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  1. I imagine this is fake as I'm sure it would affect the streaming of PS3 games via PS Now.
  2. Everything is Awesome.......with this Trophy list 😉 I adore Lego games.
  3. I hope this comes over to the EU/UK too as it's currently only US.
  4. For me I would love the Shadow Hearts series to be remastered.
  5. The other worlds I wish for them to add are A bugs Life, Brave, the Incredibles, Coco, up and inside out. Not sure how they would manage cars but that would be interesting too.
  6. Awesome thank you for the guide I will be using it in the near future.
  7. I am so saddened by the news of Stan Lee he will be greatly missed I love the Marvel universe which he created. Rest In Peace. "Face front, true believers! Excelsior!"
  8. Thanks now another game on my wanted list 😀
  9. So I am guessing this Japan only at the moment with a future western release???
  10. This is the female bot I was referring to above I screenshot the account and shared to twitter after I blocked it.
  11. Funny enough I had a Female Bot try to scam me sent me a FR I checked their profile and instantly blocked them. I did wonder if they are linked to this issue.
  12. If this turns out to be true I will be extremely happy I grew up on the Harry Potter universe so this will be awesome.
  13. When Life seems bleak always remember, you are never alone. There are people who will and can help you 💝 

  14. Yeah I'm very careful with syncing the Vita trophies as I unlock them. As soon as I unlock one I go straight to the Trophy screen to sync it to avoid any glitched trophies.