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  1. Piece of Cake Award This year I did not do a super easy game, I did do hitman go but only used a guide for a few levels. I will pick Astro Playroom for the piece of cake award. Just because this game is so brilliant but still easy to get. It's Like Dark Souls So I platinumed my first soulsboorne game ever in the form of Bloodborne, but on the other hand I worked so hard on Tetris Effect and getting really good at that game. Looking back I think Tetris Effect was harder. Bad Ass Award Again hard to choose between Tetris and Bloodborne. The moment I beat Orphon of Kos and Lawrence from the old hunter DLC where pretty "bad ass" for a souls noob. However getting the SS everywhere trophy also felt like a badass, but also a bit like a nerd. Guess I will give this one to the beating of Orphan of Kos Grind of the Year Tetris Effect with the 1 million Rotations. Took about 10 hours of just spamming the X and Square button. Lost a few brain cells doing that... King of the Internet So I like Call of Duty and I do love the zombies, but It's just me and 1 friend who are really invested in getting all the trophies so most of the times we complete all stepts but never manage to complete the Easter Eggs on the DLC maps. We looked for some other people to play with and we managed to complete all COD WW2 and all Black ops 3 Zombie Easter Eggs. Had a really fun time doing this as well with some random people. Worst Online Experience Injustice gods among us, even with a group of 5 people we where not able to complete a single KOTH match cause the server kept throwing everyone out of the lobby...... Sleeper Hit of the Year I hadn't heared or seen much of the gameplay of A plague Tale Innocence when I picked it up, but I ended op loving the game and the gameplay. So much fun and such a good time and atmosphere in the game. Biggest Bomb of the Year Some shitty triple A Game you say? I did get the platinum for this game last year but still play some career mode every now and then. Also for the first time in 15 years I have not bought it at launch. I'm talking about Gambling machine 20 ofcourse! (FIFA 20). Best Trophy Image I just like the Astro playroom trophy image. Worst Trophy Image Tour de France 2014.... For this platinum you have to "ride" the tour with every single team and you need to get all objectives with everyteam possible. It was a grind but I really liked the mechanics even at the very end of the game I still enjoyed it. The trophy however is just the same as all the bronze/silver/gold ones but then it's blue..... 24 trophies in 1 game and this is all you can come up with..... Best Female Character I finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider back in January, but I still love Lara Croft and how she changed within the tomb raider series on ps4. Best Male Character There is only one this year, Jin Sakai! Best Platinum of the Year I think Astro was amazing but I will give this one to Ghost of Tsushima. After so many hours the world was still amazing nog boring and the platinum very fun to get. Worst Platinum of the Year There can only be one...... FALL **** u Guys. Had some legit 4 win streaks but I gave up. Most Anticipated Platinum of 2021 Impossible to pick one, mainly because it's not sure which games are comming out. I really wanna play the new Ratchet and Clank but also the new God Of War and Horizon forbidden west. Guess I will give it to Ratchet and Clank cause that one will for sure come out in 2021.
  2. I killed all 5 black phantoms but I did invade once as the monk for his head wrapper thing. I did not kill the player with the invade cause he died to the last black phantom on te stairs. I however don't have full white character tendency right now so just a heads up for other people.
  3. I managed to get my hands on a PS5 so my percentage is dropping a bit. Still my goal was 90% by the end of the year and It looks like I will get that! Maybe next year the road to 95%.
  4. Get uncharted 4 done Lad!
  5. Oh boi it has been done, my rarest platinum yet. Tetris Effect All 43 Trophies 26th November 2020 • Platinum in 1 year, 11 months Hoping to finish black ops 3 100% next month. Only need a few Zombie Chronicles trophies and then the only thing left is the campaign grind. But I got my hands on a ps5 so I'm kinda slowing down the attack on the backlog.
  6. So I've completed all 4 black ops 3 zombie DLC's on 100% but I still need the main game so I'm gonna wait to post it here. Also need the chronicles but I don't own it and it will be free with the ps5 plus collection. I did however grind my ass off this past few weeks for tour de france 2014. I loved the game despite the graphics and the basic gameplay. The grind completing all objectives with all 22 teams wasn't even that bad to be honest but it did get a little bit repetitive. Glad to have cleaned this one up after 5 years and 7 months and now to hit the X and Square 600.000 times for tetris effect 😑 Tour de France 2014 All 24 Trophies 10th November 2020 • Platinum in 5 years, 7 months
  7. I just managed to get 42 avatars in 1 weekly event. You only need a D rank to get an avatar drop, so basicly clear 1/2 lines an voilá there you go. Did take a lot of tries tho.
  8. @Gretchen27 Got all those annoying ss Ranks in the bag! but I do miss 42 avatars. Gonna look how many I can get during tomorow's weekly ritual and after that gonna look for a way to boost another 600.000 rotations..... For the SS ranks you don't have to get SS "everywhere", I did the campaign on easy SS, think I have normal also SS but expert is impossible for me. In the effect modes u can sometimes pick the endless option and get SS rank's that way.
  9. So I've been playing a lot of different games this month. I've been playing tour de france 2014 (only a long grind remains), playing black ops 3 (completing zombies EE's and the campaign grind), playing tetris effect and trying to get ss everywhere. Don't really wanna post the black ops 3 DLC that I've already completed 100% cause I still need the main game and already have games completed for this month. However one of my greatest platinums of all times I just completed is bloodborne. My first even from software game and my god was this hard (atleast for me). sadly the platinum rating is not that rare but I will take it anyway. Bloodborne All 40 Trophies 30th October 2020 • Completed in 4 years, 1 month
  10. Yeah no problemo! I was also searching for this and then just tried this and to my suprise this works briljant! I guess the good old try and error method never gets old.
  11. Hey, Sorry for the slow response. I do it from my PC on chrome, just open your psnprofiles on a different tab and select the game starting from the date. Then just copy and paste it into the message here. Bloodborne 25 of 40 Trophies 25th October 2020 U can also select the entire row but then the layout gets fucked up. Bloodborne 25 of 40 Trophies 25th October 2020 PS4 B RANK 1618 43% 21.54%13.46% Also using enters and what not will kinda screw up the layout, so just leave spaces if you wanna post multiple games at once.
  12. Some good demonstrations for this are in some populair games like TLOU2, FIFA 20, Call of duty. In fifa 20 there is a trophy for playing a match with 2 women's teams. This will take no more then 10 minutes and for most trophy hunters this is a free trophy. On PSN Profiles this is rated 14.96% and on playstation rarity it is rated 6.3%. In TLOU2 the platinum percentage on psnprofiles is 32.39% but the rarity on playstation is 4.2%! The more populair the game or how harder the task for the platinum/trophies are, the bigger the % difference will be.
  13. @bruin-rocks It has been a pleasure reading the updates on your backlogg and I wish you all the best! I've kinda started playing a lot of old games cause besides the backlog challenge I am also trying to get my overal completion rate to 90% before the end of the year, and because of the PS5 launch I'm trying to hit 90% before the 19 of november. I've been playing Tour de France 2014, only have a single trophy left but it's gonna take a while. Started playing black ops 3, going for the campaign grind and started working on the zombie DLC's. Also played both fifa 16 and 15. Fifa 16 will be the only fifa on my backlog without a platinum since no-one is playing FUT draft and creating 16 PSN accounts is not worth a trophy lol. In addition to comleting Call of duty WW2 100% I will add Slender: The arrival (man I hate this game) and after several days of trying to get 4 people online at the same time FIFA 15. Slender: The Arrival • EU All 20 Trophies 2nd October 2020 • Completed in 3 years, 10 months FIFA 15 All 46 Trophies 6th October 2020 • Platinum in 5 years, 9 months Fifa is actually my first ever playstation 4 game and first ever trophy. Backlog is slowly starting to get empty....
  14. First game of october is done! Managed to the last ww2 EE boss fight and finally got that sweet 0.25% 100% game completion. Call of Duty: WWII All 91 Trophies 1st October 2020 • Completed in 2 years, 10 months
  15. Last day of the month, nice day to complete another game from the backlog Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Trilogy Pack All 55 Trophies 30th September 2020 • Platinum in 2 years, 5 months very frustrating game to play and stupid trophy list but still enjoyed it every now and then
  16. Managed to complete the darkest shore EE and now got the entire DLC 1 on 100%. Only the easter eggs for DLC 2 and 4 remain
  17. Took on the challenge and started the call of duty WW2 zombie DLC packs. Pretty much cleaned up all the DLC but just can't complete the boss fights. Did manage to fully complete the 3RD DLC with a total gap of:2 years, 10 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 14 hours Might try the EE's run's again.
  18. Man this was one big clusterfuck. In germany sales starting at 0:00 in the Netherlands nothing. Not amazon, not mediamarkt all of them 0 info... The biggest retailer here in NL dropped it live on 8:35 like what time is that????
  19. In addition to the watch dogs platinum also go the bad blood DLC done. Watch Dogs All 50 Trophies 11th September 2020 • Completed in 5 years, 8 months And also Borderlands 3 DLC pack 4 (maybe the last with trophies cause there is more DLC comming but they are vague on that) Borderlands 3 All 75 Trophies 13th September 2020 • Completed in 1 year, 2 hours
  20. Check your log with the following missions. Fustercluck Off Complete all side missions and crew challenges in Krieg’s Mind. This DLC has a total of 13 Side Missions, most of which are very short. Here is a list of all their starting locations: The Psychoscape: A Good Egg Castle Crimson: Blast Requests Laid to Rust Hot and Unbothered Sapphire’s Run: Krieg’s on Parade Scratch, Don’t Sniff That Rings a Something Check, Please Brainstorm Benediction of Pain: Don’t Call it a Rorschach Remodel Behavior Does a Body Good It’s an Allegory Source: https://www.powerpyx.com/borderlands-3-dlc-4-psycho-krieg-and-the-fantastic-fustercluck-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  21. I can choose from: TrackMania Turbo 0.60% Black ops 4 0.77% And I Will also include FIFA 20 1.04% And tricky towers 1.05% I personally love TrackMania, played over 100 hours on the first game on PC and have played all of Them since. This for me wasnt that hard at all, a bit challenging but incredibly fun! I love black ops 4, MP was great, blackout was extremely hard but fun to do, zombies was also very good, the no story and boring matches against AI are a bit boring but fun platinum tot get. I've owned every FIFA since FIFA 2003 and since I started trophy hunting got all the fifa platinums from 17-20. But I'm gonna stop playing the game, no more FIFA 21 for me. This plat was such a grind and playing over 500 volta matches was brain damaging. Tricky towers is so much fun, even tho the platinum is hard, it is not as hars as tetris effect and the gameplay is good and doesn't get Boring. Can recommend. For favorite of Them all I will go for black ops 4, the tention in the Blackout games was insane and the feeling of that platinum popping was very satisfying.
  22. So I tried to do the co-op trophy with someone else but the game keeps on crashing everytime I join or get joined? Anyone know what this is about? Can it be 2 different regions (EU/NA) can't do this together?
  23. Got my september platinum done; Watch Dogs 45 of 50 Trophies 6th September 2020 • Platinum in 5 years, 8 months Now working on the DLC and some Call of duty WW2 zombie maps...
  24. I've also done KF2 but never posted it here. Did do some DLC here and there to keep the monthly streak going although I'm aiming to get 1 platinum cleaned up every month. In august I Just came 1 day short of cleaning up watch dogs with vacation and work so kinda glad I could do the borderlands 3 DLC 3 to keep the streak going. I however dont feel killing floor adding 1 trophy to a already existing DLC counts as a DLC done.
  25. I mean the devs made this trophy and wanted tot make it extremely hard for players. With the exploit It's not that hard and not that rare anymore so in my opinion there is no reason not to change it. They could fix the exploit and make it 3 wins or 2 wins. Would be better balanced.