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  1. Don't want to resume old posts here, but I felt like adding some evidence, as kinda the same thing happened to me in reverse yesterday. I already played all battle and hero battle missions on master and I only had survivals left, so I started a Hoth survival split-screen match on Master difficulty with my brother (who already got the platinum) and when we finished it I got the Master trophy alongside the one for getting 5 stars in Survival missions, completing all missions and completing a mission with a friend (plus the ones for not dying once and completing a survival on under 35 mins, but I met the requirements for both so that's not the point). It seems that playing split-screen with somebody who already got those missions done on Master also unlocks it for you. I just don't know if it happens also if you have not played battle and hero battle missions, or if you only need to have Survival missions left (may test it during the weekend to see if playing split-screen with an account who already completed those also pops battle missions trophies). Also I found more evidence about this "glitch" in another post here: I know the game is old but I thought this might help those who still need the trophy and have a friend who completed those missions.
  2. #COOKWITHME: Overcooked 2 (PS4) - such an obvious entry for this category I didn't even consider it lol #DANCESINGWITHME: Sly 2: Band of Thieves (PS3) #CRAFTWITHME: Control (PS4) #HANGOUTWITHME: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) #READWITHME: Zero Time Dilemma (PS4) #LEARNWITHME: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) #GETREADYWITHME: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) #SOLVEWITHME: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (PS4) #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Late Shift (PS4) #BONDWITHME: The Sims 4 (PS4) - should be in the correct category this time #WORKOUTWITHME: Surgeon Simulator - Experience Reality (PSVR) #FIGHTWITHME: Guacamelee! (PS3) #TRAVELWITHME: Borderlands (PS4) #GAMEWITHME: Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) Third game off the list with Sly 2's platinum! Now my focus will mainly be on Final Fantasy VII Remake (and in the meantime I'll try to finish the remaining Sly games on the PS3), I managed to play through chapter one yesterday and OH MY it is so cool!
  3. Platinum number 52: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Personal game score: 9/10 Personal platinum difficulty estimate: 4/10 Total time to platinum: 25 hours Total time to 100%: around 45 hours About the game I really feel like quoting a review I managed to read when this game first came out: "Marvel's Spider-Man is what the Arkham games are to Batman: the most faithful adaptation of the source material we've seen in a game to date". The birth of Insomniac Games' Spider-Man is the one we all know: from this point of view then the spider bite, the death of Ben Parker and everything else remain as proposed by the classic imagination. Marvel's Spider-Man, however, skips the whole adolescent phase of Peter Parker, presenting the protagonist as a young 23 years-old man now accustomed to the double role that he is forced to play in life after becoming Spider-Man about eight years earlier. The balance between the two lives, however, remains a distant goal: the homeowner who tells Peter to pay the rent is flanked by the employer who calls him to find out where he's gotten himself, forgetting an important meeting, all while slapping enemies on duty. As Spider-Man, Peter has already clashed with several well-known villains, bringing them to justice in the maximum security prison called Raft. The initial sequence shows us the return of Kingpin with the consequent showdown with the protagonist, following which the same enemy predicts chaos in the city of New York after his new capture. The boss's prophecy of course comes true: new and old villains are on the horizon and Spider-Man is forced to work overtime to restore order throughout Manhattan. Meanwhile Peter Parker tries to help Aunt May as much as he can with her volunteer work at Martin Li's F.E.A.S.T. center, trying to establish a relationship with Mary Jane Watson, presented to us in an unusual capacity. Having abandoned the role of supermodel, MJ is a soap and water girl working as a journalist for the Daily Bugle: a real assault reporter, made an integral part of a story where Spider-Man's private and public life will inevitably collide. All in all, Marvel's Spider-Man plot slips away very well, starting with a spectacular introduction that succeeds perfectly in its task of putting the player in the role of the iconic hero. There's no shortage of particularly exhilarating and cinematic moments throughout the adventure, accompanied by other phases in which the strings of feeling are touched. You only have to spend a few minutes playing Marvel's Spider-Man to realize the affection that the guys at Insomniac Games have for this character first. Let's start for example from the phases of movement between the buildings, where the developers have developed a system of use of webs clearly derived from Spider-Man 2, one of the titles of the past more inspired by this point of view. Being able to twirl like a real Spider-Man may seem trivial at first, but mastering the use of the R2 button in combination with all the other controls takes some time, and in the long run can give you a lot of satisfaction. As well as swinging between one web and another, Spider-Man can also make forward leaps and aim for quick reachable overhangs, making movements that are always fluid and without inaccuracies. When there's no way to avoid a building, Peter quickly moves from using the spider web to adhering to the structure with hands and feet, with the ability to move quickly on it by entering parkour mode: there are some moments of actual blocking, but there are very few. There are also some acrobatics, to do not only for personal satisfaction but also to increase Peter's experience points. The introductory phase dedicated to Kingpin proves to be a good way to learn what the game will bring in front of you in the following hours, especially with regard to enemies. Even at medium difficulty level opponents are able to offer challenging fights, leveraging the presence of different types of henchmen. In addition to normal enemies you can find others equipped with shields, tasers, guns, etc. There is no shortage of those who possess special weapons, up to the use of molotov grenades and rocket launchers. As the difficulty level increased, the enemies' artificial intelligence seemed roughly the same, while the main character suffered more damage: an additional incentive to be careful and use all your means to fight the enemies. From this point of view, there are plenty of alternatives: Spider-Man can in fact count on a series of gadgets unlockable as you go, such as a bomb that temporarily blocks opponents, webs that attach to the wall who is hit by them and drones that help him in the fight. However, ammunition is limited, so you must also rely on continuous movement to avoid being caught in the middle. When you really can't prevent this from happening, the spider sense provides a good indicator for dodging, so you are ready to counterattack without damage. A useful alternative in case you are surrounded is to use the elements in the environment: by crushing R1+L1, Spider-Man can in fact pull down shelves with its webs, or spin around concrete packs, manholes and other objects to throw against enemies. Even in combat, everything happens smoothly and harmoniously, giving you moments of pure satisfaction when you can hit a long combo without being touched. The clashes with the bosses take place mainly in the second part of the adventure and derive in their mechanics from the skills that the various villains possess. For this reason they are sufficiently different from each other, but the feeling remains that something more could have been done in terms of complexity: once identified the weak point to exploit, the difficulty is not too high. Secondary activities chase away the ghost of repetitiveness hovering over the game, offering more than valid alternatives to the main missions. In some cases the side missions are actually part of the primary ones, thanks to the work done by Insomniac Games to ensure that the player knows them and feels driven to their completion. An example in this sense is represented by the minigames involving Peter Parker: leveraging the skills of scientist of the protagonist, from time to time Marvel's Spider-Man puts us in front of a series of puzzles to complete to continue the story, but also to get some bonuses. Do not forget that it is precisely the secondary activities that give Spider-Man certain types of special currency, thanks to which he can upgrade its equipment: if you want to increase the number of ammunition of the spider-web shooter, for example, you may need to complete a particular secondary activity before you can do so by obtaining the relevant tokens. As for the variety of missions outside the main line, there are really all kinds: no pizzas to deliver to nausea then, but a good range to alternate with the progress in history to really feel like the best Spider-Man ever seen circulating in New York video games. About the trophies You can just enjoy the game and go about completing the districts and side missions at your own pace as there are no missable trophies and anything can be completed after finishing the main story. It is advisable to do some of the side activities while playing through the story in order not to "grind" them afterwards, giving you a break or two after a few story missions in a row (which sometimes can be emotionally powerful). After finishing the game once, it is advisable to play through the three DLCs (if available of course), both to enjoy another masterfully told story and to "distract" you from the main stroyline before replaying it on New Game + (no to mention that you'll need all the power-ups you can before starting an Ultimate difficulty playthrough). Hardest Trophy (base game): Short fuse: Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Bomb Challenge (72.80% rarity at the time of writing). As you'll know, this game's main trophy list is not hard at all (just a bit grindy in order to 100% complete all Manhattan districts but there's way worse out there). The hardest task to accomplish in this game and its DLCs are Taskmaster (and Screwball) challenges, especially when you need to hit a certain score threshold. Some of those challenges are definitely doable (I found combat and stealth challenges to be the easiest), while others need a bit more reflexes and ability to quickly traverse NYC's rooftops. Hardest Trophy (DLCs): Power and responsibility: Complete a playthrough on Ultimate difficulty (29.21% rarity at the time of writing). It is highly advisable to play your NG+ run on Ultimate difficulty in order to retain all your upgrades from your main playthrough, since enemies deal huge amounts of damage compared to what you are used to (I'm still on this run at the time of writing these lines).
  4. Platinum number 51: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) Personal game score: 8.75/10 Personal platinum difficulty estimate: 5.5/10 Total time to platinum & 100% DLCs: 50 hours About the game I decided to go for MW3's platinum (and 100%) right after finishing MW2 so I still had the story fresh in my mind. The story takes place right where the previous title left off: America is under attack by the Russians (especially New York City), while Task Force 141 (now disavowed after MW2's events) is still after Russian Terrorist Vladimir Makarov. As in the previous title, the story unfolds from the perspective of two different "roads": Task Force 141 with Captain Price, Soap and the new addition Yuri on one side and the american Delta Force on the other. There are no big differences in the campaign if compared to MW2 to be honest; there is also a Spec Ops mode again and the new Survival mode, a nice addition (I prefer it so much if compared to the early zombie maps) in which you gear up in order to survive the most possible rounds against waves of increasingly tough enemies (with soldiers, dogs, kamikazes, Juggernauts and helicopters!). A few DLC packs were released, each one featuring new multiplayer and survival maps, new Spec Ops, a new Survival mode called 'Chaos' and above all, more trophies! About the trophies Trophy-wise, this games takes off way more time than its predecessor due to some grindy trophies tied to Survival mode: you have to reach wave 15 in every original map (they are 16 with increasing difficulty for every set of 4 maps) as well as reaching level 50 in order to unlock and every single weapon/equipment/support streak. The overall level is shared between Survival mode and Spec Ops, but some grinding will still be necessary in order to reach max level. I played Survival until I got to wave 15 on all maps, then I went into Spec Ops mode and gained some more levels before finishing off the grind. As a side note, if you plan on buying the DLCs do those Spec Ops too before grinding all the way to level 50 as they give you XP just like the original ones. Again, having a partner is HUGELY recommended for both Spec Ops and Survival modes (Survival is still doable alone, Spec Ops are really hard solo also on the lower difficulty settings). Hardest trophy (base game): Overachiever: Earn 48 stars in Special Ops Mission mode (5.80% rarity at the time of writing). I'd say that the Spec Ops missions in MW3 are slightly harder if compared to MW2 ones, but the same suggestions apply here too: use cover, use your tacticals and don't rush at all! Having a partner is almost mandatory unless you're some kind of pro player. Note: DLC stars do not count towards this trophy, so you'll have to complete every one of the original ones with 3 stars. Hardest trophies (DLC missions): Not on My Watch: Rescue all the hostages in the Special Ops Mission "Negotiator" (4.71% rarity at the time of writing). This one is hard because there is a lot of trial and error involved. You have to finish this mission without any hostage being killed by the enemies, the problem is that there are 35 of them and they are often hidden or in the line of fire (I failed this mission on the very last breach at least four times by shooting the last hostage right in the face!!) and you also have to be quick because enemy soldiers will randomly execute some of them if you're not fast enough. Playing this on Recruit and with a partner (and looking at a video with all the hostages' spots) will significantly reduce the pain. Not a Scratch: Finish with your tank at full health in the "Iron Clad" Special Ops mission (5.65% rarity at the time of writing). There are just so many things that could damage your tank in this mission: Kamikazes, random RPGs flying around shot outta nowhere, enemy helicopters coming out when you don't expect them, etc. I managed to do this on solo Recruit (my brother was not available) after some tries. You can leave the tank parked where it starts and just go on with a lot of patience killing every single enemy (be careful, kamikazes tend to run away towards the tank, keep an eye on them). Once you reach the end you can make the tank move forward but be careful as three helicopter will spawn in fixed locations while it moves forward. The best bet is aiming them with the laser pointer and let your tank do the job for you, as they can be pretty fast in closing on and hitting it.
  5. Great news! Thank you guys, I completely missed the free swaps until May 1st So here are my new additions to the list (and my first two platinums!): #COOKWITHME: Overcooked 2 (PS4) - such an obvious entry for this category I didn't even consider it lol #DANCESINGWITHME: Sly 2: Band of Thieves (PS3) - there's also a trophy tied to the dancing minigame #CRAFTWITHME: Control (PS4) #HANGOUTWITHME: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) #READWITHME: Zero Time Dilemma (PS4) #LEARNWITHME: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) #GETREADYWITHME: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) #SOLVEWITHME: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (PS4) #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Late Shift (PS4) #BONDWITHME: The Sims 4 (PS4) - should be in the correct category this time #WORKOUTWITHME: Surgeon Simulator - Experience Reality (PSVR) #FIGHTWITHME: Guacamelee! (PS3) #TRAVELWITHME: Borderlands (PS4) #GAMEWITHME: Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) I was misled by the same trophy, fortunately The Sims 4 is still suitable for the #BONDWITHME category Also, for the cooking category Overcooked 2 is on Ps Now's catalog (at least in EU, I don't know if the catalog is different between regions), so you can consider doing it on the free trial period if you still have no game for that list.
  6. I finally got the plat for Marvel's Spider-Man!
  7. DING DONG - I KNEW I made some mistake, but I didn't think I made so many. First: I just realized that for the Platinum badge I need PLATINUM trophies (duh!) and I put two games which do not have platinums in the list (Brothers and Batman Arkham VR) Second: I thought The Sims 4 actually had some sort of cooking mini-game but it doesn't apparently, so it does not qualify for the Ultra challenge. Would it be three swaps already if I wanted to change them, right?
  8. Thank you! Everything looks OK to me
  9. Don't worry, I missed this post only because I have not browsed the forums a lot lately (I was pretty busy in finishing my Trophy checklist on here but I still have some work to do on it). I'm also really looking forward to play FFVII Remake, unfortunately with this Coronavirus situation my shipping got a bit delayed but oh well, I still have plenty of time for it (thank you "work from home"!). Also, congrats on your first plat!
  10. Hi!! I'd really love to sign up if it's still possible, unfortunately I only saw this post today! Here goes the list (I'll try to get the platinum badge, we'll see if it will become reality), every game SHOULD be eligible for the Ultra challenge if I did not make any mistake (not a native English-speaker so I may have missed something): #COOKWITHME: The Sims 4 (PS4) #DANCESINGWITHME: Sly 2: Band of Thieves (PS3) - there's also a trophy tied to the dancing minigame #CRAFTWITHME: Control (PS4) #HANGOUTWITHME: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) #READWITHME: Zero Time Dilemma (PS4) #LEARNWITHME: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) #GETREADYWITHME: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) #SOLVEWITHME: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (PS4) #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Late Shift (PS4) #BONDWITHME: Brothers - a tale of two sons (PS3) #WORKOUTWITHME: Batman Arkham VR (PSVR) #FIGHTWITHME: Guacamelee! (PS3) #TRAVELWITHME: Borderlands (PS4) #GAMEWITHME: Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) I hope I got everything right! I'll make any adjustment asap
  11. Platinum # 50: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) Personal game score: 8.5/10 Personal platinum difficulty estimate: 5/10 Total time to platinum: 12 hours About the game Oddly enough, I decided to play this masterpiece just as its remastered version came out for PS4. The story takes place after the events of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and sees you playing as multiple characters: Private Joseph Allen and Private James Ramirez from the US Army Rangers, Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Captain John "Soap" MacTavish from Task Force 141. The story has two main paths: the Us Army Rangers part, taking place both in Afghanistan and in Washington, sees your characters attempting to stop Russian attacks on the American field (Private Allen does different things to be honest but I won't spoil them for the few people who still have not played this game), while Task Force 141 operates throughout the globe, from a Russian artic base to the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Caucasus mountains and Afghanistan in an attempt to stop Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov's plans. The campaign is not boring at all and it has some great plot twists; of course you should have played the previous title to fully enjoy this game's story. Gameplay-wise is a standard Call of Duty game, which for me is a positive note: no hi-tech suits, no wall-running, no sliding, no laser guns and all that stuff, just "modern warfare" tools and human abilities. The story is about 6-7 hours long and it's enjoyable in every difficulty setting; I suggest not trying Veteran difficulty on your first playthrough if you're not skilled at all in shooter games as you may not enjoy the story so much if you're always struggling to get in cover to avoid enemy fire. As a nice addition, compared to the previous title, this game is the first in the series to feature Special Ops, a set of 23 missions playable both solo and with a buddy in split screen or through PSN. I believe these missions are a big plus of this game (multiplayer apart, which is still my favorite in all Call of Duty's franchise - even though the latest Modern Warfare is doing really good!), they are well mixed and being able to play them with a friend makes them A LOT EASIER (if you get killed in co-op your pal can revive you, while if you're playing solo that's a game over just as in the campaign), not to mention that two of them are two-players-only. About the trophies The trophy list is what became the "standard" Call of Duty list for every future game of the series (even though every one had its unique touches): you get the majority of the trophies for completing the campaign in Veteran difficulty, and for doing some miscellaneous actions in specific chapters (for example killing 7 chicken in 10 seconds while in a certain mission) or particular kills (for example killing 20 enemies in a row while driving a vehicle), but nothing difficult. You also get two trophies for collecting all enemy intel, while all the rest covers the Special Ops section. As I wrote before, beating the story in Veteran mode is not that hard if you stick to the basic tips evey guide will tell you (use cover, use flashbangs/smoke grenades, don't rush and take your time). Hardest trophy: Star 69: Earn 69 stars in Special Ops (9.99% rarity at the time of writing). As mentioned before Special Ops are designed to be played co-operating with another player, and since in order to obtain 69 stars you need to complete every mission in Veteran difficulty (except three missions which are time-based) having a buddy is strongly recommended. Even with a partner, things will get difficult whn you reach the final two sets of missions which feature tons of enemies and the dreaded Juggernauts (there's one of those which puts you in a favela against 10 or so jugs with only a knife and a grenade launcher).
  12. Thank you for your nice words! Updates have been very slow, both because I began a new job and I still need to find some time to update this thread (but I'm getting to it as of now), in fact the only part I managed to keep updated is the visual one (all the first posts). I decided to go for a detailed review of the games I complete from now on after seeing your thread, I love how you set the "analysis" up, so I'll begin doing that from the next game I complete Also, it took me some time to decide how I like this thread's setup the most and I'm feeling I'm very close to it, but as I said in my first post it's a copy-and-paste of other great ideas, so all credits to the original creators!
  13. I agree on this one
  14. I updated my collection and now I should qualify as an "Artifact Collector" since I have platinumed: Uncharted Drake's Fortune (PS3) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3) Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)
  15. Hi there, I've seen you updated the PP with Comrades Standalone, would you mind adding me? Thank you!