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  1. So I'm so close to being done with the story and my game decides to put me into the elevator shaft but I cannot do anything, just shows me the elevator. Exited out of the game and loaded back and I'm still stuck there. Abandoned the mission and swapped operatives, everyone I swap to is stuck underground and cannot move. Am I just screwed or what. Edit: Nevermind, I got it fixed luckily. I had to cancel the mission, and completely close app and restart the game.
  2. I'm currently working on this as its the last day for this weekend, anyone know if all 5 wins need to be the same weekend or does it carry over?
  3. The vegas packs towards the end just randomly gave the different pieces of the highest end items rather than the same for me. I cant remember exactly what it was but it just randomly popped for me
  4. Thanks for the reply,popped the platinum not long after. all it took was the game crashing and corrupting my save.... had to start anew and got it that time around.
  5. I have at least 1 event where the game just completely crashes as soon as I enter it. If I use a different car it lets me pick the one for the event but as soon as I go on the right car it just blue screens me. event is speedway busters in the second championship
  6. no i got that first time, I missed the shadow object one, killing the banshee and the one that unlocks right after that. probably from skipping too fast like you said.
  7. I've gotten 2 to pop that didnt before now, I did not get the close encounters of the 4th type one for some reason Just got it now. Thank God lol
  8. did you have any issues with trophies unlocking? I had 3 not unlock for me, one for passing the questions of the shadow monster by choosing the wrong answers and 2 that should have popped for the story.
  9. So far it has done this twice now with some other issues. Yesterday I was playing online, the leaderboards glitched and completely froze my console, rebooted it, played online and my stuff was freezing giving me an error code for system software. Restarted my console and has been fine till now. I was playing campaign, my friend left the party and my campaign froze my entire console, couldn't close app or anything. Any ideas for a fix or something?
  10. Speaking as someone who works at gamestop. I can actually believe this, we didn't receive a 130$ collectors edition of the new destiny expansion that was preordered. Physical edition upgrades I believe just involve putting the disc into the ps5 and playing it on there but you must have the disc to play of course.
  11. The closets I can get is like 4th place, I do what you said usually. Just for some reason, I cannot keep enough momentum to get first.
  12. So i have my vehicles not upgraded at all but I cannot win the mini truck, fullsize truck, class 1 unlimited, and trophy truck open class, I need those to have the 100% career done trophy. Any good tips besides just figure out when to use the clutch?
  13. is it true they are vaulting this raid making the platinum unobtainable? or would I end up just having to get a dlc with a different raid or something?
  14. That's kinda what I was wondering, I didn't know if its like easier to do now or anything like that. Getting any of the dlc's worth it?
  15. Hey everyone, It's been a hot minute since I've played destiny 2. I bought the game with the first 2 dlcs or whatever and haven't gotten another one since. I really want to try to get the platinum before the stuff becomes harder. How bad is it to get the raid trophy done now? Thats the toughest one I am missing. Thank you.