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    Completing games and getting trophies.
  1. I can work on getting both of those this week. Then i'll message you.
  2. I'm looking for someone with a world where I can get a couple of base game trophies done on, and also all the dlc ones. psn: bentenigan
  3. The lord has not forsaken us.
  4. If you at a point in life where you have the time, go ahead! ☺️
  5. Not gonna lie. I did sniffle at this, I didn't laugh, but just a little exhale out the nose.
  6. I'm fine with being an old man, the way it ought to be. (sarcasm)
  7. Same. Why so defensive? It's a thing my buddy says that always makes me laugh, like this is mayonnaise or that is mustard.
  8. (Rambling and Strong Opinions) The title is sarcasm if you can't tell. I'm I the only one on this site who doesn't watch anime? Just wondering why so many trophy hunters are into anime. (Edit): I'll admit, I came off as being a bit cocky. Actually wondering about the connection between the two, or if there is one?
  9. Cod: WaW
  10. I love this thead so far. Really cool to hear people's thoughts on game difficulty and stuff like that.
  11. Stormed Peleliu
  12. The title explains everything. (Joke)
  13. #13: Fallout: New Vegas