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  1. Could someone tell me how to get the daily training trophy? I can't see the option anywhere and can't find anything about said trophy anywhere?
  2. Yup $15 tier for me too.
  3. The whole bundle is 2 codes, one for giana sisters and one for the rest of the games.
  4. Always worth picking these bundles up, I like what Nordic have done and to support charity it's a win win win for everyone.
  5. It's almost like the OP couldn't be bothered to think for themselves.
  6. I'm considering double dipping on this game, I have the base uk version of the game, this site says the other stack is the Korean version but I have read from several other sources that the North American game stacks with the UK version? Does anyone know which is correct?
  7. I'm considering getting this physical but I was wondering if the extra dlc was on the disc or if it was redeemed via code?
  8. Thanks for replying, I will do as you have suggested!
  9. Did you manage to get the 3 season TT trophy? If so can you share how to get it please?
  10. I bought the Vita version yesterday, glad to hear I will get the ps4 as well!