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  1. I really struggle in sprint, I have a lot of SS and all modes feel okay to get SS on, but I cant get under 1:50. Anyone tips?
  2. I'm afraid I Will never be able to tell the answer, I somehow found the mug shot and managed to knock someone down. I'm done with all the sets, let me know if u figure out if this works!
  3. I wonder if getting any of the IX skins fills in for the standard torphy achievement. The names are the same so maybe it will work? I only need Bruno and can't find his mug shot in supply drops so I am hoping that getting Bruno IX will work for the achievement. A friend of mine only needed Shawn but he got both normal Shawn and Shawn IX in the same game so can't confirm if this does work.
  4. I found the scarlet IX zombie item, it is a bracelet and it requires you to open a supply drop and finish the match with the bracelet in your inventory. Has anyone else found a IX character item? I found it by killing zombies just like the scarf used to drop of the zombies.
  5. For me only bruno is left. I've found 2 warmachines this week, after reading the reddit blackout posts en this post I must say that I've been really lucky to find it once let alone 2 times... I haven't seen the battery gun in 2 days now and I've opend like 25 supply drops since I got the character unlock. Alsno no luck on bruno and now the blightfather is gone? so that is even less chance of getting him.
  6. Assassins creed black flag
  7. This has just been patched
  8. U also need to play on normal for the blood of the dead historical reenactment trophy. U can't unlock the spoon on casual.
  9. Online ranked is the worst idea ever. And to even place a fucking trophy on it to make people drive clean.... Every game I start at the back so I can drive clean and every single race I get fucked by those who are crashed and just think "well my race is over lets ruin yours" and because of the retarded system that if u hit a car from behind you get the penalty you will never ever get that A rating
  10. Finished the hidden one DLC trophys today, still glitched for me
  11. I had the same problem also with F1 2017. I had my ps4 for 2.5 years and I never cleaned it. If you ps4 is making a lot of noice its just very dusty inside. I cleaned mine and it much more quite now. Here is a good guide u can use: