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  1. I'm not waiting.
  2. It makes me think of some of the cartoons that aired on Cartoon Network. There's a specific show I'm thinking of that Cris Tales art style reminds me of, but the name of the show escapes me.
  3. Looking at some of those trophies, this looks like it will be a difficult platinum.
  4. I would say the difficulty is a cheap 25/10.
  5. I'm looking forward to getting this game. Currently playing Akiba's Beat which is pretty fun.
  6. The levels with four bumpers are also fucking awful. Trying to control the ball in both horizontal and vertical is incredibly frustration and the complete opposite of fun. Whoever thought this was a good idea to implement was fundamentally mistaken. It's a terrible mechanic and will hopefully not be revisited in possible sequels.
  7. They're much more valuable than bronze and silver trophies and as such should be proportionally rarer. Having a game with five to seven gold trophies cheapens their value.
  8. How does this game perform on PS4? I opted to get this game on Steam due to my PC being a lot more powerful than my PS4 Pro.
  9. Yeah. Skipping this game on PS4. Will pick it up on Steam. It sounds like some of the trophies will be frustrating to get and I don't particularly like how gold heavy the list is.
  10. That is a very silly reason t pass on a game, but you do you.
  11. Ahh. I understand. The PC version allows for full nudity including the removal of their panties, which I was basing my comment on. Not going to lie, with the game's trophy list as it is, they only reason I would've considered buying this game was for the boobies as it doesn't really look like it's going to be that fun to play. Without uncensored boobies, I see no reason to buy this on PSN.
  12. The uncensored version has full frontal nudity, which would slap the game with an A/O rating. The Switch version is rated M.
  13. It doesn't look like Ben 10 to me. The art style makes me think it looks more like something like Scooby Doo.
  14. The trophy icons are really appealing visually.
  15. Hao on Earth did this game get past Sony? Also, the game looks like something that could've run on the Playstation 2. Doesn't mean the game won't be fun, but still. Weird. My guess is that the actual nudity has been patched out of this version.