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  1. I think I might know what's your problem, I haven't played this one but aced a similar issue in Motogp14. Your R2 button isn't pressing to the max no matter how hard you pressure it. I would recommend changing the controls to using the R stick up and down for throttle and brake instead of the R2 and L2.
  2. Thanks for the coins man! You're really a good man!
  3. I got it, you have to participate in practice 1, practice 2, practice 3, quali and then the race and you will get the trophy. I was skipping practice 3 that's why I didn't get it
  4. I asked a friend and I figured out the problem: you have to complete p1, p2, p3 (I was missing p3) and probably get all purple then q and race
  5. I have finished practice, and quali yesterday (friday), I have completed and won the race today (saturday) and the trophy didn't pop, however I saw a lot of people getting it today. Any idea how to get it? what did I miss ?
  6. need for speed rivals because it's way easier than its platinum difficulty! (I stalked your profile and I saw that you're dutch and I know that dutch people are so nice so have a good day buddy! )
  7. they've charge me an extra 10% while buying games on checkout. the same happened with you guys ?
  8. F1 Servers never go down man, I was boosting F1 2010 with some players couple of weeks ago. Codemasters make the player starting the game host his own session and they don't have dedicated servers for the game, that's why their online gameplay never goes down, unlike EA for example who have dedicated servers for their need for speed games that they shut down 4 years after the release of the game. Sorry if it's a late response but it's hella detailed !
  9. Now I understand where this is from. I didn't use a save file. And I'm not lying that I wasn't connected to the Internet from my ps3. I have used something called "GT Garage" in order to unlock a hidden car which I wasn't able to unlock anymore since the game's servers are down. This software has activated these trophies. I had absolutely no intentions of getting these trophies especially that the platinum is not obtainable anymore. If removing it from my game list would put me back to the leaderboard I would love to know how to do so. Thank you all for understanding and apologies again.
  10. salim_haddad12 Gran Turismo 5 I had no Internet on my ps3 and I got these trophies before connecting to the internet.
  11. smart!!
  12. L.A. Noire or Mafia 3. L.A. Noire because I'm about to plat it now, but I'll go with Mafia 3 since I wanted to get into it and finish it but I lost my gaming appetite for it since I found the character controller very annoying, I'll finish it someday though!
  13. I got the game for 3$ at gamestop, so I don't think it's worth it for me to pay 20$ just for the dlcs
  14. You know guys what I like about codemasters, they care about their players and leave an 8-year old game's servers on. Unlike EA who's gonna shut FIFA 15'S servers by the end of this year
  15. I made a mistake, should have never bought that game. Very grinds, I almost broke my controller