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  1. New game my friend
  2. Yes friend
  3. There's no way they can tell me the deaths like this by shooting the enemies, does anyone know how this trophy is unlocked? Fly, fools! In a single game, kill 25 enemies by throwing them through the air or against the environment
  4. Someone knows the reason why you can not play Sonic 3 or PS3 or PS4, never add it in this type of compilations 😢
  5. Platino in 172h ouh yeah!!
  6. Do you know when it comes out in Europe?
  7. Hypeeee!
  8. Are we facing the easiest platinum of all Dragonball games?
  9. There is another user with a problem similar to mine, I leave a link of a YouTube video of a speedrun where they use e glitch as I did to ignore the trophy Get the Ball Rolling, minute 34:50
  10. Hello again, first of all apologize if it is heavy. I simply abused the glitch to traverse walls by jumping and using magic or the sagebrush sword. This way I could assure myself the speedrun trophy, that's why I got to get trophies that normally have to come out after others. I leave YouTube video link where they teach this glitch and that apart from going through walls gives you magic and infinite life. Sorry my English level is 0 and I am using Google translator jejjej.
  11. Sorry for not being much more specific, a long time ago I took this platinum and as if it were not enough I made the whole series consecutively which causes me more confusion jejjej. What I can tell you is that I use the glitch of the sagebrush sword to pass doors through them. Also use that of magic and infinite life. If I came to know that this would have brought me this problem I would have completed the game in the normal way. What I can assure you is that I have not used external saving files or hacks for trophies, etc. I have no visual evidence or 100% recall what shortcuts it takes to get the Muse keys before other trophies. I am very sorry for the inconvenience
  12. Hello, the God Of War 1 has a lot of glitches and glitchs that allow you to skip bits of the story, after getting platinum in Vita, I wanted to make the PS3 as fast as possible, but of course playing
  13. Hello, I have also been blocked by God of war, I hope you can take away the blockade to me too, a greeting
  14. After releasing the platinum of God Of War 1 on Vita, I made a speedrun on PS3 and knowing all the game by heart