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  1. May sound a bit weird but Knack. The chests are so RNG that I could not go and play the game a third time....
  2. Mine worked totally fine yesterday
  3. TBH only zeffo is difficult to navigate. the other planets are way easier. total clean up took me like 5-8 hours while beating the main game took a bit longer so it's not really that bad...
  4. GTA V, I just can't push my self to do it
  5. No the spawning locations are Random. The thing is tho that it will only spawn at points of the world you have not discovered yet. It can be very unlucky if your world did not contain any beehives around you. All I can say is explore more of the world or try again in a new world.
  6. If anyone is struggling with Beelocation, you can use the creative glitch to get a diamond pick axe and get the enchantment book with Silk Touch. Finish it off with an Anvil and convert the world to the bedrock. The only thing u have to do is get to level 4 so u can use the anvil and then go look for a beehive. It took my like 10 minutes total. U can also glitch for the suspicious stew and join with a second controller to drop it to yourself. There are some guides on youtube where u can get the honeyblock and the campfire trophies. A good world to do this is seed: 132240703
  7. I got the email and copied the base64 code. I do see the links to the terms of condition but there is no code neither is there a "non available" phrase or anything like that. I wonder if the people who checked and said they had "none avalaible" just did not have any code or if there really was the word "non available".
  8. Easy pick for me, Bloodborne!
  9. I actually believe that the way you can track it down is by going into the skill tree and check if there is progress in any stat. U do however need to switch positions, as a midfielder the "maxed out vision" is way higher then on striker/defender. When there is no progress (green bar) in any stats left u are done with that position and u can co to the next. Some stats can be "grinded" on other positions. As an example on Striker the shooting stats take the longest to grind out, however the passing stats where not done (for me) when I finished the shooting stats. By switching to midfielder and maxing out the passing stats the striker passing stats where suddenly maxed out. I hope this makes sence. In this picture u can see there is still progress in the progress bar. You need to check all the stats like Agility/balance etc. If there is no progress in the stat bar then you are done with that stat. You can use the skill tree in anyway u like so u are not forced to play without any skills. Just keep checking if all the stats are done for each position.
  10. All i can say is that this game is hard, really hard. I've played a lot of FIFA, and I was good at 17-18-19. I managed to get from division 10 to division 1 and win the league in 1 day for the trophy in one of those editions. However Passing feels so random this game and defence is quite hard. All I can say is take a good look at the squad custom tactics. I like to run with wingers and atleast 1 CDM. I let my LB and RB stay behind, have my wingers on cut behind lines, striker/s on cut behind lines and de CDM on stay back and stay in the center. For the rest all i can say is really take your time. On attack sometimes just stop moving, it will help cause the defenders are doing weird stuff anyway.
  11. Try to figure out how you want to play, for example I like to play on the counter attacks with a quick build up. When I have the ball I rather have my left and right back staying behind and midfielders as back up. Pace is quite the thing in every FIFA so fast players are gonna be expensive and slow defenders can lose you a game. I am currently playing with a 4-2-3-1 formation and can recommend using Promes as a LM, Van de Beek as a CAM, Bergwijn as a RM and Malen as a ST. Malen currently has an IF so he is a bit expsenive. The other three players are quite cheap compared to similar players from the premiere league or the bundesliga or the BBVA. Last tip, use the custom instructions and test your team in squad battles.
  12. If u put some time and effort into fut, finding a way you would like to play then getting into div 4 is not hard at all.
  13. Wolfenstein 2, I have only heard conplaining about this trophy
  14. Yes you need 2000 points and with your new gold rating you need to complete 1 qualifying or race tot get the trophy. I would advice qualification since u can drop under 2000 again in the race and TBH idk if it affects the trophy.
  15. I can give some tips for people trying tot get this trophy. Try to look for a full lobby, yes more can go wrong but if u finish 5th with 10 players in a lobby u might get 5 points u might lose 5, but if u finish 5th in a 15 player lobby u Will get around 20-30 points. Try to learn how to drive with without brake assist and traction assist on half. U Will be around 0.8 sec faster each lap with traction assist on half. If u drive without any assist I would still recommend turning on ABS and traction on half. U can brake later and if a player tries to push you off the road u wont spin that easily anymore. The start of the race can be quite tricky, some tracks like mexico u can cut the corner and get a 3 second time penalty but it will help dodge other cars and avoid damage (this does effect your safety rating so you might want do to this after u have gotten the A safety trophy)
  16. My PS4 pro is doing fine with days gone, however its about to explode while playing RDR2 online
  17. Although I really suck at wheelies I agree this skill game is incredibly hard. I finally got to 150 meters after 6/7 hours of trying. All I can say is use the helium and stop at each safe zone. U Will get better at the first 50 meter. After that go full gas for 1/2 seconds for the first jump and land on the backwheel with 20-40% gas. Stop at the safe zone and go 80% gas and u can make it to the top of the black ramp easily. My chokepoint was the drop down I honestly don't know how I got passed it. The last jump at 110m is quite easy, just pull a wheelie and lean forward after hitting the ramp. Then take your time on the last ramp down and voilla. I hope this helpes you out, good luck
  18. I've played since saturday and have been playing for a total of 20 hours now I think and I'm on level 30. The fastest way to level is to win. U can do about a level in 1 hour if you are good enough. From lvl 20 and onwards the gap to the next level is 18.000 xp and if u win in around 16 minutes u will get around 5000 xp. I do average about 4 kills each game and around 700 damage. The grind to level 50 will take about 40-50 hours depending on your skill it might be lower or higher.
  19. I don't know much about Zombi but the olympics from Steep ain't hard if u are willing to pay for it.
  20. I believe it does not, Neither do the IX zombie character skins
  21. La fieuse is not that hard, might take you up to half an hour max. Fallen rocks was a pain in the ass. It's a bit sad for the old players that this is a option but I enjoyed finally getting fallen rocks and my platinum. Good Luck and have fun