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  1. I have played this before over on Xbox a really fun first person free running style game. Super easy after you learn the layout of the platforms.
  2. Yes they are coming to the ps4 Awesome these games are a stress reliever for me as I often do word puzzle books when I have stays in hospitals.
  3. Do you know if there will be PS4 stacks coming as well?
  4. Congratulations!!! 😆
  5. I knew they would aim for the Halloween season I can't wait another childhood favourite coming back. Now I want Croc, Gex, Tombi (Tomba) 1 & 2 then all my main favourites are back.
  6. Strange no trace of it for the UK store for me.
  7. I'm guessing this is a US only release?
  8. The trophy descriptions are epic, definitely made me and my mum chuckle. I'm also glad it's playable with and without VR as I use a wheelchair 24/7 makes using VR awkward.
  9. Things seem to be a tad slow right now for me so possibly an update soon from PSN. Like they need to fix something somewhere.
  10. Can I just point out the guy who is currently No1 worldwide also does stacks of hard and easy plat games so I just feel whoever starter this topic is mostly super jelly over leaderboards. I also confess I multi stack on here and Xbox. I also don't give a hoot how that makes me look. I collect a lot of this in life like sticker books (Panini), collectible figures ect. I consider Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies as collectibles too so If I know I can double or triple down on my collecting then I will. To openly judge people and put people into corners/circles based on how they play is very isolating, rude and conceded. Why slag off people (who are unaware) just because the way they want to play, spend their money is not your cup of tea / taste / style. Stop whining, grow up and realise there is more to gaming and life than just leaderboards.
  11. You have to die by the humping wolf for it to unlock. As in have one hit point left and let it start humping you.
  12. I imagine this is fake as I'm sure it would affect the streaming of PS3 games via PS Now.
  13. Everything is Awesome.......with this Trophy list 😉 I adore Lego games.
  14. I hope this comes over to the EU/UK too as it's currently only US.
  15. For me I would love the Shadow Hearts series to be remastered.