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  1. I've put in about 15 to 20 hours into this game and have noticed that money seems to be really hard to come by in this game. Not all monsters drop it and when they do, it's in meager quantities, which makes upgrading equipment difficult. Are they any tips for getting more money?
  2. I wouldn't go so far as to say this game is incredible. It is a fun diversion, but I see it as a palate cleanser to be played between bigger games.
  3. EA is almost certainly going to get my money for this game and I am a bit conflicted about it. Will probably pick it up on the way home if I get stuck at work.
  4. If you can get the Hell Weapon from the DRP lottery, this grind can be reduced since it boosts strength by 75%, which will make the use of dream and strength fragments less tedious.
  5. I really dislike permadeath in games. My enthusiasm for this game has been reduced by 2%.
  6. I noticed that as well.
  7. I can live with that personally. Also, nice to see other people playing Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. It is one of my favorite games of the past year.
  8. Which is pointless when I don't speak the language.
  9. No. No. No. Hell no. Hell fucking no. Absolutely not. Absofuckinglutely not. Not a chance. Not a fucking chance. Especially when there is voice acting in my native language.
  10. I meant least. I think the concept of Wild Arms is fertile for a top tier RPG. It all depends on the execution.
  11. Getting this trophy was a huge pain in the ass for me. It was really difficult. On the other hand, when I did earn the trophy, the sense of satisfaction I felt was amazing.
  12. The game should be identical in all three platforms. Probably the only difference would be in graphical fidelity.
  13. Personally, I would love to see Wild Arms revived as a series. It has everything it needs to be an amazing Triple A release. I think if given the proper resources, Wild Arms could be as big an RPG series as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest or Fallout (before Bethesda Softworks ran it into the dirt). At the very least, it could make for an amazing Double A release.
  14. Agreed. There is not a chance in hell of either of these games getting a sequel anytime soon. I think even if they could reuse assets, we'd still be in for a long wait, especially when you consider the fact that Sony tends not to cheap out with their Triple A releases. That's probably the case. There's not a chance in hell we'll see a follow up to either of these games until 2022 at the earliest. Having said that, though, I suspect the follow up sequels to these games are almost certainly in development as we speak. Considering their enormous success, it would be surprising otherwise. One thing I have noticed not mentioned is what Sony's Japanese studios are doing. At least one of them is probably at work on a launch title as we speak. What that could be is anyone's guess, though.
  15. After having played the game for an hour and a half, I happen to think it's worthy of more attention than the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise. Also, for a budget title, the game looks fantastic.