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  1. If it came out as a brand new game that people didn't have a chance to play and love before, I highly doubt it would be split into multiple parts. I'm not saying it's lacking content at all, from what I know it's longer and better than most games out there. I'm just saying that I personally don't care too much about the content they've added and would've preferred if they remade "just" the complete FF7 from start to finish, without making it into let's say 3 big games full of new stuff. I have yet to play it so I may change my mind obviously but I doubt I'll be looking at it as if it's "that FF7", if you know what I mean. And the DLC announcement made me laugh a bit because at some point it stops becoming a "remake" and starts to be a game "loosely based on...". This, to me, is starting to seem more like a cash grab or at least like milking the franchise (if you can use that word in this case) a bit too much. Like episodic games having dlc content for each episode. And the bit about companies wanting to make money, that's obvious and of course I would've done the same. However good and polished the game/s may be though, I dislike the approach they took, even if I'll like the games themselves, and I'll probably will. Simple as that. We are probably getting it as a Plus title in March after all, so maybe in 2 weeks I'll sing a different tune πŸ˜‰
  2. Anyone else laughed at the announcement of a paid story DLC for a remade 20+ years old game that was cut into at least 3 pieces for purely financial reasons? Feels like a new level of greed. Like greed, but in new game plus mode. Maybe I'm getting too old, but this left a really bad taste in my mouth. Kena seems like a decent but a very generic game, so not really hyped for that. Weirdly, has a bit of Beyond Good and Evil vibe to me, but again, more generic. Returnal looks intriguing, but also looks like one of those games where the story/setting is subjectively great but the gameplay is mediocre at best and annoying half the time. Hopefully I'm wrong. Would've been nice to see some big, new AAA games, when a few months after launch the best PS5 only game by far is a remake.
  3. Kinda hoping for some new God of War info saying it's NOT going to be cross gen. I'm fine with the new Horizon being on the PS4, but God of War has so much potential to show off the next (well, current) generation that I just don't want it to be held back by old hardware. And I don't even own a PS5. I probably won't get one until there are enough games to choose from, so at least another year. Still, hopefully we'll learn that God of War 2 or whatever is PS5 only. Also, PS Now bundled with PS Plus. Or at least Now being available in my country. Wishful thinking at its best... Dead Space remakes would be incredible, as already mentioned. And something that will likely never happen. Parasite Eve, the first one. Remake, but still turn/atb based. Jesus, I want that.
  4. I would be surprised if I got an answer, given how unpopular this game is, but here goes nothing. Every source I've read says the Eoma Nikkile combo is found in a chest on Shiyawo Mountain, at the spot where you first fight the children enemies. There are two chests there, none of which contain Eoma Nikkile. I'm running from the beginning of the area up until the sled bit and I'm either completely blind, or it's just not there. Anyone knows exactly where to find it? Edit: nevermind, as if often happens, problem resolved minutes after posting. You get Head Hunter discipline there which gives you... Eoma Nikkile combo. Was looking in the wrong menu. Would've deleted the thread but it seems I can't.
  5. A bit late to the party but gotta vent somewhere. I knew there was more platforming, but why the hell am I playing a Mirror's Edge game? Why is a game that's supposed to be fast paced constantly making me stop to look where I should go/jump next? Why do I have to solve a "puzzle" that shouldn't be there and see a Resident Evil-esque cutscene of a statue breaking through a wall? I really don't get it. If Eternal was renamed to Boom and featured a different character with a similar story, it would be called a good game that borrowed some things from Doom 2016. I'm not saying Eternal is bad. I'm not that far into it, but so far it's just not a Doom game... Where is the mindless running and gunning? When the killing FINALLY starts, I'm more focused on my ammo/health count than on the actual action. Being the badass with a fuel-regenerating chainsaw and multiple very heavy weapons in my pocket, I somehow can't hold just a bit more ammo. It clicks a bit with time, but still kills the vibe. And it makes every battle feel like a bit of a puzzle. Get ammo. Get health. This weapon for that demon and so on. Doom 2016 encouraged you to play in a certain, aggressive way to succeed. Eternal brutally forces you to fill out a spreadsheet for each batte, with grenades in every mouth and plasma on every shield and punishes you for trying to play in your own way. Honestly... Again, it's not a bad game by any means, but personally it's the most disappointing game I've played this generation.
  6. Thanks man. The grind seems like a lot. I might give it a try and play a few matches here and there when there's nothing better to do.
  7. So basically one could platinum this game solo? If so, any estimates on the time it would take to get a plat with bots exclusively? Haven't played this game and it's really not my cup of tea but this thread made me curious.
  8. I wouldn't call it amazing but it's good. The thing about Cage's games is that they're mostly subjective, you either like the setting and story or you don't. I loved Detroit, liked Beyond. Heavy Rain was ok I guess, the ending was... Childish? With the bad guy's motive and all, felt like a bad movie that's almost so bad it's good, but only almost. You can talk about gameplay and all, but really, what gameplay? Looking at things and QTEs? I liked Beyond more than I expected to like it. But honestly... I would prefer these games as TV shows, with each season depicting the same events from different perspectives and with different outcomes, to mimic the choices we can make in the games. Other that not liking the fact that these games are games πŸ˜‹ yeah, Beyond was surprisingly engaging story-wise.
  9. I've used a knockoff DS3 before and it was serviceable, apart from the sticks, which were terrible, so I definitely don't want to get into that boat. I'm gonna look around for a trusted seller on ebay and get a used one if I'm gonna be 100% sure it's genuine, and if not, I'm gonna go with the Hori one. At least I'll be able to use it with PS4 too. I've had a Hori arcade stick back in the day and it was great, so I'm not worried about the quality. Thanks for all the replies!
  10. @melodicmizery DS4 doesn't work work in some games, including a few I want to play. @SnowxSakura I was thinking about a used one, but I don't have a store selling used stuff nearby. And buying it online would most likely result in getting a counterfeit controller, given now popular they are here. @Static_Rook thanks, it looks quite good actually. Not a big fan of racing games so digital triggers are not a problem. I'll look some more but if I don't find anything better, I'll get this one I think. @SnizelPS didn't occur to me to look outside of Poland ☺️ if shipping doesn't make it cost twice as much it might be the best solution actually. I'll look into it, thanks!
  11. It doesn't pair with the console at all, can't turn it on, it's pretty much dead. And before that happened, the left stick had some problems like not snapping back to neutral and not recognizing it's fully tilted at certain angles. So the best case scenario would be to try replacing the battery and even if that was the issue, it would need a new analog mechanism as well. Seems better to just get a new controller. If I can find one that's fully compatible with the PS3 that is.
  12. So there are some PS3 games I'd still love to play, and my Dual Shock 3 is broken. Buying an original one is almost an impossibility now, and the counterfeit ones are basically crap. I know I can use the PS4 controller for some games, but not all games. And the lists of compatible games I've found are unreliable with Tekken Tag 2 not recognizing diagonal inputs or the inability to dodge in Bayonetta, even though the list says they're compatible. Anyway, anyone with personal experience has a recommendation for an alternative controller? It has to work with all games, has to have proper analog sticks (not "almost digital" like the counterfeit DS3 controllers), PlayStation button should work. Other than that, I don't care about build quality, vibration, etc. Natec Genesis P65 seems ok, but all the info I could find on it was from a PC perspective, so I have no idea if it works with all PS3 games, since even DS4 has issues there.
  13. I have no idea how unpopular these are going to be, but here goes... 1. Open world is at times enough to make me NOT want to buy a game. 10 years ago, this was a main selling point for me. 2. Hollow Knight didn't need the difficulty and some soulslike mechanics. Would've been better without them. Still, a great game so far. 3. Final fantasy XIII-2 was one of the most fun FF games ever. Objectively, it's not even close to being the best, but yeah, one of the most fun games in the series for me. 4. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are incredibly boring. At least they were in the PS2 era. 5. DMC is better than any of the numbered Devil May Cry games. 6. Raiden in MGS2 was amazing. His story fit the overall MGS storyline and themes very well, and his looks were a great contrast to his dark past. 7. This is probably not unpopular, but seeing so many people getting bored with Death Stranding... I loved the gameplay the most. The story was intriguing, although in the end, I was expecting something better. Too much hype, perhaps? Anyway, the gameplay... I was worried I'll be bored. After 2 hours of playing, I actually got bored. Then some new gear unlocked and 70 hours later, after getting the platinum I wanted to keep playing. It's MGS5 of walking simulators. And... 8. MGS5 is like a Mona Lisa of stealth action games. It gives you so many options, so many ways to tackle a situation and what is often neglected, it's incredibly responsive. It's the worst MGS game story-wise, but the gameplay is amazing. Played it close to 300 hours on PS3 and PS4, Kinda hoping for a PS5 remaster, which is probably not going to happen. Also, the Quiet story arc... Make her disappear in the story and make the player feel it by not being able to use her anymore, after using her for every possible mission as a "kill-everyone-now" panic button. Loved it, made me feel like I've actually lost something, instead of being just a part of a boring (for a game in the MGS franchise) story. Well, that kinda escalated into the Kojima fanboyism territory... 9. As someone who will not be getting a PS5 in the next two years (waiting for the games), I don't want new games coming out on the PS4. I want to see some next gen stuff, both in terms of graphics (the horsepower) and in game design (ssd). The new Horizon game, I guess it won't impact the game so much... But if the new God of War comes out on PS4 too, I'll call it the definition of wasted potential.
  14. Really? Damn, I could've sworn it was on plus like 2 years ago. I'm more confused than I thought 😁
  15. Fun fact, this thread made me buy Mayo 1. Seriously. I didn't read the whole thing (has anyone?), read a few comments and one or two said that the game is funny or something. Thought it was just "press x to Jason", but with a plat instead of a kid... Well, I spent like half a dollar of my hard earned money to find out for myself. As someone who sometimes bought some cheap games only for the trophies AND skipped Mayo when it was free on ps plus, I'm very confused right now.