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  1. I've been somewhat interested in this game. Will definitely be on the look out for it. Will probably pick it up digitally.
  2. Anyone know why it says Japanese version when I check my trophy log?
  3. I want this. Is this game a cross buy?
  4. I would be embarrassed to have this game on my profile. Not because of the game's content, but because I don't think this game warrants having a platinum trophy. Part of it is because I think it's ridiculous that you can platinum this game in less than a minute. Sony really needs to reform their trophy systems as games like these should not have platinum trophies. It should take some effort on the part of the player to get a platinum. On the other hand. Seeing this game on PSN does make me hope that Sakura Dungeon might get moved over (as that is an actual game as opposed to just a visual novel) as well, though it would certainly have its content edited.
  5. I like the trophy icons.
  6. Is there actually a Dragon Quest monster called Loss Leader? Yes. Yes there is. ;_;
  7. A decillion times this. Sony abandoning Japan is fucking insane. Their leadership's dismissal of the region is going to end up killing the brand as a whole, especially when you consider the fact that Japan is what saved the Playstation 3. That market's complete rejection of the XBox 360 is the only reason the 360 didn't sell over 100,000,000 units. Don't believe me? Imagine what would've happened if the 360 sold like hot cakes in Japan? The Playstation 3 would've been a year behind with Microsoft having a huge lead in all three major markets for console gamings. With that kind of momentum and all the difficulties third party developers had in developing for the Playstation 3, their recovery would've been a Sisyphean task as opposed to the nearly insurmountable one it was. In all likelihood, without Japan as a safe harbor, the Playstation 3 would've had far less support and the Playstation 3 would likely have made the Wii U look like a modest success; which makes their abandonment of Japan so fucking galling! This most recent article mentions that the service isn't making much money for Microsoft (do note is from last summer): https://wccftech.com/microsoft-admits-xbox-game-pass-isnt-really-making-a-lot-of-money-right-now/ The service is probably running on really thin margins; which is likely the primary motivation behind the Bethesda acquisition as it would give Microsoft a larger base of first party content to put on the service. They'll have to spend money making the games, but at least they won't be paying other companies for that content, and will allow them to still have a broad range of content if one of their partners were to pull out due to a dispute. For instance, the Utawarerumono games were recently delisted on PSN because Atlus's license to sell the game expired. I still have access to the games and can download them at anytime because I purchased them before that happened. If you have a scenario like this with a Game Pass game and you never purchased the game from XBox and that license is pulled kiss the game goodbye.
  8. It just goes to show you how irrational and driven by emotion human beings really are. As that Metron (from Star Trek: Original Series) once said, humans are half savage. We are given to panic and overreaction at the slightest provocation and will take one rumor and conflate it to massive hyperbolic proportions. Just look at this thread. The rumor is that the stores will shut down (which I personally find very distressing) and has been conflated to losing the ability to sync trophies on PSN for the PS3 and Vita. Now considering Sony's recent consumer hostile moves of late, this concern is understandable to a degree as is the speculation. What is a bit of an overreaction is assuming all online functionality will be lost. Having said that, it is something that worries me and with that fucking sack of shit Jim Ryan at the helm, I can definitely see this turning out to be true. Did I mention how much I fucking loathe that bastard? He is turning SIE into a fucking shitshow. The sooner they dismiss him, the better.
  9. Not they aren't. Not in terms of revenue. The value of all their assets and market value is what makes them a trillion dollar company. Not their revenue. Also, Game Pass revenue is a drop in the bucket for Microsoft, and they are reported to be operating it at a loss (it's essentially a loss leader until they have a large enough subscriber base locked in). Here is a link to a recent earnings report for 2020. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Investor/earnings/FY-2020-Q4/press-release-webcast Their revenue is nowhere near that number. I didn't find a listing where they breakdown their revenue by division, but I only skimmed the report.
  10. Finally, someone else who sees what I see about Game Scam! It's a fucking honey trap is what it is. What Microsoft is banking on is that so many people will tie their entire game libraries to the service that they become victim to the sunk cost fallacy. That is when Microsoft jacks up the price to something like $50.00 a month and you are faced with paying up or spending hundreds to thousands of dollars purchasing all the games you previously rented. What they are doing is utterly diabolical and the fucking lemmings who lap it up like seals over a bucket of chum just continue walking to their doom. Also, those prices Microsoft is charging? They are completely unsustainable long term if they want to earn a profit. They are paying for server and bandwidth costs for XCloud, paying money hats to third parties to put their games on the service, and they are paying EA to bundle their subscription service with Game Scam Ultimate. Every single one of their partners is going to want returns on their investments and as the pie for Game Scam gets bigger, they're going to want bigger slices. Which means at some point, they will be forced to raise the fees they charge.
  11. The thing is the Playstation 3 was designed to sell the Cell processor. That is why they used it. I fucking hate Game Pass and PS Now. I want to own my games, not rent them in perpetuity.
  12. The story trending on Twitter and other online communities and outlets has no bearing on its veracity.
  13. I hate Jim Ryan so fucking much. Making that sack of shit the head of SIE has been the worst decision the company has made since the pricing of the Playstation 3 when it initially launched.
  14. About 2.5% of users on PSN managed to earn the platinum trophy.
  15. Sony just lost a sale of one of their PS5's and all associated software with this decision. DRM software should be illegal due to how it's inherently consumer hostile.