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  1. I downloaded the game again. There are no more trophies that have been unlocked.
  2. I am almost at the end of the game DLC (PS5). I had only unlocked the trophy : I See Site P. With the update, I only unlocked : 40 and Flirty and Atomic Bomb... :/
  3. I hope there will be a patch for those who only play on PS5. 🙏
  4. I advise you to wait. It's very random ...
  5. How did you start again? do you have a save before the start of the DLC? Because I saved it was overwritten ...
  6. To start the DLC, you must have completed the solo of the main game. You need a save with the solo completed. Be careful, because the DLC overwrites the solo save. :/
  7. I just passed Lvl 40 and no trophy. I just took my save on the cloud it was dated a few minutes after my level 40. By relaunching the game, I got the trophy "I see Site P" only...
  8. Thank you for your answer. I'm good on the DLC as it's a new map and I'm Lvl 38.
  9. Hello, I am 3 hours into the game on the DLC and I have not unlocked any trophies ... Is this normal?
  10. Yes I do that well but nothing happens ...
  11. Hello, I can't see my progress on Borderland 2 (PS4) on the guide. Thx
  12. Hello all, I came across this video which allowed me to have all the trophies quickly.