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  1. PS Blog says the Extra and Premium games will be announced "later this month" There's two days of the month left...
  2. I've just got the one Digi-Platinum, which is the OG Cyber Sleuth. I was making good progress on Next Order but my PS4 hard drive died and my save was only backed up after being the main story with an incomplete city. I intend to go back one day, but my heart still hurts at everything I lost. Maybe I'll go for Hacker's Memory one day too, and possibly Survive when I pick it up. All-Star Rumble can get it the bin though, what an awful experience that was.
  3. I found this guide really useful once I got bored of the gym: If you're struggling to do enough damage, maybe just focus on raising attack and the gym, and maybe go after some of the stronger moves you can learn to deal with the mobs. The tamer skills that pass on higher percentages of stats to the next gen are super useful, and eventually you'll find yourself with rookies with better than your early mega stats without any training at all.
  4. I've got 5 so far The OG trilogy Ratchet 2016 Rift Apart I played Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty last year so A Crack in Time is my next game and Plat (my brother played it on my account at launch so I'm on 50%+ on trophies but I'm going start a fresh save). After that I'm not sure whether to do Gladiator or Into the Nexus. What would people recommend first out of these two? And are FFA or A41 worth playing, let alone Platting?
  5. Not any time soon. Crystal Chronicles and Every Buddy I've got on Switch, I didn't enjoy Dissidia NT or World enough to go for Platinum and I did ARR through to the end of Endwalker in the space of 9 months, so it's going to be a LOOOONG time before I revisit XIV. Crisis Core and Reunion I'll definitely Platinum, and the Pixel Remasters if they ever hit console. But I imagine by that point, the Gold threshold will be raised above 20 😂
  6. Oooh this looks fun I've got Plats for: Final Fantasy VII HD Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Final Fantasy IX HD Final Fantasy X Remastered Final Fantasy X-2 Remastered Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin [PS5] Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
  7. Ooooh that's a really interesting point. It's absolute scammery really.
  8. It just dawned on me that trophies are kind of like a metagame, and these shovelware games are essentially just microtransactions.
  9. Have you set the game to Hidden in your trophy settings?
  10. I do hope they make something of this Classics re-launch rather than just letting it limp on and die like in the PS4 generation. If they are taking their time to get the ball rolling with licensing, emulation and trophies, whatever, than a blog post about it giving us an idea of their roadmap would be very welcomed, otherwise it's going to be hard to recommend Premium to people.
  11. I actually managed to do it thanks to you, much appreciated!
  12. Ahh I must have button mashed through that text box, oops 😂 But our un popped trophies match up so it looks like the tracking or whatever the devs use to auto pop is quite limited. While it is disappointing when compared to how most upgrades handle auto pop, a lot of the trophies are quite situation, so I kinda understand. Not popping item slots and especially endings when difficulties pop is really weird though 😂
  13. Has anyone else had some trophies not auto pop when converting their save file? I'm missing Ending 1 (even though I have the difficulty relayed ones), Increase item slots, Knock back leaping Marge, Remote Bomb kill, Mia tape sneaky and Birthday tape within five minutes. Some of these seem like they are from times I may have reloaded but in terms of the ending and item slots there's no reason they shouldn't pop. Very bizarre. If other people have this issue then hopefully we can make enough noise for Capcom to fix the issue like Crystal Dynamics with the Avengers auto pop issues.
  14. Hmm, not everything in RE7 auto popped for me. Things like escaping the birthday party in 5 minutes and expanding by item slots haven't popped.
  15. My download version of 7 from Plus hasn't prompted an upgrade but popped my disc copy in and it's downloading the upgrade now. Annoyingly my discs for 2 and 3 are with my folks so no auto trophies for me for a few weeks