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  1. Disperse and SPW worked fine for me, they earned me S rank on Veteran difficulty even. The 9/10 and the 100 hours indicated in the guide really make no sense to me: I got the Platinum in about 25 hours (briefings included) and it was a 3-4/10, the Falken makes almost everything trivial. But even without it, the F/A-22 and FB-22 really shine for S-ranks.
  2. Did you get all the packages from the single player mode? I got the only energy expansion I ever found via those packages, they are top-rank, so well worth obtaining.
  3. A bit late but... MP trophies of this game aren't hard at all, you just need to win one team deathmatch (I managed to win my first on the second DM I did, you just need some luck with your teammates), one free for all deathmatch (if I managed to win six, everybody can win one, and it can be boosted), and then "just" play 50 TDM and 50 regular DM. Single player grind trophies are worse, namely the 40 mil MRP and the 76500 Kms flown in campaign mode. Difficulty-wise it's not the hardest plat, at all.
  4. Exactly what I'm going to do, watch Netflix on my PC while MiG 31 does it's work, thanks
  5. Definetly the most annoying trophy in the game since they made it only Campaign-related. Do you suggest rubberbanding with the MiG 31 After getting the 40mil MRP? Or are there better choices?
  6. I was planning to farm money by multiplayer, so that won't count towards this trophy. No idea why they made it only campaign-based and not generic...anyways I'll check out the video, thanks!
  7. After having done Campaign 4 times for the Hardened Vet trophy, plus doing some free missions to get all S ranks on Ace, my kms spent flying in campaign mode are about 34k, which is not even half of the required amount. I was just curious: how long did it take you guys to get this trophy? How many times did you have to replay Campaign, and are there any tips about this, apart from "just replay free missions while farming for the 40mil PRM"?
  8. S-ranking AC5 Is a lot easier though, just blow up everything you see and you're done. AC7 is a very different story, S-ranking everything on Ace was no easy feat.
  9. You don't have to take them all out in one single playthrough, you can also use free missions to get the ones you've missed during the campaign. They do not spawn on Easy though.
  10. Sheer luck. I never got an S weapon yet still completed Breach. An easy way, if you can exploit the energy glitch, is to use Titan. With 20k energy you basically have infinite Titan, so even with C or B weapons you can take out Primes easily.
  11. With a bit of luck, in any random item package (both the ones from the story mode, the shop ones, whatever). If you ever manage to find one, just do the energy glitch and spam cloak for the win, that's how I got my Breach trophies.
  13. And you guys are doing great, it's hard to have a page updated already when the game is so new
  14. Which is why I went straight for the story mode instead of free missions
  15. I'm fairly sure one aircraft was shot down by one of my allies when I spawned Bayonet, as I had three remaining, then all of a sudden I heard Sky Keeper saying "only two remaining". But I may be very well wrong... might be worth investigating more. While we're at it, the next one on my hit list is the ace from the mission "444"; wiki got corrected today and says you need 50% damage to make him spawn, while it used to say 75%, can anyone confirm the damage needed? EDIT: I had 70% damage and the ace spawned, so 51% seems to be the correct guess between the two.