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  1. even with the event quests Legiana took me from Monday to Friday running nothing but Crystal Waltz, I have been running a mix of Kushala Daora, Black Diablos, and Kirin for 3 days now got nothing from them so far.
  2. I read things like it took me two hours and I am like I have been here 3 days and got nothing......
  3. wish that worked for me, I posted on monday I needed Legi and after another 20 missions yesterday I got it.... RNG hates me
  4. Currently Need Mini Black Diablos Large Kirin Black Diablos Nergigante Kushala Daora Vaal Hazak
  5. Tested and still works on current patch
  6. As for the 250 protection hits we noticed if you unhook some one and take a hit as soon as you unhook them you get to Protection Point Pop ups.
  7. You can't PM the Killer his name does not appear until after a match
  8. Problem with the doing the last gen one, it was made on the PC way before End Game Collapse was even a thing, and now we are being punished for it rather then reworking the trophy
  9. The cross-saves do not work the way you think they do. You upload the save to their servers to save choices. you don't take you save with you at all I have had to do them all again
  10. Lost Planet Series Lost Planet 2 - Lost Planet 3 - E.X.Troopers - All three are Lost Planet Games even though it looks like E.X. Troopers isn't.
  11. Or
  12. A friend just pointed out to me that currently on the EU PSN Store the Season Pass for the game is £11.99 , which is actually more then the combined 3 DLC Packs. Just in case you think something is a miss there is a reason to this after doing some research here is why. Currently on the PSN store in the west we have 3 paid for packs. BLACK CLOVER: QUARTET KNIGHTS Royal Magic Knight Set - Blue £3.99 BLACK CLOVER: QK Royal Magic Knight Set - Wizard King £3.99 BLACK CLOVER: QUARTET KNIGHTS Royal Magic Knight Set - Red £3.99 Which is a total of £11.97 which is less then the season pass. The reason for this is because of western censorship, there is a fourth DLC pack that is included but not truly shown on the store, this is downloaded with the season pass but was meant to be on display and it is on the Japanese and Steam stores. BLACK CLOVER: QUARTET KNIGHTS Summer Outfit Set Now the season pass does state it comes with this pack but since we can not see it on our stores we had no idea it was a paid DLC. On steam it is £1.69 so I am guess we would have seen it for the same price. So this kinda explains why the pricing is off, we are getting all the paid dlc in the season pass we just don't kinda know it, This is like when Bandai Namco removed the One Piece World Seeker DLC due to western censorship. This stuff is really getting to be BS with Anime Style games.....
  13. I have the UK disc and live in the UK and the downloads are fine on new accounts.
  14. The Complete Adventure has everything on Disc, no downloads or anything just pop in and play. So yes it will 100% work its what I have.
  15. Only via the Complete Adventure. it has to be the Complete Adventure.