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    6 years, 2 weeks, 4 days

    another backlog cleanup, this time a very obscure game. I like to say that this game is a kind of dead nation, but instead of killing zombies, you kill crazy men who run in hundreds to kill you with absolutely no intelligence or strategy, just bullet sponges with no gray matter. Well, in this game you are a super agent that fights narco trafficking killing thousands of enemies being a kind of Rambo. the narrative is quite exaggerated, hyper clichéd dialogues and cinematics. this is a good game to play on casual difficulty, but terrible to play on hardcore, enemies are bullet sponges so all that's left is to spam rolls and rush through the 8 stages, being careful with autosaves that can make your game unplayable, and also taking care of the final boss that can become invincible due to a glitch. my game would have become unplayable in 2015 due to an auto-save after an explosion, so I haven't had the heart to come back until now.

  2. The Binding of Isaac OST is masterful

  3. i am happy finishing some games in my backlog, my priority is to finish as many as old ps3 games as possible and I'm succeeding 🥰
  4. Hardcore Complete the game on hardcode difficulty 326 Achievers 8.13% Very rare yeah, this one was a HUGE kick in the balls, glad i did it after a 6 year comeback.
  5. I will play the worst version first, then ps4 will be simpler and easier, but this will take a long time as my game is associated with ps plus and I have a lot of things to play before that. good luck, after max payne 3 you have a lot of guts to NEXT play something like that lol.
  6. I didn't need to leave this one on, it unlocked when Commando and Gun Smoke were still missing. Gun smoke must have raised my total gameplay time to almost 70 hours lol, it would be highly unlikely to get all the trophies before this one. Capcom Arcade Stadium has a 100 hour trophy. this one was really frustrating, when I tried the race glitch it didn't work on my patch. i hope ratchet 2 doesn't have any such trophies. the most frustrating thing is to know that this trophy was planned for 100,000 bolts, not 1 million...
  7. Both are easy and short games
  8. If you don't care about UR trophies, I see no reason to insist on platinum. The game is pretty mediocre, so finishing it once just to get your experience would be enough. platinum requires countless runs and extreme level enhancements, which are bad designed as mentioned by you.
  9. Smarter than the Smarties Beat game on Extreme difficulty
  10. Cornbread
  11. Lol, the site is breaking down little by little, until a time when it will be unworkable until a major update. Let's wait.
  12. I imagine an employee sending this crap e-mail and then laughing.
  13. Some things aren't made for everyone, because not every human being understands every kind of art form. The "information" that drone music carries, for example, can be absorbed by very few people. Not everyone cries listening to Tim Hecker as I cry, and that's the idea of art, sharing the heart's deep passions, with your peers. Yes, games are an art form, the purest form of expression we have today is games and cinema, it unites the temporal/sentimental construction that only music can transmit with the dream of poetry. I'm not being pedantic and boring, my point is, it's okay if you don't like something that a lot of people like, or can't see why it's revered, because it just doesn't appeal to you.
  14. the same thing happened to me, but it was in Crash. then i found that my button was damaged.