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  1. First game of december is done. Not sure what I'm picking up next but gonna challenge myself to get as close to 95% overall as possible before the end of the year. Assassin's Creed Valhalla All 73 Trophies 4th December 2021 • Completed in 10 months, 3 weeks DLC's were not that great. The mastery challenge DLC wasn't too bad tho. Only 2 of the 15 missions are slightly annoying, the others were a nice challenge.
  2. I was hoping to finish AC Valhalla in November but spend too much time on Vanguard, Fifa 22 and F1 2021 (got them all 100% but none of them where 6 months old platinums). Have the Wrath of the druids DLC and the tomb challenges done and currently working on the siege of Paris and then only the challenge are left. I'm just gonna enter the Wrath of the druids DLC as my November game since it took somewhere around 15 hours to complete the DLC.
  3. Wow what an amazing event. If I had found this sooner I would have made it a bit more costly 🤑 sadly only 2 games to contribute now: Orange: And I'm just gonna try to get this one as pink (because of the little guy in the middle). Otherwise 2 orange games!:
  4. 1. Astro's playroom 2. Demon Souls 3. Spiderman Miles-Morales 4. Spiderman Remastered 5. Bugsnax 6. Returnal 7. Ratchet and clank Rift Apart 8. Immortal Fenyx rising 9. 2K21 10. Overcooked all you can eat 11. Operation Tango 12. Call of duty vanguard 13. FIFA 22 14. F1 2021 15. Assassins creed Valhalla Wow that was way more then I thought. Also currently working on getting Valhalla back to 100%, all the other PS5 games I own are 100% completion.
  5. I have not had any crashes at all, but I haven't played that much zombies. 1 had game of about 2 hours going into wave 15-16 I think with 2 players about 2000 kills each without any issues. Have done multiple smaller runs without any issue.
  6. It should, but getting kicked out of the game might not save the kills on your profile. Can't you check on your zombies profile how many kills you have made?
  7. Can this be done local co-op with a second controller?
  8. @Gretchen27 I am very sorry, I forgot to fill in the form again. I was planning on completing surviving mars before going on a mini vacation at the end of the month. I was just short of 1 trophy and was just 4-5 hours short. wanted to do 2 games for September and then fill in the form but yeah... So my September game was Ghost 100% completed. Ghost of Tsushima All 77 Trophies 20th September 2021 • Completed in 1 year, 2 months And got my first game for Oktober done: Surviving Mars 51 of 81 Trophies 6th October 2021 • Platinum in 3 years, 1 month Surviving Mars for me was a very nostalgic game. I went on a student trip to Stockholm and part of the trip was visiting paradox con. Most of the games Paradox made where overly complicated especially to start, but surviving mars was kinda easy to get into to. When the Console edition was launched just added it to the list and as Jay en Ich pointed out above "ooh surviving mars on sale, I will buy it!". Then played for sometimes but the controls on the console edition are so complex that I never really got into it. After seeing the suddenly new DLC release on psnprofiles I decided to give it a shot and I kinda start liking it. I will pick up the DLC sometime later but not feeling paying full price for a season pass and paying additional money for the 3rd DLC not knowing if they will release more DLC. I will be looking to add maybe 1 more game to the oktober completed list, thinking of Bioshock 2 while playing Fifa 22 and F1 2021 on the side. If anyone in this sub wants to do the Fifa 22 co-op trophy's let me know! Still searching for someone.
  9. haha I feel you! Still, I don't like to keep things on my backlog unless it's like Borderlands 3/ AC Valhalla where there is a roadmap saying "4 DLC packs" coming. Then I prefer to wait till all of them are out but if I'm short on time I might do 1 DLC to keep the streak going for the challenge!😅
  10. Indeed this questline!!! but for me also the horse, the Taka, and the final fight (trying my best without spoilers here). Can I start working on your backlog then? 😅 I have like 29 games left and only 15 of those I am planning to get 100% and be done with it. This way I wont be able to keep the streak until the end of next year if I don't buy games with DLC coming out or wait 6 months to finish it😂 Atleast the attack on my backlog has worked wonders for me.
  11. A weird month for me personally, I came back from vacation and was very excited to play the new Ghost DLC. After finishing the DLC I noticed that my overall % went down because of a new DLC for surviving mars. I bought this game after going to paradox con in Stockholm with a student trip and I loved the game but the controls on the console are such a disaster if you are trying to learn the game. All of a sudden I am spending my evenings building new Mars colonies and turns out the game is not really that hard and quite enjoyable just shitty controls. I'm trying to finish the game off before the end of the month (will take 2 more runs +- 15 hours) but in the meanwhile I got the 100% for Ghost of Tsushima done by doing the new DLC the online Mode and finally NG+. One of the best games ever made in my opinion and the story still hurts a bit even in a second playthrough. Ghost of Tsushima All 77 Trophies 20th September 2021 • Completed in 1 year, 2 months
  12. You still have some absolute top games on your list. I would recommend The horizon zero dawn DLC, Jedi fallen order, Shadow of war, The last of us remastered (although you really gotta love the gameplay for this one), crash bandicoot, Bloodborne. These games are time consuming but so much fun. Out of the list you are currently working on I would like to wish you luck with Knack. You can also add me on PSN to help with getting all the gems, such a stupid RNG mechanic that ruined the game for me.... GOW and resi 2/3 are also really good and fun games to plat!
  13. So I do think everyone has different opinions about this and I know I am not the most active member on this forum but still multiple games in the same year is also a grey area (talking about the yearly streak). I do try to complete 1 full game each month, but I've used new DLC last year. For me it's all about how much time a DLC takes but then again it's also about how much time anyone has in their life. If I play a game that has DLC coming out will most of the time wait for all the DLC to be released and then get it 100%. I did this with both Immortal Fenix Rising and I will do it with AC Valhalla. Both main games were completed within 6 months but the last DLC was released later than 6 months for me. On the other hand, the AC Valhalla DLC's will take up 15-20 hours per DLC and doing one DLC will take up most of my monthly gaming time. This makes it hard to do both in 1 month (so I do some prepping) but entering them 1 month apart would be fine by my standards. I'm not really against getting 1 trophy on a PS5 game and then waiting 6 months to auto pop, but I wouldn't personally do that. I also don't play a game and then just wait 6 months to finish it up.
  14. Does anyone know if you can transfer the safe file from ps5 back to ps4? would love to play NG+ and the DLC on my PS5 and then pop the ps4 trophies. Rather do that then ps4 100% and autopop.
  15. I feel you, I would be done if not for writing a guide. Still need 200.000 coins to buy women's clothing. This trophy makes no sense at all..... If it was buy everything for 1 gender it would make more sense but still suck, but both?!?!?!?