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  1. I will be disabling this from the get go, until they can optimism the PS4 game properly this is a bad idea.
  2. Well I have not had it myself, and like many others my account has been around since the PS3/PSP days.
  3. Glad this is still working! and I am a father its in my job lol
  4. This is a very easy way to get the 1 Billion Studs, you only need to find a Safety Deposit Box, Look for one at 283-935-56 G and just follow my video. Still works as of 10th August 2019 this works for the latest Patch.
  5. I get to play as a shark and mess some shit up, I don't care whats its story length is I'll get my moneys worth for sure.
  6. Its currently on sale in the UK and I was wondering is it worth it? is it a dlc pass or what? I have yet to start Division 2.
  7. good to know thanks for the info.
  8. I am creating this thread for those who do not know the current method of boosting the "Hacking Method". We'll start with the basic loadout Loadout Now it is recommended you be at least Rank 24 as you will have "Speedy Hacker" and it will make things go a lot faster, though if you are not Rank 24 do not worry, this method works the same regardless of Rank it just goes faster with Speedy Hacker. Weapon 1: Any Weapon 2: Any Plasmid 1: Electro Bolt Plasmid 2: Winter Blast Tonic 1: Repairman (Rank 22) Tonic 2: Speedy Hack (Rank 24) Tonic 3: Eve Saver (Rank 7) Electro Bolt - Allows you to disable a hacked Turret. Winter Blast - Allows you to freeze a hacked Vending Machine. Repairman - Allows you to repair a destroyed Turret Speedy Hack - Allows you to hack Turrets and Vending Machines faster. Eve Saver - Allows you to use Plasmids at a reduce cost of EVE Players and Match Settings You will need 6 players to make this run perfectly, any less and you risk running into randoms and most of the time they do not like to play nice. Now you can only have 5 players in a lobby so what you will need to do is get your team together and then search these settings. Find A Match Adam Grab Once you are in the waiting lobby you can get your 6th player to search or try and invite them in. Maps What you are after is maps with 3 or more Turrets placed on them, and Veto those that do not. Blow is a list of the maps that have 3 or more Turrets a list of 2 or less. Maps with 3 Turrets - Arcadia - Mercury Suites - Neptune's Bounty - Point Prometheus So avoid the below as much as possible. Maps with 2 Turrets - Farmer's Market - Fort Frolic - Hephaestus - Home For The Poor - Kashmir's Restaurant - Medical Pavilion The Hacking Method Now down to the Hardest Method in the world! Ok I am joking, it is rather simple split in to teams of two find a Turret and take turns hacking it. It couldn't be any simpler. BUT now if you get in a map with 2 or less Turrets you'll need to find Vending Machines, this is where Winter Blast comes into play. Player 1 Hacks the Vending Machine and Freezes it. Player 2 Hacks the Vending Machine. Player 1 Freeze's the Vending Machine, Hacks it and Re-Freezes it. and So forth Player 1 making sure they are picking up the EVE from the Vending Machine to keep it frozen at all times. Because you don't want a grenade in your face while hacking. Ok that's it! really its rather straight forward, H4><0RZ 4 TEH WIN! Just One More Thing! Since you are playing Adam Grab, LEAVE THE LITTLE SISTER ALONE!!! if she goes untouched every player will get the first place Adam Bonus with is a little helpful when leveling. Hope this helps for future players of the game.
  9. That I know, but what it has done is created a forum for the new list, instead it could just have one forum instead of two.
  10. As the title says I mean this is still the base game, there is no need to have this forum and the original
  11. I have done the upstairs Gen twice and no trophy.... and yes I did escape.
  12. did it today did 10 and it popped, friend has only just started it both me and another who both have MR helped him to HR and we got it no issues.
  13. ones from my friends cards Banbaro L(2957.95) Viper Tobi-Kadachi S(1170.47) Nightshade Paolumu S(1029.02) Glavenus S(2215.35) Tigrex S(1748.88) Fulgur Anjanath S(1465.35, 1481.81) Ebony Odogaron S(1249.88) Velkhana S(2248.52) Blackveil Vaal Hazak S(1843.84) Savage Deviljho S(2001.91) L(2476.58)
  14. List seems fairly basic truthfully, Beat X Mission, Beat X Mission on a higher setting and grind kills. Shouldn't be to hard overall
  15. it won't change
  16. I have recently seen this at a fairly low price pre-owned at a local CEX and I am thinking about giving it a go, but I do have one major question does the cart have all 3 games on it? or is there a download code for Jak 2/3? As I have not brought one of this trilogy games on the vita before.
  17. even with the event quests Legiana took me from Monday to Friday running nothing but Crystal Waltz, I have been running a mix of Kushala Daora, Black Diablos, and Kirin for 3 days now got nothing from them so far.
  18. I read things like it took me two hours and I am like I have been here 3 days and got nothing......
  19. wish that worked for me, I posted on monday I needed Legi and after another 20 missions yesterday I got it.... RNG hates me
  20. Currently Need Mini Black Diablos Large Kirin Black Diablos Nergigante Kushala Daora Vaal Hazak
  21. Tested and still works on current patch
  22. As for the 250 protection hits we noticed if you unhook some one and take a hit as soon as you unhook them you get to Protection Point Pop ups.
  23. You can't PM the Killer his name does not appear until after a match
  24. Problem with the doing the last gen one, it was made on the PC way before End Game Collapse was even a thing, and now we are being punished for it rather then reworking the trophy
  25. The cross-saves do not work the way you think they do. You upload the save to their servers to save choices. you don't take you save with you at all I have had to do them all again