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  1. As great as getting trophies patched in for these classic games, what I want more than anything is a deluge of games being added to the Premium tier.
  2. I waited years for the PSN release of this game and finally picked it up when it went on sale. Looking forward to finally playing it.
  3. I actually backed the Kickstarter. I can request that the trophy icons be changed, but I dunno if they'll acknowledge it or be able to change them.
  4. Ouch. I still kind of want this game. Fuck it, I'm buying it.
  5. No you don't. You could just ignore the DLC if the game isn't interesting to you.
  6. I'll never know. The final boss is fucking garbage and cheap as fuck. I'm going to see if there isn a way to delete the game from my profile. I wish I never spent my money on this game. It's a big fat fucking F for Fail!
  7. Will definitely keep an eye on it.
  8. The fishing minigame is absolutely awful. It is the worst designed fishing minigame I ever played.
  9. Nope. I used it on the PS5 version of the game and I still have the platinum.
  10. I think the latter is unlikely as they're aren't members of the site. No one on PSN Profiles has achieved the platinum.
  11. The company that bought the IP makes gacha games, so insofar as I am concerned, the franchise is dead. Do note that I don't consider gacha games as games, but malware designed to exploit the psychological and emotional vulnerabilities of people in order to manipulate them in spending money on what are essentially virtual gambling machines.
  12. On a scale from one to ten, how difficult is this game?
  13. That zero percent completion rate seems to apply to the site specifically. It looks like PSN users outside our site have achieved the platinum, but considering how few people seemed to have played this, I'm wondering if those users were play testers and QA people. I was deeply disappointed with this game. There is a section whose timing is so unforgiving that I've been unable to proceed.
  14. I think it's a shame this game was cancelled. It's not a great game by any means, but it is a solid one. I had fun playing it and think it's a shame the franchise is essentially dead.
  15. I scored 1.1 million points, and the trophy for it hasn't popped.