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  1. This game is pretty simple when it comes to the trophies, the only thing that is stumping me is trying to figure out how to get Smoke Eater its something that involves surviving a near death experience. I figured I might have gotten it by now but I guess not. Any tips?
  2. I dont have show all on home on at the moment, but they were my most recent played games so they would have been in the front. I even checked my library to make sure.
  3. Hey everyone, just was curious if anyone had an idea why a PlayStation would randomly delete games. Before you say anything, no I did not accidentally delete them myself. Sometimes I don't close the app before going to a new game. Just was strange, now I gotta reinstall modern warfare and fortnite, my last 2 played games.
  4. I actually contacted playstation about it, they told me they don't have confirmation from the about it actually releasing tomorrow. so I have no idea now
  5. Hello all, I was seeing something on the PlayStation blog about Spongebob battle for bikini bottom releasing on the 23rd but for EU only, I was just curious if that means that it isn't coming to the US PlayStation store or not. I know the 23rd is the release date but I was thrown off by the EU only.
  6. Did you change the settings before you started the league like M-Easy usually states? That's the only thing I can think of, unless you chose the wrong option for coach or owner "- Create a custom coach. Make him a Motivator. Name, ethnicity, and details make no difference and are arbitrary.- Go to league settings and change to the following: Difficulty – ALL MADDEN, Salary Cap – OFF, Injuries – OFF, Pre-Existing Injuries – OFF, Season Experience (Under User Team Help) – SIMPLE." - that's from someone on trueachievements. They do say that the trophies are buggy sometimes too.
  7. International Debut is the only online trophy requiring you to complete a special stage online. I'm not seeing any trophies that are glitchy, at least they weren't when I platinumed it. I don't see any affected by the number of rewinds. And difficulty does not affect trophies either.
  8. The way I pulled this off was I found a roster that had 1 team that was all made into 99 overall. You must have throwing meter on as well. I went up against some random AAA or AA team and adjusted the baserunning sliders to adjust their speed and whatnot. You can sim your at-bats, then sim the pitching to where bases are loaded. Just pitch down the middle and keep hoping you get the opportunity. I barely got mine by like a fraction of a second. It all depends on how deep the ball went and how fast the baserunner is.
  9. It seems like every trophy on that game is broken. It's a shame cause I'm really looking forward to playing this once I get it. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon.
  10. Littlebigplanet 3 was enjoyable to me. I love the littlebigplanet games, I wish I had more time to do the games on ps3 but getting 3's platinum was the most fun to me. A couple other ones I enjoyed were the Shenmue games and marvel's spiderman.
  11. Well i've platinumed almost all of the lego games, some guides I have used mention to either not use the codes or specify if any effect a certain trophy. So I am not entirely wrong, just could not remember for this game exactly. I know this was one of the easier ones that required like no work at all to platinum. Appreciate the input, no disrespect taken.
  12. As far as I am aware, yes they do. I'm not sure if it's limited to only some that do like most lego games are now, but just assume that they do. You don't really need them anyways, super easy game to platinum and complete in general.
  13. Appreciate the info for that, I haven't had the time to play the game a ton myself yet. So I haven't accomplished a ton.
  14. I don't quite know myself, Some stuff I would deem missable just but involves not solving the first puzzle by yourself. If I find out anything else that truly is missable I will update. Doesn't seem like a chapter select is available.
  15. Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a post here about Potata. The game is somewhat interesting for something coming from Sometimes You. Now I wouldn't say it is the greatest game I have played from them, but it's alright for the most part. I got the opportunity to play early and just wanted to give a link to my video here so you all can check it out and see for yourself. I appreciate it if you check it out. Feel free to drop a comment or like. Thank you for checking out my post!