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  1. I could try to do it. Still have the "get all items" left, but did the other ones. Have no experience writing a guide tho.
  2. My last tennis game was also top spin 4 and that game was so amazing. I did play it on 360 tho never had a ps3 and didn't bother about trophy's back in the day. U will get this one if u just try long enough and spend enough time at it. I'm almost lvl 30 with the male's and then just the females. I only hope that you don't have to buy the rackets for both sexes cause that would make the game another 10 hours of coin grinding longer.
  3. Uhm, idk to be honest with you. It has a really steep learning curve, after that I do like the gameplay. I just think they made the trophy list a little bit to grindy. I do get the lvl 30 but the "buy every item" is just pure frustration, why do you also need to do this as a female.... If it was not for this trophy I would rate the game higher. It has a bit of the issues all sports games (if you mostly play offline) have. Once you know the tricks in the book it gets boring rather fast. Combine that with the grind and it will get tedious rather fast. Gameplay on itself I do like, but since you will mostly play carreer and your player will feel a bit slow and bad you miss out on the top gameplay.
  4. Okay THANK GOD! The bar was showing 100%, but trophy just not popping. I replayed some challenges and went working on getting lvl 30. Replaying other challenges and improving the grade didn't do anything but I did the sprinting training again and that made it pop!!!!!
  5. well the 0/40 was like a 4 or 5/10. 6 and 8 are just annoying but you will get it eventually. 10 is harder dan the 0/40 one for me. The timing suddenly feels very weird and the "too soon" "too late" box seems increased compared to a way smaller perfect and good timing thus making it hard. I did it with Nadal after like 30 minutes of trying but my lvl 20 career man is not gonna do it for me. I will lvl up to 30 first and then start trying it again. I think that one might be 6 or 7/10. Good thing is that the challenges are really short, it just takes a few minutes at tops.
  6. I can give some more insight on this, I did get 100% in game but no trophy..... just my luck. the 0-40 expert is really doable if u master the drop shot, works like a charm. I actually did it against federer so don't go skipping for female characters, slow big guys worked better for me. Challenge 6 and 8 are also a pain in the ass. I did try challenge 10 but coudn't do it, so I did it with nadal in the school but perhaps I just need to beat it on career.
  7. No I don't think it is. You could try searching for a match at the same time, but still not sure. The only trophy however is so simple to do that it won't be an issue. Save files are for ps4, no clue if you can either upgrade or use them on the ps5 version.
  8. Okay so I've played this game for about 10 hours now and I think I can clear somethings up for new people: U need to get used to the gameplay, Go directly to the school (I didn't do this and kinda regret it) after that the game will make way more sense. If u are gonna play carreer, play on the shortest setting. This wil also alow you to do restarts and you can put the AI on very easy. I don't struggle with very Easy, I do with normal. Being lvl 13 after winning 2 grand slams means you will be about 50 rated and you will have to face the likes of Nadal (89) so you will even struggle a bit on very easy/easy. My point, don't hesitate to turn down the difficulty and don't forget you can restart. The only difficulty related trophy is the school trophy. For this to unlock you need to do a couple of training exercises in carreer. As to how difficult this is, I am not sure. However u can do either a training or play a tournament/take a rest/do a exhibition match and I recommend playing the tournaments first. They give more coins, give you XP and help you lvl up which you will need for the harder challenges. Also turn the cards off. This game his like stat boosting cards (for a few points/hits) and the top elite players have way better cards and you dont wanna be spending any coins on cards because you need to buy everything from the store. Lenght wise, honestly no clue. Doing a grand slam (5 star tournement) on the shortest setting will take about 10 - 15 minutes per match and you will play 7 matches so up to 1-2 hours. You need to win all 5 of them so atleast 10 hours of carreer, but you also need to qualify so you will need to play other cups first. I'm also not sure how many coins u will need to buy everything in the store. I will get back on that once I've done it, but for now my wild guess would be somewhere between 30-50 hours. I can only speculate on the difficulty of the shooling trophy but how hard can it be? Some people at true achievements claim that drop shots work really well with the 0-40 behind on expert challenge. The other challenges don't seem that hard to me, so maybe 6/7 out of 10? The other trophy's can be done with a 2/10 difficulty. If platinums are not that important to you, you can get this game up to 90% in 20 hours (little guess) since 4/5 gold trophies can be done in around 15 hours. The online part was really easy for me, took 40 minutes to win 6 games. You get a 10 game season and you need to win 3 and lose the other 7 or win 6 and get promoted directly. Just winning 3 won't pop the trophy but if you lose another 7 it will.
  9. So there we are. As early as it gets with 14 minutes into august first game of the month done: BioShock Remastered All 66 Trophies 1st August 2021 • Completed in 4 years, 8 months I love this series and now working on bioshock 2!
  10. Just wait, the OOP sets are no fun.... I just got the plat, its finally over.
  11. max out your character first, then join the boosting session on here. You only need 2 players to start the game, you will play against 3 AI.
  12. The reason some people are upset is cause a DM Vince Carter was the season 7 ultimate reward (150k exp grind) and that card is still usable. So they basicly give another version of Vince Carter making the 150k xp grind feel like a big waste of time.
  13. July is done with Days gone. Already did the challenge DLC back in april but now it's 100% and done. NG+ wasn't that bad. Days Gone All 61 Trophies 11th July 2021 • Completed in 2 years, 1 month
  14. I needed 1 ot for the 100 points, took my 3 tries cause when i actually got it 2nd time i shot a half court at the final OT buzzer and accidently it went in... I'm on next gen so most of them are easier here, except for the 11 steals that one is just hard on next gen. I've seen quite a few people posting they have Tacko and all of them have said the gold - invic is pure luck based even on next gen, so no hopes there. It's a good time filler until the last domination set finally drops tho. For me (I am not a pro green shooter) the 7/7 was really hard, so haven't tried the 9/9 yet but wont be fun.
  15. The login players are kinda bad tho, most of the gauntlet players are really good to use. The 100 points one isn't that bad, just use the GOAT PD Bol Bol and run that rim. If u come short (I had around 90 points) just foul the cpu until you are tied with less then 24 seconds to go. Then let it go to overtime and just hope that Kahwi (they only pass to Kahwi for some reason) doesn't go 100% in OT. I still need the 11 steals, 30 assists no turnovers, under 40 points no fastbreaks, 9/9 and 100% 3pt, 55 boards and the golds.... Think I will be getting the 55 boards tonight and then focusing on the 11 steals. I think all are doable but the golds will be a make or break.
  16. ah atleast 100 races isn't as bad as F1 2017/F1 2018 that took about 50-60 hours of online gameplay. I do agree that online is basicly made by the lobby's u get in and on release most of them are extremely toxic. And yeah MyTeam just went a bit too quick on the progression.
  17. Oof, good luck with the other ones. I still need the steals, but have done 23 out of the 30 so far. Some of later ones are really annoying. The win the game in 3 minutes one is super annoying, I struggled a lot with 7/7, 20-20-20 is also quite a pain (needed 3 ot's), Deny the invincible can be pure BS, 17 blocks (just annoying) and win by 20 points is also a big struggle.
  18. if they dont work close game and then they should work again. I have had this happen a lot and its pissing me off aswell.
  19. Was waiting to complete my monthly game (needed to wait in orde to make it 6 months lol). Completed the last 2 DLC needed for the 100% on immortal. DLC 2 was fun but a bit short, DLC 3 was very mixed feelings with the top down view. Glad it's over tho. Immortals Fenyx Rising All 69 Trophies 28th June 2021 • Completed in 6 months, 2 days
  20. Yeah I gave up on Luka just dont wanna grind that much. I have to turn on a VPN and connect it to my PS5 to be able to use the auction house. Still, on next gen having Bird or Demarcus on PG might be better then having luka. It's all about having height adventage if u wanna win. Also use the PD Bol Bol, that man is pure fraud.
  21. I'm not from England but I would much rather have Germany then France. Portugal is gonna be hard but I don't see them winning from France tonight so they will take the 3rd seed. So far the only team that looks really scary is Italy. Belgium has a very poor defense, Netherlands (we just played poorly against very weak opponents), France not convincing, Germany neither, Portugal let down, England let down. They need other CDM's, maquire and Stones only give the ball to the left back and right back, they need someone to pass the ball to Grealish more often so they can up the pace and use the wings better. If England gets going it's one of the best teams on paper.
  22. I don't think England can win fom France. With Stones and Maquire you have such a slow centrum against the pace of mbappe. France will just counter you away.
  23. Hey all, just wanted to let you guys know for the next 24 hours there is a pair of legendary glasses in the store for 800 holobucks!!! 1 more legendary to scrape of the list.
  24. I actually kinda like this. Metro was a gem and even after 3 playtroughs still considering to do it again.
  25. Yeah you need to create good matchups. I still use OOP KD and the PD Bol Bol as they just blast by every single defence. I do have bill russel, he is so good and Luka might be worth getting for the last domination set. I just hope they release it soon so I can get this done.