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  1. Bloodborne 2. My first soulslike was Bloodborne, it was the one I like the most. I don't buy games day one in general, this one I would. Days Gone - I started out not liking the characters one bit, ended up loving them. Such a great game and while I have some worries about the way they might go with the story, overall I just want a sequel, period. There should be a thread about games you don't want a sequel for. Not because they were bad, but because they said what they had to say in their specific world or setting. I'm too lazy to make one 😛
  2. Is the PS5 version of Observer downloadable for anyone? In EU it's streaming only for me. I'm getting more and more annoyed with the service, with some games advertised since the reveal (like Enslaved, really wanted to play that one) missing in EU, now this crap...
  3. There was an issue with some PS5 controllers not working ingame because the triggers where constantly registering inputs due to some manufacturing defect. I stumbled across it by accident, while I was looking up on the difficulty of changing the d-pad (I mass murder those) so I didn't fully read the discussion. Maybe it got hit on the triggers and it... Well, triggered this issue. You can connect the controller to a PC and check if the triggers are reporting as being constantly pressed in a pad tester software or website.
  4. I'm not a specialist but said one should probably add more details, as in which buttons don't work, do triggers or analog sticks work at all. Does it charge, and does anything change when you set it to work as a wired controller in console's settings. I somehow don't see it suddenly springing back to life all by itself. Shouldn't it be involuntary padslaughter though?
  5. Spider-man: Miles Morales. Traversal and combat systems are still great, so despite not liking the character in the previous game and overall being a bit sceptical about this one, it's very fun so far. Feels more like a Marvel movie than the predecessor. Also, the length helps. Knowing that I won't have to spend 20 extra hours in an open world doing meaningless stuff just to get a plat is somewhat beneficial to the overall enjoyment of the game. Ape Escape. Well... Kinda playing. I didn't like the game back in the day, it was awkward to play then and even more so now. I don't mind old games, some of them I love and play to this day, but controls in old 3D games are making it difficult to like them. The potential few hour platinum in Ape Escape turned into a week of trying to want to play it and failing. And Tekken 7 of course. Not as much as I used to, every second or 3rd evening, which is good actually, I'm better with breaks. A very complex, at times incredibly infuriating but also satisfying game, once you get into it and understand the mechanics.
  6. Count me in! Not sure how many games I will finish, or even which ones have animals in them, but I'll definitely try to do something for the event. Do fictional or mythical animals count?
  7. Games cost a lot to make and not every PS5 owner buys every game. It's no surprise publishers are reluctant to release PS5 only games, they do want to make as much money as they can after all. PS4 market is way too big to ignore. But I agree with you. Even after buying mine I still think it wasn't the best decision to get a PS5 now. A year from now maybe, once the current gen properly begins but now... After I'm done with the few PS5 exclusives, what am I gonna play? Ps4 games. Probably even on the physical console and not through BC, if the game I'll be playing isn't enhanced in any way. As multiple people have already said, it's more a matter of price one's willing to pay, rather than availability. And perhaps the hassle of selling all the stuff you get in a bundle. So yeah, I'm happy with the PS5, it's a much better experience overall but personally I don't feel like I've bought a truly new console, more like I've upgraded a PC. Well, apart from maybe Astro, that was something truly new and in a way, next gen.
  8. There are no problems with availability in Poland actually. They're in bundles with games, usually a bit pricier than MSRP, around 50 euros more for the console, if you factor in selling the bundled games. There was a little price drop recently and I finally gave into temptation, got myself a PS5 with HFW and a second controller for like 10 euros above MSRP, so far I'm pretty happy with it.
  9. I have no idea why, but here goes. Has any overused aspect of gaming/trophy hunting, like open worlds or collectibles for example, managed to make you avoid certain types of games? Also, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition at 9%. How could you? Don't you like amazing games? 😛
  10. I meant Man of Medan is already in the extra and premium tiers, so adding it to essential means one less game this month for people with higher tiers. I have a feeling it will become a standard practice, given how plus/now games were overlapping increasingly often in the last few months. Great month though, objectively speaking, especially for people with essential subs.
  11. Seems like games available in Premium tier might serve as "new" games in Essential. If it ends up being true, it's an incredibly shitty move on Sony's part.
  12. The first one and the sequel. I actually started replaying Tomba 1 on an emulator just before they announced the new service with classic games. The hope of playing it with trophies was about 80% of the reason why I didn't continue playing it. So fingers crossed I guess.
  13. It didn't crash for me. I stumbled upon a thread about the exploit just as I was finishing chapter 9, so lucky me I guess. Failed once or twice but once I got the procedure right, all the upgrades popped without any crashes on PS5 version.
  14. I'm gonna ask a question that seems to be taboo. Does anyone contributing to the site actually gets any money for their contributions? Do the guide writers get any percentage of ad revenue on their guides? Do moderators get anything? It is a legitimate question. I assume no, not once have I seen it mentioned. Even the very extensive guide for writing... Well, guides is all about demands, not compensation. I'm asking because all I've seen "it's Sly's website, he can do what he wants". While that's obviously true, it looks very differently if he's the only one getting paid for it, or if everyone who actually does something to contribute gets a piece of the pie. A development team is not an absurd idea when so many people want more functionality, and the sole owner of the site doesn't do a thing about it. People are organizing events and use their own money as prizes or contributions to some cause, to make time spent here fun. Others create a plugin or whatever to make PSNP better. There are premium accounts ffs. I'm not that deep into this site's culture, for all I know I might just get banned for this. But really, if people are contributing all of this for free, the guides, the moderation, the events and whatnot and the universal response is "it's Sly's website" and so on, it's just cynical af and kinda preying (for lack of a better word, if that's even a word) on people who more or less care about the community. Hence my original question, does anyone get paid at all?
  15. Platinum is pretty straight forward but it is time consuming and I imagine it can become very tedious if you don't fall in love with the game. I was expecting to be bored to death by the gameplay, but fortunately this wasn't the case and in fact I plan to go through the game again, once the new Plus launches in EU. But it is one of those games you'll either love or hate, from the gameplay perspective at least, and if you end up hating it, platinuming this game will probably feel like a chore. I looks intimidating before you actually play it, but the game does a great job of teaching you how to play it. Definitely prioritize setting up a zipline network though and try to use the zipline thingies that are already there, it makes a big difference. And it's incredibly satisfying, once you can just zipline through the whole map, remembering it took you an hour to put the zipline on that mountain... Good times.