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  1. It took me 1 week for the platinum, because you need to play on nightmare and you need to save a lot, even after kill 1 enemy because your health can only reach 50%. Perhaps there are some players that took them less time.
  2. Platinum # 127 Tormented Souls - Unlock all trophies If you like the old school survival horror games, you're gonna love this game, don't expect graphics like Resident Evil Village, but still it's a great game. Totally recommended.
  3. Platinum # 125 - Quake Great Old One You have conquered all the realms of the Elder Gods. Congratulations. What can I say about this game, one of my favorites FPS of all time, The platinum is not that hard but it is really tedious to obtained it. I really recommend this game if you played it back in 1996, and if not, I also recommend give it a chance.
  4. It happened me once, I recommend that when you finish a level, do a manual save, exit the game and upload your save data in the cloud or in a USB. It's really frustrating. ¬_¬
  5. Platinum Obtain all other trophies. Platinum #124.- A really great soulslike game, the only hard trophy is the one that you need to finish the game without a shell (armor), because you die in 1 hit. Totally recommended.
  6. My Work Here is Done Obtain all trophies.
  7. Ethan Winters Obtain all Trophies Finally, after crying blood because of the Mercenaries mode, I finally got it. It is an excellent game, but in my personal opinion, the mercenaries mode is really.. bad. At the end, I really recommend this game. 8/10
  8. From the Ashes Acquire all trophies One of the best Soul-like game I ever play, there's a lot to do and never ends 9/10
  9. You're right, I sync manually the trophies with PSN and finally appear. Thank you
  10. I already defeat Ixillis XV and the trophy pop, but when I went to the trophies list, the trophy appear locked, what the hell!!!
  11. I'm so disappointed
  12. Ultimate Vault Hunter Unlock all Borderlands® 3 Trophies. + 100% Thanks to Gearbox for this great game. If you like shooter-looter games, you need to play this one.
  13. Borderland Defender Round Two + 100% Unlock all Borderlands™ 2 trophies. One of the best games I ever play in my PS4, totally awesome
  14. The key to the city Unlock all trophies A really good game, obviously a tribute to Resident Evil and other terror games. The negative point.- You need to be careful because some trophies don't pop, especially the collectibles. 7/10
  15. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, I hate the online trophies
  16. He look's really cool 9/10 (I think it's dante LOL)
  17. Legendary Zombie Hunter 100% Complete! Thank you for playing! Nothing to say, I'm just not going to play this game again ever. 6/10
  18. Epic Cycle Earn every trophy. + 100% DLC One of the longest games I ever play, The game is great but at the end it turn some parts are very repetitive, I prefer Origins 8/10
  19. Well, we need to wait another month
  20. So Long, RC Obtain all trophies
  21. Heavy Metal Earn all Trophies One of the hardest games I ever play, but it also one of the best, totally recommended. Thanks to @fatefodder and @XChaosAngel192X for your help
  22. Master of Mordor One has walked in Mordor. Good game, If you love open world games, try this one. Negative point, the controls are terrible
  23. Moving On Collected every trophy in the game I only bought this game because it was a good discount offer. Well the game, it's not that bad but it has a lot of bugs and the story is predictable. Recommended if you like ghost stories games.
  24. You can beat every level individually, for example, 3 levels today, 2 levels tomorrow, etc, and you only need to beat the 3 first episodes. Good luck!
  25. Crossing Fate Mastered BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE. The game is actually pretty funny, but the only thing that I don't like, it's that the ranked is death, and that's a shame. Recommended if you are a fan of fighting games