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  1. And then if trophies pop normally, you get a crash right after final boss on retrogamer difficulty... So no trophy for that. Not doing that again, the game's way too annoying without checkpoints to try again, which could very well result in another crash. Good job devs. I know, kinda late to the party but still, it's on sale - if you're considering and care about trophies, skip this one even if it costs next to nothing now.
  2. EVERY game has people like that, literally. I don't play many games online, but every time I do, especially in an older game, it looks like this: a bunch of more-or-less-noobs/people-in-it-for-the-trophies and a few guys (or gals, who knows) who have clearly played this game A LOT, I mean hundreds if not thousands of hours. Some have 100% in the game, some mostly multiplayer trophies. A fresh example: had my PS3 hooked up today, so I went to get some of the multiplayer trophies in Medal of Honor. MP in this game is mediocre at best (and incredibly crappy in a certain mode, which is the most popular...), yet there were some people who clearly devoted an incredible amount of time to it. Some people just play it because it's fun for them for some reason. Then I look at myself, I play Tekken 7 online a lot and if trophies wouldn't exist, I wouldn't even touch story mode. And while T7 has a lot more depth than 99% of games and definitely more than some mediocre military shooter, I kinda understand why some people just play a game they like. It's simply fun for them. Just like T7 is fun for me, the one game that I've played for hundreds of hours after getting all the trophies. It's all relative, here we all think that people care about trophies, on PC forums people tend to think that everyone gets high on the fastest and most expensive hardware and audiophiles think that real sound starts with a $100k setup... the reality is that most people just buy a device and play games they like. Sometimes it's 15 games a week, 15 minutes per one, sometimes it's 5 games in 7 years without even touching single player campaigns.
  3. I did it exactly like this, had some things to do so just left it on full throttle. You don't even need the screen, the light on the controller lets you know if your bike got stuck, just need to reverse and turn a bit to make it go again. You could go to a wider spot on a track (I think anaheim 1 has one), rubber band left stick fully left/right and put a match or something behind the right trigger so it drives slowly. You'll drive in circles, but it needs to be really slow to not get off track so I guess it won't be faster than the 'normal' method. At least it shouldn't get stuck, I've only tried it briefly to see if it'll work.
  4. Well that makes sense. I somehow overlooked that and it seems so obvious now. Thanks.
  5. No point in starting another thread so I'll ask here. Which number matters for the Inexhaustible trophy? Because on the screen with SX challanges, it shows that I've driven 155 miles, but in statistics (the ones when you press the touchpad) it shows only 98 miles covered. No trophy for 150 miles, so I'd guess the latter matters, but I could swear 50 miles trophy popped after getting them in SX challenges.
  6. Bummer, didn't really want to play the game, it turned out to be not-so-incredibly-bad, did most of the trophies in a matter of few hours and most of what I have left depends on their servers, which aren't working. Fun.
  7. Just tried it with an alternate account, still works on version 1.12, if that's the update you're talking about. Retiring gives you full 670% bonus.
  8. Yes, that's what I did recently. Easy, then easy plus and grounded plus in reverse. You get all the difficulty trophies in the process. Works the same if you do survivor plus as your 3rd playthrough, but you obviously won't get the grounded trophies.
  9. I wouldn't agree it's difficult. Maybe it's because of all the new people playing the game now, with tlou being free this month, but I've completed the 2nd journey today and overall it was very easy to do. Playing strictly for trophies is just a grind and most of the time you can play a 3rd of the "required" matches and still be fine. And the same goes for the difficulty in general. Sure, there are some people who play this game non stop and some of them are very good, but as surprising as it was to me, most people with three digit numbers next to their name aren't better than people who just started. Yeah, I don't even know what the numbers mean and I'm probably not that great at the game but most of the time keeping up with much more experienced people wasn't a problem. I kinda expected having a lot more trouble with this, that's why I didn't even bother with the multiplayer on PS3
  10. I've played through the game a few times on both systems and just a couple of days ago that scene struck me for this exact reason. After finishing the game multiple times you tend to focus on the details and in my case, I've noticed the facial expressions more than before. My jaw dropped. Every emotion is actually seen on the faces, the shock on Henry's face, the instinct to protect his brother, the desperation when he chooses to be the one to kill you know who. Joel's fear when he has the gun pointed at his head and the shock when he's not the one getting shot. Most games can't be even half as convincing today, and Tlou is what, 6 years old by now? I'm amazed and surprised I haven't noticed such details earlier. Screenwriters are supposed to show, not tell and this is how you do it in a video game. As for best scene... I have no idea. It's a tie between half of the scenes in the game honestly. Many of them are very powerful to me on some level or another so it's kinda hard to choose just one.
  11. It kinda changes for me from time to time. One month it's all about completion percentage, which I'll never get as high as I would like because I usually don't play dlcs - they're mostly complete crap to me, with very few exceptions. Then my brain farts and I stop caring about completion to a certain degree and play more for the number of trophies, number of platinums, etc., while still avoiding getting some extremely low percentages. It balances itself out in a way, constant growth in numbers while keeping a similar completion. Still wondering why do I even care though
  12. It's not that bad imo. I'm near the end of my 1st playthrough and while it's the worst soulslike game that I've played so far, it's still enjoyable. I'm biased though, every souls clone is surprisingly engaging to me. The performance is crap, that's true and very annoying. Respawning with every mob alive is a standard for games like this. But what's the problem with dodging? Combat is much less polished than in the souls series and feels more hack and slashy and simplistic, but it's also much more forgiving and quite easy once you get the basic idea. You can literally mash most mobs to death here, occasionally pressing the dodge button or delaying a hit against the guarding ones.
  13. Thanks man, I'll probably do just that. Normal first then ng+ on apocalyptic.
  14. Hi, anyone familiar with the game could provide some info on what would be easier, playing new game on normal and apocalyptic on ng+ or powering through new game on apocalyptic and switching to normal for ng+? Since ng+ is supposedly harder by itself, I'd rather not make it frustrating by adding apocalyptic to the mix. If that's the case I'll just grind a bit and do apocalyptic on my 1st playthrough. Any thoughts which way is easier?
  15. They're not bad, by hating my trophy 'ocd' I meant finishing a game that's not fun at all for me just for the sake of trophies. I know, it's a sickness If there were no trophies, I wouldn't play it past the 1st hour, because the gameplay is so bad in my opinion. It's very simple and uncomplicated, which sometimes is a plus, but not when combined with almost stunlocking enemies in the later parts of the game, for example. I remember Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance which came out a few years before TBD, but it was light years ahead of it in terms of gameplay. Now that I think of it, I wouldn't mind a remaster I feel like all The Bard's Tale had going for it was the specific sense humor, and if you like it, you'll power through the game just for the laughs. Back when it was released the gameplay was probably more fun, but today it's kinda rough to play. Quick and easy platinum but not fun at all in my opinion.