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    Games in general, but metroidvania mainly.
  1. I never had a really good experience. Always trying to play in local network, never worked external. Tried on Vita, a lot os connection loss Tried on Notebook, better than Vita, but connection drops (dont know why, I was close to the router and PS4 using cable) My better experience was using iPhone remote play with DualShock 4 + Nyko support (picture below:)
  2. Hello guys Need some Vita friends to get online trophies for Resistance Burning Skies
  3. Check this out dude. You need to focus on games that was not ported to this generation, since you have PS4 already
  4. ...

    AC Brotherhood - That online trophy that requires a lot of different actions combined during a match... Never got patience to do this or combine a boost Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Trial trophies. I never was a guy to perfom complex combos in fighting games, because I think is too hard