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  1. I noticed that the game's generosity with healing items makes the no health upgrade run relatively easy. I plan to do it for my first run.
  2. I would disagree on the ease of the games.
  3. It's why I decided to go for the no health upgrade with my first run. My only real concern are the speedruns. Hoping there is a guide available before I attempt that one.
  4. I think some people are really going to love this game.
  5. What is the animation for when she's startled?
  6. Damn. I didn't know that. I did the battle bots first thinking that the endings wouldn't transfer. Meh. I happen to like those last two battles.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, though I found a way to unlock them using a guide.
  8. The dream arena in Mask of Truth was a real pain in the bottom. I used a guide to clear some of them battles. Thing is, the RNG was really kind to me with them as I oftentimes acquired all the item drops on the first attempt, particularly for the last Dream Arena battle. I did cheese things a little by replaying the entire game a second time to earn some extra exp and BP. I have fond memories of both games.
  9. Don't really want to go through all that. I'll just pick it up on Steam instead. Of course, if I end up earning all the Steam achievements, I'll be annoyed, because they could've been PSN trophies instead, but I find that unlikely.
  10. Is there a way to trigger the Koi Koi prompts? Only Sakura and Azami have unlocked as opponents and I am at chapter six.
  11. If it's a very fun seven to ten hours, I can live with the price.
  12. I think I'll pass on this for PSN and get it on Steam. I care nothing for Steam achievements, but am still interested in this game.
  13. The art of the trophies themselves are pleasantly distinctive. I am really digging their design.
  14. What exactly are you still missing?
  15. I am trying to pick this up, but right now the site isn't loading properly. Waaah! ;_;