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  1. The game just has checkpoints so it should save there. Possibly a bug or something.
  2. Pretty much focus on buying the lower end packs for the points you earn.
  3. disc copy, unpatched. Did everything exactly as you have stated and nothing is unlocking for some reason.
  4. nah, i tired it following everything properly, tried other trophies that were done in a similar fashion and none would unlock.
  5. did not work
  6. I see a lot of people getting the platinum but for some reason the all buffs trophy wont unlock, ive given every rabbit a carrot for the buffs and that wont even work.
  7. Just curious if I have to do another full playthrough to get the trophy or if I am able to start a new game and do the one I missed to get the trophy, dont really want to waste that much time on the game if I dont have to.
  8. I purely got mine from luck. Wasn't taking any 3's, just focused on getting to the rim, I had like 1 game that I actually had to play, most people quit out after I got a decent lead. You could try and see about making a lineup with the bare minimum tier cards and then having 1 at max tier that you're comfortable shooting with.
  9. So I'm so close to being done with the story and my game decides to put me into the elevator shaft but I cannot do anything, just shows me the elevator. Exited out of the game and loaded back and I'm still stuck there. Abandoned the mission and swapped operatives, everyone I swap to is stuck underground and cannot move. Am I just screwed or what. Edit: Nevermind, I got it fixed luckily. I had to cancel the mission, and completely close app and restart the game.
  10. I'm currently working on this as its the last day for this weekend, anyone know if all 5 wins need to be the same weekend or does it carry over?
  11. The vegas packs towards the end just randomly gave the different pieces of the highest end items rather than the same for me. I cant remember exactly what it was but it just randomly popped for me
  12. Thanks for the reply,popped the platinum not long after. all it took was the game crashing and corrupting my save.... had to start anew and got it that time around.
  13. I have at least 1 event where the game just completely crashes as soon as I enter it. If I use a different car it lets me pick the one for the event but as soon as I go on the right car it just blue screens me. event is speedway busters in the second championship
  14. no i got that first time, I missed the shadow object one, killing the banshee and the one that unlocks right after that. probably from skipping too fast like you said.