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  1. I've had no issues. Can recommend to save after every gaming session, incase something happens u might lose 1/2 hours instead of a new playtrough
  2. coudn't agree more!
  3. I'm currently at 380 in a 160 location, by just getting the entire map done. I still need 6 more arcs but almost max level. both XP and resource boosters are a waste in my opinion. U will get sooo much silver and there is basicly nothing to spend it on, so you could quick travel to all merchants and keep buying Ores and Leather. The rest of the materials needed will be found if u just grab a chest every now and then.
  4. Thanks! yes it is way better. I almost did it on my own but lost after winning 4 in a row (not using the exit glitch) and just decided not to try anymore. With the squad mode you get points for staying alive in survival and points for finishing the race. If u have a decent team then it will be more fun and way easier, since if u get screwed once and your teammates stay alive, have a good race then u can still continue on the streak. The finals are also a lot of teamgames and in the case of a Hexagon/Thin Ice u can work together and aslong as 1 of your teammates win it will count towards the trophy. We had 4 times basketfall as a final and the last win was on Fall Mountain, but even then with good coördination it's way less random.
  5. Last saturday it happend! after 3 weeks of trying with a 4 man squad we did it!!!!! So glad to have this one done and of the backlog. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout All 35 Trophies 17th April 2021 • Platinum in 8 months, 20 hours Fall Guys(100%), [8 Months, 20 Hours] P: 1,39%
  6. If u Just drive fast you dont need to kill any freakers but good tip if u are trying too
  7. Directors cut DLC was a bit better but still kinda shit for €20... I really hope there is no more Borderlands 3 DLC comming anymore. Really done with this game....
  8. I've won about 200 games now both weekend and not, TT ofline, TTOnline, Unlimited, Limited, Domination, Challenge games and still nothing. Rumor also is that there is a fixed way of getting Ty Lue but that will become clear near the end of the season. For now just grinding towards the 150k. Dont worry tho 2k will be dropping more and more Dark Matter cards and probably one will be free towards the end of the game.
  9. look at the answers above lol.... And no the platin is not available right now. There are still 99 domination stars missing.
  10. yes thank god they fixed it, now grinding for domination.
  11. First game of April done. Worst €20 i've ever spend on a season pass. Maybe the upcomming DLC will make up for it but this was the worst add-on ever. Arms race DLC for Borderlands 3. Atleast the 100% rarity is now 0.63% Borderlands 3 All 78 Trophies 4th April 2021 • Completed in 1 year, 6 months
  12. I really want that tacko fall for the glitched domination, he would be insane
  13. Lucky you! I've done like 10-15 TT offline and 20-25 Domination wins and nothing so far.
  14. Totally random, people have reported playing winning over 300 games and not getting into the glitch market once..... And even if u get into the glitched market it's not sure u will get Ty Lue.
  15. Also just some tips if u are struggling with any of the domination sets: U can use the Nets playbook and use the cut 21 dive play (almost a bucket every single play) U can also use the Pelicans playbook --> High 5 U can also use the Mavericks playbook --> quick 15 hammer There are a lot of plays where the CPU acts very slow and almost gurantee a bucket each play. There is nothing as broken as quick tru sts from last year but these plays do come close with the CPU only stepping in once or twice and leaving someone wide open for you to finish the play.