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  1. 3 hours ago, jeffreyELmaestro said:

    how many my points you get and wat difficulty? i simmed like 5 seasons and gto 4 tier pillars done i just need to do the progression one and thats it

    around 25-30k when you play on HOF with 12 min quarters. Suggest doing this after reaching lvl 6 so you can influence rotations and give yourself a maximum of 24 minutes. My experience is that if you give yourself 24 minutes and play 5 min quarters they still make you play 13-12 minutes and you will get around 10-13k of xp. it's a little bit more xp when playing on 24 min but every bit helps



  2. 4 minutes ago, grimydawg___ said:

    Yes, if you're already LV 40, just simply delete your save.  Once you restart your game, just go back on MyTeam and the trophy should pop once you get back on it.

    Thanks! Will try when I get back home!


  3. On 1-7-2022 at 4:14 PM, nanakiisnanaki said:

    Yes, you will need one save for the Mountain Shrine checkpoint (after final boss Rot God is defeated) on any difficulty.

    Sorry, this specific method from the mailbox only works if you have not unlocked the bow yet. If you have the bow unlocked, you can jump from the mailbox around the left corner of the house and land on the roof there. Are you asking because you didn’t have a Mountain Shrine save? 

    I recommend watching this speedrun for help with the mailbox: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1229895097?t=982s


    If you only have the bow unlocked and you do not have the bomb unlocked, you should also watch the final boss fight in the speedrun to see the trick to making it through the platforming section of the Rot God fight without a bomb. I wrote some text about this in a previous post if you need more help.

    Ah that explains. I noticed this post, watched the video and then while doing the normal playthrough stumbled across the mailbox and was wondering how hard it would be to pull of the glitch. Thanks for responding!


  4. 10 hours ago, NTGSruler said:

    @IGUnique: Thanks for explaining stuff! 


    The Milestones and objectives i know what to do. You really have to put time in it, and then you will unlock some good players. 

    For instance i am trying to unlock De Gea, but with only 2 days left and not being able to play today and most of tomorrow, i guess i wil fall just short in unlocking him. I only have scored 1/5 goals out of the box on WC difficulty. 


    As for the transfer market: i'm aware it's very difficult for a beginner. That's the reason why i stopped playing FIFA when they introduced FUT team in the game. 

    For the outside of the box you can do it on professional.


    Even tho I see myself as quite the FIFA veteran, I don't really do much with trading on the market. The only thing I do is hold certain cards and wait for the right times to sell 84 rated, rare golds, certain non-rares etc. 


  5. On 9-5-2022 at 11:01 AM, NTGSruler said:


    Thanks man for the answer! Honestly, how do you get all these players and how do you complete all these challenges? 

    All i can understand is to do a SBC, and even then. When i try for the Nations SBC, i always have either a player short, or not the right position, not good enough chemistry.


    You have to watch futbin... Yeah, i installed the app on my phone. So now what? Buy cheap players? When to sell them again with profit? And for how much? An explanation would be welcome. For example: let's take Carrasco. Well know player. When i go to Futbin, market, you see that he cost 2.4k. When do i sell them then and for what price? And does anybody buy these cards? All i see are special cards, Icon cards, ToTW cards.... I played a decent amount of squad battles with my friend on WorldClass. I played rivals (got the winning streak trophy), i got the rewards on sunday (was gold 1 i think). I think i have 25000 coins now.... Division 9 now, so hopefully i get more points now too. So i can maybe play in FUT Champions. 


    I actually like the game, but the fun just gets sucked out of it so fast if you don't know how to earn good players.

    So getting players is divided into 3 categories:

    1) Players you can only get from packs/Rewards (the entire Team of the Season premier league is an example of this but also Carrasco you mentioned above)

    2) SBC players --> these are found in the SBC tab from the FUT Menu/app. Every single SBC has a requirement and some player cards require multiple squads. To complete an SBC you can either buy the cards or maybe you already have some in your club. Some SBC's are very expensive tho like the Icon players or the team of the season Harry Kane. I'm afraid it will be very difficult for you to complete any of these. 

    3) Objective players --> These are found in the objective tab from the FUT Menu/APP. Objectives are also divided into 2 categories: Milestones and Objectives (it's kinda weird named). The key difference is that some milestones have no end date (like the Master in Rivals) and objectives always have a end date. 

    Right now you can get a 93 rated David the Gea from doing certain objectives in a certain game mode.

    You can also get 91 rated Bukayo Saka and 90 rated Willock. To complete an objective set, you have to complete all the individual tasks. These are always explained under the objective itself. This can be found in FIFA 22, in the web app but also on Futbin. https://www.futbin.com/objectives


    If you look at the first card at the top of the list you can see it's Chris Willock. In order to get Chris you have to:

    • Score 5 Volleys using EFL Championship players in any FUT game mode
    • Score using EFL Championship players in 12 separate matches in any FUT game mode
    • Win 10 matches in any FUT game mode with min. 7 EFL Championship players in your starting squad
    • Play 15 matches in any FUT game mode
    • Assist 11 goals using English players in any FUT game mode

    In case you don't know, the EFL championship is a certain league in football. You can search for players like this in your club or on the transfermarket. 

    You can also track your progress in the game or on the app.


    Regarding the transfer market it's a different story. There are certain points where you just know players will increase in value and others where you don't. As example last night a SBC's challenge was released with the name "Premier League 83+ x5 Upgrade". In order to complete this SBC you need an 84-rated squad. This resulted in 84 rated players slightly increasing in value on the market. There are also people who "gamble" on who is gonna be in the next team of the week or team of the season. For example, Robert Lewandowski the Polish striker from Bayern Munich is rumored to be in the Bundesliga Team of the Season. This will result in his normal 91 rated card not being in packs for 7 days and therefore a raise in price can be expected. 
    It's however a risk and since people have been fixing these prices for weeks I would advise to stay away from trading. You could watch some tutorials on Youtube to try and understand whats going on, but it's rather complex for a beginner. 


  6. 6 hours ago, flynwhitesausage said:

    Where do you find golden goal games?

    It's no official rule, but a lot of games in the friendly game mode are played like this. Especially the ones where you can grind for objectives cards. Since most cards have a requirement like "score a goal in 10 separate matches" this would take you at least 2.5 hours of playing friendly games. So 60/70% of the community plays until 1 guy scores and then the other guy quits the games. This means matches can be over in 15 seconds instead of playing along for 15 minutes. 
    of course not everyone does this, but it's faster to try this in friendlies then to grind 200 games of rivals/squad battles. 


  7. 12 hours ago, Gr4de_04 said:

    @IGUnique @Lucas. Thanks for the advice. that certainly is good to know. I love how both replies are fellow Dutchies. We're such a soccer country, haha.
    As for IGUnique. I'll add you in advance for the 200 matches exploit should I need it. It sounds like a pretty big grind but I'm not sure.

    If you play online friendlies it can go pretty fast since a lot of games are played like golden goal so your average match will take about 2 minutes but otherwise it will take you at least 50 hours. 

    13 hours ago, NTGSruler said:

    I know what you are trying to say.

    To be clear: can we earn the trophies in co-op if i join my friends team and NOT my team? So my friend has the platinum already, so if we play together with his team, is it possible that i can earn the trophies? 

    No, you can't earn "Design and Conquer", "Best Seats in the House" and "True Grit".

    I am unsure about "Winning Mentality" and "Point to Prove".

    You can achieve "Friends for Life", "Club Icon", 


  8. 23 minutes ago, Lucas said:

    I wouldn't necessarily recommend people to go out and buy all these players. Sure, some of them are/were indeed meta, but for a newcomer to spend 15-20k on this squad is not recommended when they could be using that money for SBCs.



    1. We're never certain which trophies will stay obtainable once the next installment in the series comes out, but I'd say that the Be My Guest trophy is the one you should be looking out for the most. This trophy requires you to play a game mode that is not always always, so you should start going for this one asap.

    Yeah you could also do the Hybrid leagues/Hybrid nations/League and nation hybrid but the prices for those have gone up quite a bit with all the new players joining in and there is no guaranteed profit for doing it. I think most people from this forum could better use a solid starter team to get going in rivals so they can get the trophies quicker but that's up to them.


    I checked and the co-op gamemode has no end date so it should be there forever just like all the other friendly gamemodes. 


  9. 7 hours ago, Gr4de_04 said:

    I haven't played Fifa since Fifa 15, which I played on the Wii U, and i think before that is was Fifa street on the original xbox. Fair to say I'm a bit lacking on knowledge, so i got a few questions, some not entirely about FUT.

    1. If going for 100%, is there anything I should know or be more warry off to speed up my trophy progression that is not in the guide? (or doesn't have enough emphasis)

    2. Since EA are known to be greedy-ass scumbags, how pay-to-win is FUT? I do not plan on dropping any money in this game and I'll get the PS+ pack, but will i be swimming up against a river or a waterfall?

    3. How bugged is this game? 'd imagine it's pretty polished considering they have been re-releasing the same game essentially. Do these bugs get frustrating?

    4. How anoying is boosting? Thinking of lag/continental servers or worldwide/ other matchmaking issues. I do have great internet myself though.

    5. Is there PS5 to PS4 popping? If so i rather play the PS5 version first.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Okay I will try to answer your questions:


    1) I would hurry up with "Point to prove". This trophy might become unavailable when fifa 23 drops (this should be around september/october 2022 so you still have plenty time). Also the more new player start playing rivals the bigger you chance of actually winning 3 games in a row and racking up the points needed to qualify. 1 Thing to point out, you no longer need 1500 points but 1250 to qualify.

    Also playing with someone in co-op who has a player with over 200 games will grant you the 200 matches trophy so if you need me to help you out for a match let me know. 


    2) Hard to judge to be honest. It's very "luck to win", you could be spending €1000 this weekend when the EPL (English Premier League) Team of the season drops and not pack a single card. On the other hand you always have people with insane pack luck. For the sake of trophy hunting I wouldn't worry too much since most players who will be in the lower divisions (which is the only online mode you will have to use your own ultimate team) will be new and will be in the same boat. Also there are objectives players dropping every week, right now you can get a 89 rated Left Back and according to leaks you will be able to get a 89-91 rated Right midfielder, going by the name of Saka from arsenal, starting Friday 7 pm CEST. Be wary tho you might struggle getting these cards since a lot of players with good teams will also be chasing these players. 


    3) FIFA doesn't have many buggs. Occasionally some will happen but I've played 22 for over 1000 hours (according to PlayStation but it also includes a lot of afking) and haven't had any gamebreaking buggs. There is however a thing called Momentum in the game. What this does is make your team worse and the opponent's team better. Your goalkeeper won't stop a single shot and on the other hand, your opponent's goalkeeper will become a god.  Don't worry tho you can also have momentum in your favor making the game a little bit easier to win. 


    4) The EU servers are very very populated but most of the people playing the game are playing either ultimate team or pro clubs in the high divisions. Boosting the VOLTA game mode is very easy since no-one is playing that gamemode, same goes for pro clubs. Boosting division rivals in ultimate team might be a bit harder right now since a lot of players will start playing now that it's free but if you can't do it wait a couple of months and you should be fine. 

    In about 1000 matches on EU servers I've had maybe 3/4 games with internet issues especially in NL it's super good.


    5) I don't do auto popping so No clue about this, but there is a forum post about it. 


    I also made a fun little beginners squad that would do quite nicely and I tried to keep it as cheap as possible: https://www.futbin.com/22/squad/7507653

    You might have some players from the ps+ pack, but this game does have a meta and some players just feel better in game despite having a lower rating. A good site in case anyone wants or needs more information about ultimate team is https://www.futbin.com Here you can find all players, their prices and even reviews. 


  10. 16 hours ago, YokA_sun said:

    Not sure if it's proper to ask (I know there is a trophy guide but very likely it's written by a Fifa veteran). I am very interested in playing Fiifa 22 since it's free now. The only Fifa I played ever was Fifa1997. I know I sound like a trophy whore asking this: how hard are the online trophies? since they cannot be boosted based on my understanding? especially the three wins. How hard is it for someone who has very little experiences playing fifa like me. I assume I would be crashed online.



    As a fifa vet its hard to judge, but there will be a lot of new player starting now and most things can be boosted so I wouldn't worry about it too much. You might struggle winning 3 games in a row in Division rivals in FUT but if you can't get it now, it's still very boostable by deleting your club and starting fresh in division 10 when fifa 23 drops. 


    The trophies related to prof clubs can also be boosted. It might take you a while to qualify for a weekend league tho if you struggle to win. I am not sure how many points you get starting from division 10 but every single match you play you will gain some point towards it. 


  11. for anyone wondering if they should play the game related to difficulty, this is by far the easiest en the least grindy FIFA in years. Also I can help anyone out who needs the 200 matches with a player, just add me and put it in the message.

    For the bicycle kicks you will just need to get a player with flair and either lock onto the player or do it while doing the co-op 10 games boosting. It's really not that difficult to do.


  12. Insane update. Just got about 6 million from the 15 cleared circuits. It's suddenly very easy to make a lot of credits while also having fun! 

    The 1 hour races will give you 1.3 million if you manage to win them and there are 8 of those. Also doing the northsleife (Nurburgring) on track experience everything gold will give you over 6 million.


  13. Yeah It's really good. I cant use my Logitech g29 steering while all of the time and usually it kills playing racing games with the controller but the dual sense feels so good. The vibrations from terrain, the ABS on the breaks and even the traction on the throttle feel really good.