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  1. Just wondering where is the the game for the EU Store?
  2. I just got this game off of the EU/UK store for £13.99 today
  3. I'm guessing this only on the US (NA) store as I can't find it on the EU store.
  4. xLil SheWolfx My poor Xbox's have been dormant I will try to pop some achievements this month.
  5. Currently it's : PlayStation 4 MediEvil Switch Pokémon Sword Animal Crossing: New Horizons (I will order it nearer the time)
  6. Hi There, Has anyone else had the issue where you are just about to hire someone for your farm and the game crashes with an Error? It happens every time with me.
  7. Awesome another one to add to the collection I love these games.
  8. I can also confirm since the title update the stats tracking the Golden Nuggets had reset, Seeing as I had collected well over 150 before the update.
  9. I have played this before over on Xbox a really fun first person free running style game. Super easy after you learn the layout of the platforms.
  10. Yes they are coming to the ps4 Awesome these games are a stress reliever for me as I often do word puzzle books when I have stays in hospitals.
  11. Do you know if there will be PS4 stacks coming as well?
  12. Congratulations!!! 😆
  13. I knew they would aim for the Halloween season I can't wait another childhood favourite coming back. Now I want Croc, Gex, Tombi (Tomba) 1 & 2 then all my main favourites are back.
  14. Strange no trace of it for the UK store for me.
  15. I'm guessing this is a US only release?