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  1. I hope it does well in Japan.
  2. I should clarify. I think having eleven gold trophies in order to have a game quality for a platinum is something that should be forbidden. It makes platinum trophies meaningless. A game should have a minimum of at least 25 individual trophies to quality for a platinum. Those trophies easily could've all been bronze trophies. And yes, I am fully aware of the fact that I have played some of the very games that had such easy platinums, so I am guilty of hypocrisy on this, though my stance on this has hardened of late.
  3. Personally I think there should be a minimum number of trophies in a game before it can get a platinum.
  4. I really liked reading the blog entry on this game's long development. It's mind warming and the art style of the game is something I find very appealing.
  5. I am intrigued by this game.
  6. I am of the opinion that a minimum of 25 trophies should be the requisite to have a platinum trophy.
  7. That is pretty harsh. Personally, I respect the developers for not giving this game a platinum trophy when there are so few achievements.
  8. Will this version have a separate trophy stack? The bonus items in the CE don't really interest me. Will probably just pick up the basic version.
  9. How much of a time commitment is the plat? Also, what do you think of Timespinner?
  10. I played this on PC, but never finished it. Part of the reason being because a different publisher took over the game on Steam and redid the achievements. Also, got stuck on a boss. I just started it on Vita, and am finding myself enjoying it again. One thing to note, though is that the game is relatively short as such, those eight play throughs represent less of a time commitment than they would for a longer game.
  11. I want to see a revival of Wild Arms.
  12. I would never use Spotify considering their early association with Facebook.
  13. I hate the new leveling system. It makes gaining individual levels meaningless. What I hate more though is the revaluation of platinum trophies. Before the change all trophy categories were cleanly divisible with each other. They were also even multiples of each other. With platinum trophies now worth 300 points that scoring system is broken. Why couldn't Sony double their value instead? That would've preserved the math. ;_;
  14. I utterly despise the new leveling structure. I had managed a platinum trophy for reaching level ten and this update wiped that away. At least they can't take my Sakura Wars platinum being my three thousandth trophy away. It seriously pissed me off how they implemented this change.
  15. I find the Crash remakes too difficult to plat, so this one would be impossible for me if I had any intentions of purchasing it.