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  1. Finally finished the grind today just need Combo Quest
  2. having issues loading into the game right now anyone else?
  3. Use the Potions art Wave 1, 5, 8, 10, and 12 for a higher payout. I have been getting 325k min this way.
  4. Yeah I have have resulted to having music or comedy shows on in the back ground to help me through and I just noticed I passed your old highscore Dan
  5. @Nighcisama If you need help setting your PS4 to record Footage I can talk ya through it
  6. Depending on loading times a 10/11 min match is around 14 - 15 mins. So that is 4/5 matches an hour, at 325k flat that is 1,300,000 and hour at minimum. which would mean you would need just under 1 1/2 hours would be 1%. So wanting to do 10% a day is a big grind man, that at the lowest time scale is around 12 hours a day at 350k each match and great load times.
  7. Now this I have seen so much, what I do is not switch traps but I play a different map with a different character and then switch back. It is something to do with the generation of coin bags. As for the rubber banding of enemies I have had that since day ones which cause issues for me is I have had the perk screen stuck on the side of my screen so I could not use the direction pad, which locked me out of using the potions. I funny one I had with DOT Damage add coloured strips to the enemies which were either Orange or Purple. based on cursed grounds or the brimstone.
  8. So I do have one question for everyone, has anyone noticed some times the gold spent just does not update right? Now I round these down to the nearest 1k As of today I started at 66% so my first match was 333k then, 344k, 336k, 328k, 334k, 341k, totaling to 2,016,000 so that should take me to 67% but I was at 66% still, after another two matches at 348k and 342k I got that 1% now this is happening more then once in the past two weeks.
  9. I am at 65% myself averaging 320k-350k depending on coinbags
  10. just hit 50% myself was at 8% on thursday the it is coming along very nicely
  11. awesome that is good news then thank you
  12. well that does look promising thank you for the info
  13. I have recently seen this at a fairly low price pre-owned at a local CEX and I am thinking about giving it a go, but I do have one major question does the cart have all 3 games on it? or is there a download code for Jak 2/3? As I have not brought one of this trilogy games on the vita before.
  14. Yeah this is sucking as I have had no issues until today and the grind is real 😭
  15. I am getting an error saying the game is failing to come to a conclusion and I will be returned to the play screen