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  1. If you boost with another player or an alt, you can get close to 200 points in one session. The trophies all pop at the end of the match, not necessarily in order. If you look at other players trophy logs for this game, they don't get them in order either. I.e. 200 pops before 150, etc.
  2. Ok, but the servers shut down in October 2017. These trophies were all earned before that. This link on EAs site ( says the servers shutdown on October 24, 2017. These trophies were all earned well before that.
  3. labignikefan Madden NFL 13 These are not online trophies. You can play connected careers offline, hence I was able to legitimately earn these trophies after the servers closed. The unachievable thread (located here: does not list these trophies as unobtainable either. The person who flagged this obviously does not know what the hell they are talking about.