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  1. It never glitched for me. Wish I knew this before. It would've sucked to not pop the trophy. Oddly enough, I was playing with someone else when World Traveler popped.
  2. I never played the PS3 version of the game as I played it originally on PC. I can confirm that the story related trophies can be triggered out of order. I earned them out of order for both versions of the game that I played.
  3. I am from the United States.
  4. I can't find the game on the PSN store. ;_; What gives?
  5. I platted the game just before the 1.03 patch was downloaded. In fact as I was closing the game after platting, the download of the newest patch was initiated. Aside from the tweaking of Welcome Company being rendered less affected, what other changes were introduced?
  6. Just out of curiosity, is there a reliable way to raise your madness level? Also, question about beating the game on hard. Do you need to get the good ending to earn the trophy or would any ending suffice?
  7. The only real difficult fight I had was with Demon #127 on the monster list. It took me about three hours to take him out (although a good chunk of that was spent upgrading my stats). I eventually resorted to reversing gravity in order to make the fight a tad easier. Even then, I exhausted my entire healing item supply. Also, I have a question. If you go the standings in here for the game, it shows just shy of 100 people platted the game, but the game page still says no one platted it. Huh?
  8. I haven't acquired the ring, so I couldn't comment. I do know, though that as my luck stat increased, the frequency of item drops went up considerably. Have you checked your luck stat in relation to what you were doing? Also, how does the Solomon Ring affect your luck stat? If it doesn't raise your luck and you equipped it in favor of an accessory that did, removing the latter may have paradoxically negatively affected your ability to collect shards reliably.
  9. Way_Of_Tomoe, you have my thanks for posting images of the completed map. When I cleared the game, I was at 99.80% completion. Having access to your map was invaluable for getting the last few rooms found.
  10. I wasn't sure where to put this comment, but I figured this thread will do. I happen to think Miriam looks adorbs both in the game and in her trophy card image. I think she's definitely going to be one of my favorite characters in a video game.
  11. I keep multiple save files, so for me it isn't an issue, but yeah, that can be a pain.
  12. I have a question. What is a good build for farming item drops and shards?
  13. There is this valkyrie outfit that looked great, but I found gear with much better stats and had to give it up.
  14. I got this one accidentally. I think I achieved it fighting the horse enemies in one of the underwater sections after getting the skill shard that lets you walk underwater.
  15. There is a room in the oriental lab just before the area with the warp room. In it are a bunch a doors that warp you to other areas within the room. There are two exits one going up that leads to the warp room and one to the left. It's blocked off by a wall but has a doorway in the room. How do I get to it?