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  1. Ok then, that is easy to do Thank you.
  2. Question, So do I need to create a dummy account on the Vita or PS3? or can I use my main account on both at the same time and fight myself?
  3. I picked France as I truthfully had no idea how far they would go and well I guess I got lucky lol.
  4. Ok then show me how it is illegal for me to play a game early? So me where is is illegal for me to earn a trophy early? OH WAIT IT ISNT!!!! Once a game has gone gold and is being printed, The list has been submitted for public access and has gone live, as long as you have a legitimate Digital or Physical copy of the game it is fair. Comparing Racism and Illegal migrants to a digital only feature proves how little you know. You are making yourself look more foolish with each reply. You have a deluded point of view with no knowledge of what you speak.
  5. Yet here you are attacking all those who have a right to play saying we do not deserve that right to because you say so. You a attacking the industry that makes the thing you are trying to argue about.
  6. Why do I fight for my right? If made the game I more right then you do. As for making separate accounts well that contradicts your point of people getting it first. I think we can tell what kind of person you are from you twisted sense here. You truly have no idea what you are talking about. Begone child.
  7. Sorry former Capcom Staff here, why on earth should I have to create an account to play a game I helped contribute too so it doesn't interfere with your little deluded world were everyone must get games at the same time? and why don't I deserve a top stop? I played the game just like everyone else, hell if it weren't for people like me you would not have the game in the first place. Not every game has a world wide release some are weeks apart. So if I live in the UK and Japan got the game a week before me we should ban all Japanese people who played it. You sound immature with this argument and marking a user in Red because we work in an industry that helps make the games are you that dense. A lot of Devs do not want their accounts named publicly they like the anonymity so they are not pestered day in and day out by people who just want to have a bitch fit because a character held the gun at a 2% lower angle then he should have to hit where he did or something just as stupid. OH And do not get me started on Threats of Physical Harm and Death Threats! because marking us publicly those threats will bloody increase.
  8. If playing Cod, Destiny, Gears of War, Halo and other FPS's have taught me anything its Randoms are the weirdest people out there lol. I try to met people via forums now at least they have a post history lol.
  9. I bought this game back in 21/12/2013 from gamestop via a code, I have had it installed on my system but never played it as other main stream games and then my PS4 got in the way. As for my stupid question I am not going to get reported for playing the game and earning trophies am I? I know it seems stupid for asking hence the title. But I have seen people reported for less.
  10. So yeah that is very L4D indeed. Which is a good thing as it will not suffer like Evolve.....
  11. List seems fairly basic truthfully, Beat X Mission, Beat X Mission on a higher setting and grind kills. Shouldn't be to hard overall.
  12. Truthfully this game seems like the Alien version of Left 4 Dead so I am assuming Overwhelming is going to be on par with L4D which was a challenge until figure out how the levels play out and what causes the AI to spawn. It would be nice to have an Offline mode for sure as it may be nice to grind kills without randoms lol
  13. List seems fairly basic truthfully, Beat X Mission, Beat X Mission on a higher setting and grind kills. Shouldn't be to hard overall
  14. yeah have and no you cant
  15. Was just about to post I saw them at 0.1 on my list. So hopefully within a week we'll see them.