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  1. Have you also skipped an entire season to reset the counter?
  2. There is one where you pay 600 and get 1600. Besides that, there is one that will give you 600 I think but after that it goes down quickly. Most of the contracts are 150/200 and sometimes 350 or 400. I'm up to 2140 and so far it's been a really random shit show. Had one year where I had 9 contracts in a row making me 4000 coins in just a minute and then other years without a single contract. I've tried to keep a record (but it gets so boring), I got 48k in 1 hour as a high, got 22k in 1 hour as a low. My rank on the ranking has always been between 30 and 40 for at least 100 years now, so no logic there. I also did the Manhattan classic but that took me 63 minutes and only got me 29k in return. I did get a lot of "set" objectives so that didn't help but still. Sadly seems that the best way to farm (if you have 1 console and want to do it the easy way) is the contracts and to just "get lucky". Theoretically it could take 30 hours of total simming for all the coins, but if you are unlucky it could easily go up to 40-50 hours of just hitten next...
  3. Yeah challenge 6 is a pain in the ass. Best thing to do is take An extra stap back to ensure you don't get aced. The do a sharp vertical shot. Run towards the middle of the court behind the baseline. Do a drop shot horizontally. Run back to the middle of the court behind the baseline again. Finish the rally of with a flat shot into the open corner. That is great Info! I will put this into the guide aswell.
  4. I justed wanted to let everyone know that the trophy guide is done and awaiting publishing. This includes exploits for "this is mine?" And "school is out" and some details on beating each challenge.
  5. yeah, this could be the way, it does however take 20-25 hours of just doing this to get the number of coins you actually need. I will do 1 more test tonight to figure out if playing 1 grand slam while focussing on the coins gives you more or equal amounts.
  6. Can you tell me how this glitch works?
  7. 1-star tournaments will take about 5 minutes to complete and offer a nice +-2500 EXP. 3-star tournaments will take somewhere between 10-15 minutes and offer +- 4000 EXP. 5-star tournaments will take somewhere between 45-60 minutes and offer +- 8000 - 10.000 EXP. Charity tournaments will take somewhere between 10-15 and offer +- 8000 - 10.000 EXP. By far the fastest way is to play 1-stars once you have completed all the other trophies related to career mode and play charity tournaments when they pop up. You could also rest until a charity tournament pops up, but I will leave that up to you.
  8. I got it to work, but it doesn't work the same way when you create a character in career. So if you go to my players and create a new female pro then on the end screen you can access the equipment and everything is unlocked. If you try to do the exact same thing in career it will be locked behind the leveling system. If u can make a video on this I can post it into the guide and save people some time leveling up 2 genders. nice congratz! any tips on the fastest way to get the coins?
  9. The game has 4 different settings for career mode. It is recommended to pick the "Futures" setting to get the shortest possible career. 1 star tournaments will be 1 set 1 game. 2-star and 3-star tournaments will be 1 set 3 games. 4-star and 5-star tournaments will be 2 sets 3 games. 6-star tournaments will be 2 sets 6 games. You can change the settings at the start of a new year in career mode like to_obii pointed out.
  10. Yeah so I tried this, but for me no dice. I already made a female character and now if I recreate a new character and give it 0 skill points I still cant buy anything at the store cause of the level requirement.
  11. No, you are free to spend!
  12. Still doesn't work for me. Could be a glitch that by leveling up a female you reset the store. I can't try this out but is someone could check this I can add this to the trophy guide!
  13. Thanks! the guide is done in my poor English, working with some great guy from the community right now to make it a better read. I hope to publish it today.
  14. I am not sure how this is working for you guys, I do need to level my female pro up to level 30. I don't have the unlocks straight away.
  15. Thanks a lot!
  16. Yes, this is already in the guide. I can do the sum up for most male items but I already bought all the headwear. Yes it is, and yes u should use the drop shot. Just stand back with the serve cause the AI serves like a madman. Get a charged shot into the opposite corner from where they serve and then drop shot the ball towards the net. Dont worry too much about the 100 hits counter, u will not even come close.
  17. Does anyone know the exact amount of coins needed? I am in the process of finishing the trophy guide and I'm curious about this. I can't calculate it since I have already bought a lot of stuff.
  18. It's first to 3 games. You are allowed to lose 1 game but you will need to win the other 2 games.
  19. Hello everyone! I am looking for someone interested in helping me out with the Tennis World tour 2 trophy guide I am writing. The guide is mostly done but English isn't my native language and I could use some help on this 😁 Is anyone interested?
  20. Hmm I guess I also forgot or didn't fill in the form correctly? I completed days gone 100 % in July. Days Gone All 61 Trophies 11th July 2021 • Completed in 2 years, 1 month
  21. I used google translate so don't blame me please, U need to complete the challenges in career mode in order to unlock them in the tennis school. As soon as you complete them in career they will be compelted in the tennis school also. The only exception is challenge 10. This one will unlock as soon as you did 9 in career and then you can use Nadal for number 10. My pro was lvl 18 when I did all of them.
  22. Fastest way to level is to do the 1 star cups. They give you around 2500 xp for 4 matches 1 game. Then when you have the option go play charity events. I would not wait for you to get maxed to do the grand slams, you might as well do as many of them as you can. You will need the coins, you need A LOT of those.
  23. I I'll start working on it tonight, might Just post it here and improve with all your help and feedback 😁
  24. No bonus coins dont count for this, It's only the prize money. U will most likely get this by doing the 4 Grand slams and the ATP finals in 1 year. Those 5 combined are +-40.000 coins from the top of my head. Then just keep winning the 1 star cups for lvl-up. If you do to many charity cups you might miss out on this one until you start the 2nd career with the female player.
  25. Yes just like to_obii already pointed out, if u manage to get 100% by using nadal from the tennis school do the running practice again and it might just pop. It did for me and to_obii.