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  1. May as well give it a go.
  2. You have X-Men Arcade listed as no trophies. but it does
  3. X-Men Wolverine Origins - Its cheats do disable the trophies BUT there is a way to make it so they don't.
  4. Friday the 13th yeah it is buggy, but man is it good fun! like awesome fun! But Play 1000 times as Jason!!! WTF I haven't played him 500 yet and I have every kill in the base game completed....
  5. I can see how somethings could be exploited, but I am a UK guy living in the US and I don't want to always have to spend more to add something to my UK Account this will help a lot for me. Though knowing me I'll spend more since this would take more then 5 mins and I am lazy lol.
  6. Mate I have more then 200 Gold Bricks.
  7. As of Today this way still works.
  8. Ok on the Average Completion list there was a game with 100% with 1 owner. But what I would like to do is Search Average Completion, and add the search by owners to that search. So it would say sort the game with 100% but 1 owner lower in the list as it would have less owners. and have something with more owners and a high completion near the top, like Aabs Animals is 99.18% Average and 6,856 Owners so it would be higher in the list.
  9. Currently the system is fairly basic we can sort by Points, Owners, or Average Completion, but why not more then one? I mean if you can sort by Owners and Average Completion we would be able to find out what games are the easiest to Platinum, or filter by games for a set region. I know the region one would be a little harder to add but we already have a basic list feature for the games as show here with the Sound Shapes.\\ It may be a nice addition
  10. Thats good to know then, and yeah sure fire me an invite on PSN and I'll add you
  11. I'll take the Resogun since I haven't had time for it yet.
  12. The way the glitch worked is you are bringing more Magazines into someone else's game, but with the Bargaining Magazines one magazine lowers prices in the pawnshops by 10% so if you have 10 every item is FREE!!!! But it gets better then that, if you have 12 so 120% you gained money from buying an item. The most expensive item in game is the SUV which is 2,000,000 but buying it with 12 books gave you 400,000 cash instead. The Glitch requires co-op. Player 2 Gathers both Bargaining Magazines in their solo game and saves, but stays in their game. DO NOT QUIT! Player 1 Invites Player 2 into their game. Player 2 should still have his inventory and can drop their Bargaining Magazines for Player 1. Player 2 quits WITHOUT saving or goes back to the Home Area and closes the game. Player 2 then loads back up their game and repeat from step 2, until Player 1 has 10 - 12 Bargaining Magazines. Player 1 then buys the SUV making 400,000 a time. I have no idea if this still works, but it would be good to know.
  13. Did it myself last night as well, my wife though I was crazy for swearing at the screen lol,
  14. No his list is US, Mine is EU but mine is digital. I mean we do not even have Friday the 13th in common as played games I am guessing to get the EU list you will need to download it from PSN as I did. They may have done away with the region lists for the discs and at first NA and EU Servers could not even play with each other.
  15. Yes I saw it on Games website.