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  1. Lmao I almost got this 100% legit. Won 2, lost hexagon 1 VS 1 and then won 2 again.... And I was thinking 91% is fine and dont wanna stress with the having to leave at the last seconds....
  2. So I'm currently using a Bose QC35 cause I'm playing a lot of singleplayers RN. For talking I use a pair of SONY MDR-XB50AP (€40). In the past 5 years I've also used the Logitech G432 headset (€60) which was pretty nice but it gets extremely hot with the big ear caps. Sound and voice where good tho. I also used the hyper x cloud from Kingston and those where great. After 3 years the mic stopped working but other than that it was a very good headphone. The cloud 2 is in NL (€95) but we get screwed on prices so maybe u can get 1 for $85. The 7.1 in the cloud was way better door gaming then the Bose QC35 (no 7.1) but the music and everything else on the bose is Just wow (in my opion). If I'm ever gonna buy a headset again would go for cloud again.
  3. I'm a little short on time this Month so decided to do borderlands 3 dlc pack 3 to keep the streek going. Borderlands 3 All 68 Trophies 11th August 2020 • Completed in 10 months, 4 weeks
  4. Well DMC 5 was my first DMC and I loved it but man the combat is freaking hard so obviously gonna go for DMC5
  5. Could pick any of the NHL or NBA games cause my god you need to play every game mode for so long, but gonna pick F1 2016. First of all, I did this a few months ago and the lvl 50 online grind is so boring. People are still playing it online so it is not imposibble but just incredibly boring and its gonna take like 20-30 hours atleast driving against 2 or 3 opponents. Even if you love playing F1 online, most of the time it is incredibly frustrating.
  6. No I can tell you they are not flagged. Pinged myself to Germany and worked like a charm.
  7. I actually got the AH working in NL. All you need is a laptop and an ethernet cabel.
  8. So this month has been quite the struggle, first of all finishing the last of us part 2. Second playing f1 2020 and ofcourse Ghost of Tsushima. In the mean while I cleaned up some trophies for NHL 2017 getting it from around 50% to 75% and I am not done yet. On accident got a trophy for 2k20 and then decided to just get as much as possible, but not getting anyplats from the old backlog. So to keep the streak going pushed myself to play 10 games of that's you this morning 😴 That's You! All 28 Trophies 31st July 2020 • Platinum in 2 years, 11 months July done!
  9. With the code the-nba-is-back u can het a free galaxy opal starting right now and available for a week. U either het GO Gordon Hayward, GO Rudy Gobert or GO kyle Lowry.
  10. So, I just started 2K20 and since the last 2K game I played was 2K18 I was not aware that the auction house isn't available in my country. I was wondering if anyone knows a way to get a dynamic duo without having to buy/pack them? Maybe with the player tokens or from a certain challenge?
  11. If anyone is still struggling with driving without any assist here are some tips: You can't go flat out at the start, you gotta build op the throttle. If you look at the bottom right you can see the green bar where the amount of throttle is displayed. You should put about 40% throttle and slowly increase after the lights go out. Anti lock brakes are off, this means that if you fully press the breaks and try to steer your tires will lock up. To prevent this try braking hard for a corner but slowly let go of the brakes before taking the corner. Comming out of a corner DON'T flat out the gas. Again build it up. With accelarating from a corner the car will spin if u give it too much RPM. Start with half gas and slowly build up. Perhaps the best tip of them all is to never fully press the throttle in your attempt for this trophy. That way you can't possible spin and you will have more time for gear shifting.
  12. You can now evolve the free Pink Diamond kobe. You need 8 games with kobe getting 40 points (just do domination on rookie and make sure he has enough playing minutes). After the 8 games with 40 points you need another 24 games with 50 points. So that brings the total to 32 games. This might take some time since the matches are atleast 20 minutes but most likely around 25-30. Personally I have had no luck with the vault so I am just going for this one.
  13. Yeah we know this, but we cant use the auction house in our country. So it is more about is there an easy way to get a dynamic duo? From rewards, triple treat, challenges, domination etc.
  14. Oh boiiiiii Bloodborne?!?!?! well lets not do that 😆
  15. 1.) TrackMania Turbo 0.60% 2.) Black ops 4 0.78% 3.) Tricky towers 1.04% 4.) FIFA 20 1.04% 5.) FIFA 17 1.60% I dont even like fifa anymore... The most rare thing for me would actually be 0.13% for 100% Minecraft
  16. Yes it does. If I understand you correctly the answer to your question is: As soon as you start a new chapter the possible collectibles for that chapter Will show in the main menu. If Lets say you have collected 6/6 artifacts and you start a new chapter having collected 2/4 on your first run, it Will show 8/10 in the main menu. The total collected can also be viewed by reloading the auto completed file.
  17. Battle for bikini bottom!!!! Gonna pick this one up after TLOU2
  18. Bloodborne, has been on my backlog for quite sometime now. Just suck at it
  19. Yeah if you add enough people that are playing or have played the game you can basicly grab everything except the diamond crystals. Took me like 5-6 hours to farm those out. Is 2 really worth it? I did enjoy the gameplay of knack 1 but kinda in doubt if I can play trough such a bad story again...
  20. Second game of june (well I am not including another 1 map of killing floor 2) Knack All 42 Trophies 16th June 2020 • Platinum in 2 years, 11 months Boring RNG with this chests but can finally delete this game for good 😆
  21. Oh yeah big Times haha. Look at the fishing ponds trophy, the batting cages and the secret boss.
  22. Okay, I decided to go for persona 5 for my 100TH platinum trophy. Tried to finish it in may but boiii this game is long. Took me 98 hours on the safe file to get there haha but was way worth it in the end! Great game with a amazing story and every character has something. Can really recommend playing it for anyone still looking for a game they can put over 100 hours in. Persona 5 All 49 Trophies 6th June 2020 • Platinum in 1 year, 5 months
  23. Also the "normal" persona 5 trophy list is a lot harder then royal. Don't know if that matters for you but just a heads up
  24. Bloodborne! My god I am so bad at this game...
  25. Assassins creed 4 black flag 😍