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  1. It took me 100+ hours for the 100%
  2. Platinum # 131 - The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters. If You like games like Clock Tower, you're gonna love this one, and is much better than the first part.
  3. It took me 1 week for the platinum, because you need to play on nightmare and you need to save a lot, even after kill 1 enemy because your health can only reach 50%. Perhaps there are some players that took them less time.
  4. Platinum # 127 Tormented Souls - Unlock all trophies If you like the old school survival horror games, you're gonna love this game, don't expect graphics like Resident Evil Village, but still it's a great game. Totally recommended.
  5. Platinum # 125 - Quake Great Old One You have conquered all the realms of the Elder Gods. Congratulations. What can I say about this game, one of my favorites FPS of all time, The platinum is not that hard but it is really tedious to obtained it. I really recommend this game if you played it back in 1996, and if not, I also recommend give it a chance.
  6. It happened me once, I recommend that when you finish a level, do a manual save, exit the game and upload your save data in the cloud or in a USB. It's really frustrating. ¬_¬
  7. Platinum Obtain all other trophies. Platinum #124.- A really great soulslike game, the only hard trophy is the one that you need to finish the game without a shell (armor), because you die in 1 hit. Totally recommended.
  8. My Work Here is Done Obtain all trophies.
  9. Ethan Winters Obtain all Trophies Finally, after crying blood because of the Mercenaries mode, I finally got it. It is an excellent game, but in my personal opinion, the mercenaries mode is really.. bad. At the end, I really recommend this game. 8/10
  10. From the Ashes Acquire all trophies One of the best Soul-like game I ever play, there's a lot to do and never ends 9/10
  11. You're right, I sync manually the trophies with PSN and finally appear. Thank you
  12. I already defeat Ixillis XV and the trophy pop, but when I went to the trophies list, the trophy appear locked, what the hell!!!
  13. I'm so disappointed
  14. Ultimate Vault Hunter Unlock all Borderlands® 3 Trophies. + 100% Thanks to Gearbox for this great game. If you like shooter-looter games, you need to play this one.
  15. Borderland Defender Round Two + 100% Unlock all Borderlands™ 2 trophies. One of the best games I ever play in my PS4, totally awesome