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  1. It looks like you're the owner, so you could test for a new list. Although, if there was a new list, it would appear on the website; unless this edition is very recent then there may be a delay. Imagine the insanity of getting platinum twice in this game lol.
  2. agreed. I will watch your vid. good luck.
  3. I don't know how you have the patience and willingness to prove, to reproduce for this site something that you know for yourself that is legitimate for a bunch of people "being entertained" (as b1rvine described) of your situation. I saw a case similar to yours, but it was Uncharted 4; the guy made a sequence of trophies in a totally unusual order and time but clearly it was possible to be done by a person with high mastery in the game and mechanics. Anyway, I find it extremely irritating to have to prove things to the owners of the reason for this site, but good luck to you, since you are willing to do it. May they swallow your victory.
  4. What a joke lol.
  5. I didn't particularly like what I saw in relation to the (comparative) original, the original looks much more alive and full of personality graphically speaking, but I may be mistaken; looking at some old concept art from the first game, the look of this remastered/remake looks a lot like them. So my guess is that nothing is by chance, maybe due to a limitation of the time it was not possible to reproduce what they would like, so now would be the time for that. Only thoughts.
  6. Average vs enjoyer meme, actually a amazing song 🤟
  7. please Jim, eat me and my whole family.
  8. Wow, that really surprised me, I confess I didn't expect that from Sony.
  9. What the fuck. I think you're on the wrong site for that.
  10. This site is frozen in time. It is great for tracking the progress of games and trophies, finding partners for boosting or just playing etc. but it's been years since the last massive update. There are other sites out there, each with its particularities (psn trophy leaders, ps trophies etc...) but here seems to be the trophy hunters central. thankfully, have you ever thought if no one was critical and things never changed? lol
  11. 100% without platinum trophy #107 100% without platinum#108 100% without platinum #109 (Super Hang-On)
  12. This happened to me during nymhc runs. It usually happens when the game is uptdated (yes, as ironic as it may seem) so I got the trophy by playing the disc without an update; the disc without an update also interferes with some things in the in-game grinds (there is a trophy for that).
  13. if this game hadn’t literally been stolen from my plus library, I’d take the chance to get this trophy. a great game