main characters, Syrma, Chou Chou, Shirogane and Welsh. I even added a lot of matter to their weapons. These weapons are the overpowered free dlc ones. All 4 are at around 2 million hp and more than a million sp at level 4k. I still have trouble reaching the 100the floor of the mugen field at a bet of one million. How will I be able to do it betting 999M? Also done some fusion. I have tornado rush and the lion something-something AOE attack on all my characters as well as the forget it conditional skill.
  8. Never mind. I figured it out. I feel sorry for the xp that went to waste.
  9. Thank you for your answer. Just figured out how to upgrade the g castle. I reached the 60th floor in the mugen field. Still don't know how to unlock the level cap of 100.
  10. Op, I'm stuck at level 100. I know you can get to level 9999, but I have no idea how to unlock the level cap. Is it unlocked with ng+? I can't see anything in the mugen shop. Another question, how do you buy G castle parts. I can't find the vendor.