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  1. I play about five hours yesterday. I think the game has some balancing issues. I am annoyed that the only way to change weapons is to press , which is annoying. I think whoever mentioned the controller not having enough buttons for all the functions may have a point. Hopefully something to be addressed with the Dual Shock 5 and XBox Scarlett controllers. I am still getting used to the layout, though. I also feel like the enemies are too bullet spongy for my tastes. On the other hand the cooperative mode for level scaling of enemies seems to work very well so far. The menu is a tad clunky. While I do like the way it looks visually, I find myself still adjusting to how everything is laid out. Not sure if I am a fan of it, to be honest.
  2. I've only found the one. Do they spawn randomly?
  3. It's only on Epic Lame Store? I guess I'll have to wait for a Playstation 5 port, then.
  4. I think I might need to bite the bullet and get this on PC.
  5. So glad Contrived Finish from Steam isn't on there.
  6. The trophy icons are a massive turn off. Considering how the game has mixed reviews, I might just wait until it comes out on the Switch, which doesn't have global achievement support.
  7. I think the story is a bit silly, but good overall. One thing I do like about the game is that it's a modern take on an FMV game. I bought it largely because it's so cheap, but I found myself enjoying the game. I think the format has promise; especially if more interactivity can be introduced in future games. In many ways, this type of game is essentially a live action visual novel.
  8. When do you get the opportunity to sneak out the window?
  9. I completed my first run. Only earned four trophies.
  10. I am still considering getting this. Having so many silver trophies is enticing.
  11. Not going to lie. I think the game is appealing.
  12. I'll probably get the Steam version since it's uncensored. In case anyone is wondering, all versions of this game on consoles will be censored of any nudity which is extremely disappointing.
  13. Anyone know when this is due to be released?
  14. I've been playing this game for the last few weeks. I have enjoyed it quite a bit. The story started fairly slowly, but once it picked up it was a fun ride.
  15. I have 1,393 unearned trophies. That count is taken from the trophy adviser and not the number that is listed on my profile page. I am hoping to bring that number under 1,000 trophies by the end of the year. At the very least, I would like to have the earned to unearned differential be at least 500 in favor of earned trophies by the end of the year.