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  1. Updating: alright, I hadn't found about the Campaign Assault Record, so I never actually bothered to see how to spawn the named aces. So far, here is what I managed to spawn: - Mig 29 Jester: spawned him in Mission 2. After taking down the base, when the MQ-99 arrive, Jester will be taking off from the runway. Plenty of time to take him out, though I don't know what makes him spawn (if anyone could provide his Campaign Assault Record entry, that would be nice, as I never read it). - Typhoon Faucon: spawns in Mission 7. Again, no idea about his record entry, what I did was destroying everything except one XSAM, namely the most northeastern one. He then spawned, took him down, then moved on. Make sure to take him down BEFORE Cyclops and Strider arrive in the MO, or he'll disappear. - F-15E Gazelle: this time I read the record first. Spawns in Mission 8. It's a bit tricky, as you have to blow up every oil tank on the map before the sandstorm arrives. Personal advice: use missiles, not bombs. Blowing up one tank with a missile will blow up everything nearby, saving you some time, for some reason bombs don't seems to do the same (plus missiles are faster). I did this on NG+ with the Su-47. Gazelle will spawn together with the MQ-99 during the second part of the mission, just fly above the sandstorm and push triangle until you see him as the locked-on target. - F/A-18F Spider: Spawns in Mission 9. Just blow up stuff until he spawns, about middle of the map. Be careful, since he has no trouble flying over the clouds, and will often do that. Will try to keep you updated.
  2. Following. I've been through my first playthrough of the campaign and have started my second one on Hard difficulty. So far, I've only managed to find the MiG-29 Jester on mission 2.
  3. Can confirm this happened to me as well. I had the first DN file completed and ready for the trophy, I watched the news and...no disconnection, and the trophy popped, wonderful! DN file #2 then disappeared (it was unlocked already), but exiting and re-entering Breach fixed it. The file is there again, open. Thanks! I was hopeless, but now I can finally 100% this wonderful game. Again, thanks, I'm getting sick due to the bad climate here in Italy, but this made my day regardless of that!
  4. Not really sure about the Picus and Santeau DN files. The rest is all doable.
  5. So far so good, got this out of the way and am more than halfway through for the Tier 2 trophy. Still no sign of DN files being doable, but after failing on Lindsey's one I just ignored them and went straight onwards. I'll try to get them done if and when I'll be done with the rest.
  6. I completed the first DN file, got booted out, and got no trophy on return. I'll move on with the regular servers, hopefully I'll at least get some stuff out of the way.
  7. It's supposed to unlock after the cutscene, exactly when you get booted out.
  8. Very hard if not impossible due to Breach being kinda broken. I'll keep you all updated. Yesterday I grinded some Network 1A to gain some Praxis points, once I progress further I'll let you know. A reset does give back Breach access though.
  9. Had my Breach account reset today, I can log into Breach again. Luckily I had won the ingame packages after the lockdown, so they were still available to collect (only won a Cobra Revolver from them, but then again, only opened 2). Will try to go as far as I can, ignoring Darknet files and challenges completely, let's see what I end up with.
  10. Unfortunately that's not the case, when buying something from PS Store you automatically give up on any refund clause. It's stated every time you buy something, so yea, if someone buys Breach stuff not knowing what is going on, after ending locked out of Breach, they can't even ask for a refund. Either SE decides to give a refund by their own will (to save their face, as you said) or they're just screwed. But honestly, who would buy breach stuff, even if it was working fine?
  11. It's the usual response, though they usually never mentioned a patch, just a "it is being investigated". But, I can't see any more hope, as they still give the "no ETA" comment. It's probably never gonna get fixed...
  12. Open a ticket to Square Enix support, tell them you can't log on Breach anymore (the usual stuff) then say you read online that other players had their account reset, so they can try again to play it. They should agree without much trouble, you just need to give them your Square Enix ID, full name and date of birth.
  13. I'm currently having my Breach account reset, SE support immediately agreed to it so that I can try again, this time ignoring the Darknet files until the very end (or until the hypothetical update that will solve this all). Will keep you updated.
  14. Could it be challenges related then? Gonna have to try asking them to reset my Breach as well, and try to play without sending any kind of challenge. I did send one before being locked out indeed.
  15. I had no blocked friends but had some pending requests, I accepted/refused them but nothing has changed. They do know, or at least is it what they keep on saying, and they are supposedly working on it...they probably don't know what the problem is, or just don't care about solving it.