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  1. awesome good to know
  2. Quick qustion, so I have had it were one enemy is left on the final way and it says I have completed the task and it says victory, does this count as a win?
  3. I am currently missing the Hive trophy and the chest one, been playing since day 1 they still wont unlock.
  4. Nope, they were DLCs for the PC Version but we never got the DLCs as this was a Complete Edition. However they added some Skins behind these codes to promote the game via twitter and discord. Had to do some digging to find them all.
  5. Well hello Terminator, and same as Void, I used to use the site a lot to until AOS Puck banned me, because dude was a power hungry ass hat. But on note othe Thread, I do not see Dark Souls Prepare to Die or Godfather the Don Edition on the list for PS3, and as for the Castlevania Collection you have it listed as US Only. I got the UK one which is the same at GAME on release. I'll go through what I have and see if I have any you don't.
  6. As the title asks, is there a Master List of all Games with Complete Editions/DLC on Disc Games, like Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition and Godfather the Don Edition?
  7. These were DLC on the PC and are unlockable via codes. To enter the codes, use the D-Pad on the Title Screen Bayou Jason: R R L L R L U U D R Electric Jason: R R R L L L U D L R Retro Jason: U U D D L R L R Part 3 Jason: L D R L D R L D R D Tar Jason: L R R L R L L D D R Toxic Jason: R L L L R R L L L D
  8. So AC IV is still good to go?
  9. Can we get a list of what we need to go for for the online only stuff.
  10. Seems to be the same for me on the PS4 also.
  11. That's good then I don't mind it being trash its a movie game, most are lol.
  12. As title ask, since I am looking in to getting this game for me and the kids, and I would love to platinum it as we play.
  13. what character would you recommend to run it with?
  14. I will be disabling this from the get go, until they can optimism the PS4 game properly this is a bad idea.
  15. Well I have not had it myself, and like many others my account has been around since the PS3/PSP days.