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  1. Has anyone had an Issue on the PS3 Version of OTR saying an error has occured in matchmaking when trying co-op or sandbox, Last time I played this I had no issues and me and my friend have just finished several runs through DR2. But for what ever reason we are getting an error on this game.
  2. Ok so you go to the one you want to power up, always best to do Furnace first then the others. When you press and then go along to the last tab the Upward Arrow, this is the upgrade tab for the item you are on. So to take a Furnace from I to II you need 20 Basalt Stone Blocks, which you get in islands after the first boss.
  3. That is hacking your save..... you can not do it with out a code or a editor that is external to the system. Save Resigning is Hacking....
  4. Did it twice still not that bad I don't think. I think so far Elder Scrolls online is giving me a run for my money. So much PvP I just don't want to do. I still don't have the plat and looking at it makes me just play it slow
  5. Awesome well looks like I will be putting off buying the JPN version
  6. Well this account and my friends account are now at 100% so we did good. I had to do 3% a day for him to do it under a month, he was at 8%
  7. Ok so Yesterday this Trophy glitched on me and I could not find any reason as to why and I could find no one else with this issue. Well there is a reason to this and I figured it out for those like myself who had this issue. So how the fight plays out is there are 3-4 Crystals you need to destroy before you can damage the final boss, with each Crystal you destroy he takes a small amount of damage. If you get his health too low and he gets back up to do another Crystal phase and dies due to the Crystal damage you will not get the trophy. I had to curve back my damage to make sure this did not happen, and if this has happened to you guys I hope you read this and can now fix it.
  8. You make them via the Workbench
  9. What so let me get this straight so I don't make a mistake. As we know the JPN GOTY only had up to General Knoxx as DLC and you could get 100% of the trophies. Now they have added Claptraps DLC to the List but no way to get the DLC so you can not get the 100% anymore. And the dude who has trophies hacked it. Is this all I need to know here?
  10. servers are always being weird have been for months it does it for a few hours then its fine.
  11. You thing says your macro does 1% every 4 hours???? You can get that doing frostbite in 1h30mins
  12. considering this does not have MP like it did on the PS3, yes it is. doing the story alone took me over a couple of days while enjoying it. So doing a speed run, yeah it can be done quicker.
  13. Ok so for those wondering they have made Adapt Killer trophies harder to earn. It is no longer just to get a merciless victory and using all 3 perks, You also have to get two of the Pip's from getting high scores in all four category's and a a merciless victory with all 3 perks. They have been complaining about this on Reddit and the official forums. this is all because they changed the damn ranking system them means F all in the first place
  14. I do not understand the hate for the Pivots, I did them both on the 360 and PS3 and had 0 issue with them. I wonder why they removed them.
  15. I am fine with it as long as they do it right. Take LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, PS3 and PS4 Versions are the same game, but the Vita one is different completely, So only PS3 or PS4 should be squished. Ratchet and Clank HD and Ratchet and Clank 2016, Same game but a reboot with extra's enough to be considered different so both should count. Now Borderlands and Borderlands Japanese - Same game just one does not have a DLC released for it. BUT The game is 100% the same so only one would count.