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  1. Or try to let the cop to hold you, then spam "X" when it appears and run away. That's how I got the friend initiated
  2. For one of the friends "Shun Izaki", you need to stay at a fight longer and you can hear a siren that the cops are incoming, also I escaped from the cops and it's safer to *not* have a friend with you in a fight so that he doesn't win it. He was the last friend I had to do and I was doing it in Premium Adventure. Hope that helps
  3. I managed to get Rulue at wave 26 with Maguro after 5 months of playing the game, also I kinda found him being useful for making streak chains.
  4. Finishing Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars won’t unlock “Belly of the Beast” Trophy/Achievement and you need to do the Leviathan to get the trophy (same goes to Prestige)