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  1. This looks like it might make for an interesting game. I want to get it, but it's unavailable still.
  2. This game looks really good based on that clip.
  3. My assessment of the game difficulty. General gameplay: 5/10 Cheap Boss Fights: 1000/10
  4. I guess I must suck, because this game feels like a 100/10 level on the difficulty scale and I am still in the early game. ;_;
  5. I really like the trophy icons. Shame that the My Playstation site is defunct because it was a great way to really check out the trophy art.
  6. The trophy art is really appealing.
  7. I thought this was an XBox exclusive.
  8. I want this game. I was sold with the cats.
  9. The Cross Buy labeling is a lot clearer than using free upgrade language.
  10. Was the game recently patched, perchance. I'm hoping I don't experience these trophy popping glitches.
  11. I noticed that Optinoob has a speed run guide. Does this game have a speed run trophy? I looked at the list and don't see one. For me, Metroidvanias are like crack. I need regular fixes.
  12. It's a good game, I definitely recommend it. It does need some technical polish, though. You might want to wait until some patches are issued.
  13. Can online cross play be disabled? I have no interest in participating in a game that has an uneven playing field.
  14. What the title says. Is this game available on any other platforms? It's a beat 'em up, so I find myself interested, but at the same time, I don't know if the game will be any good.
  15. Indeed, though no one should buy the anti-consumer PS5.