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  1. Arrow to the Knee! Single Player: End an enemy's career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!
  2. Professional Superhero Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty
  3. Did you buy from an official store or from a third party? The code is authenticated at the time of purchase. how could someone use a code that has just been authenticated and is in yours not their hands? was it an online transaction?
  4. Lol, people basically telling you to go fuck yourself for doing whatever you want with your own money instead of helping with your issue. If you don't have anything to add, you shouldn't post. What Op does with his money is irrelevant to the issue here.
  5. The post game can be annoying, the clean up and weapon trophy requires almost a whole second playthrough. however, overall, and weighing fun vs boredom, fun wins.
  6. 9 am is the time I have the least trophies in my history, wow, only 54. 4 am: 458 5 am: 476 6 am: 275 7 am: 174 8 am: 103 my main gaming time was always from 6 pm until dawn. i hate mornings and i want to be sleeping late lol. I love the night. It's funny to think that in almost 13 years of using this acc, only 54 trophies have been won at 9 am damn.
  7. This guy's profile is just insane. Holy shit.
  8. It's amazing how the general quality of things is regressing instead of improving. Communities, which brought together excellent niches and sharing screenshots, also to find people to form online parties. Deleting your friends' news feed. A lot of Sony's decisions in recent years are so stupid.
  9. Upcoming Server Shutdowns & Delistings thread never been as busy as it is now

    1. MidnightDragon


      Lots of stuff shutting 

  10. He didn't say it's ok to steal. You got it that way because you want to believe so to fit your narrative. he said that: hackers can be useful to test the security of companies (this actually happens, there are hires for that); next: the rockstar's behavior caused intoxication in her fans, that is, leaving them disappointed in various ways with a series of stupid corporate decisions. There is, logically speaking, no implication that stealing is ok. Things are not as simple and binary as you want them to be.
  11. Where did he say stealing is okay? Your reading skills need to improve. The post quoted by you explained the pov very well, how the heck did you manage to reach this absurd conclusion?
  12. Even GTA Forums isn't allowing sharing leaked content, but apparently it's ok to do so here LOL
  13. I'm playing Crysis 3 (original) and the game is beautiful. I liked very much. The remastered must be wonderful if the original game is already this beautiful.