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  1. You still have some absolute top games on your list. I would recommend The horizon zero dawn DLC, Jedi fallen order, Shadow of war, The last of us remastered (although you really gotta love the gameplay for this one), crash bandicoot, Bloodborne. These games are time consuming but so much fun. Out of the list you are currently working on I would like to wish you luck with Knack. You can also add me on PSN to help with getting all the gems, such a stupid RNG mechanic that ruined the game for me.... GOW and resi 2/3 are also really good and fun games to plat!
  2. So I do think everyone has different opinions about this and I know I am not the most active member on this forum but still multiple games in the same year is also a grey area (talking about the yearly streak). I do try to complete 1 full game each month, but I've used new DLC last year. For me it's all about how much time a DLC takes but then again it's also about how much time anyone has in their life. If I play a game that has DLC coming out will most of the time wait for all the DLC to be released and then get it 100%. I did this with both Immortal Fenix Rising and I will do it with AC Valhalla. Both main games were completed within 6 months but the last DLC was released later than 6 months for me. On the other hand, the AC Valhalla DLC's will take up 15-20 hours per DLC and doing one DLC will take up most of my monthly gaming time. This makes it hard to do both in 1 month (so I do some prepping) but entering them 1 month apart would be fine by my standards. I'm not really against getting 1 trophy on a PS5 game and then waiting 6 months to auto pop, but I wouldn't personally do that. I also don't play a game and then just wait 6 months to finish it up.
  3. Does anyone know if you can transfer the safe file from ps5 back to ps4? would love to play NG+ and the DLC on my PS5 and then pop the ps4 trophies. Rather do that then ps4 100% and autopop.
  4. I feel you, I would be done if not for writing a guide. Still need 200.000 coins to buy women's clothing. This trophy makes no sense at all..... If it was buy everything for 1 gender it would make more sense but still suck, but both?!?!?!?
  5. Yeah and the game does crash every now and then and you will lose the coins you had. It can keep count of which month and year but you will lose the coins... Ah yes exactly what I meant. I have a theory about the ranks. My first "Pro" never dropped below rank 35 and I always kept at least 3000+ points. I believe that if u can play a tournament that you won the previous year, you need to play it in order to keep the points. The best way to do this is to win the Finals (6-star) and then just make sure you are no longer in the top 8 at the end of next year. However for a new account this wouldn't be any help, so make sure to do every 1 star in your first year so that you qualify for the grand slams (5-star) next year and this way you won't lose too many points. I did this on a second career farm and never dropped below 600 points and therefore staying around and about place 100.
  6. Sorry for the late response, u can disable skill cards at the end/start of a new season or at the start of a new career. When you pick the length settings there is an option with triangle to disable skill cards.
  7. In all honesty, I had no more tips to give for challenge 8. It's all about finding spots you can hit consistent and skip all the ones you can and just hope for some good RNG. I used a lot of volleys but I talked to other people who couldn't hit anything with volleys.
  8. No, you should be fine doing this with only your career player. In case this is still glitched, try creating a new player for the challenges. You can do most of them from an early level. I was level 18 when I did all of them.
  9. Almost there! like 4/5 hours of grinding left for you!!! I'm finishing the last of the Strings and then it's just the clothing left. Only the tops will take a long time but getting closer every day.
  10. I hope for you it does! I am sitting here in 2179 after my first career wouldn't progress after 2245. Close to having everything for the rackets done. Then it's just the clothing left....
  11. Have you also skipped an entire season to reset the counter?
  12. There is one where you pay 600 and get 1600. Besides that, there is one that will give you 600 I think but after that it goes down quickly. Most of the contracts are 150/200 and sometimes 350 or 400. I'm up to 2140 and so far it's been a really random shit show. Had one year where I had 9 contracts in a row making me 4000 coins in just a minute and then other years without a single contract. I've tried to keep a record (but it gets so boring), I got 48k in 1 hour as a high, got 22k in 1 hour as a low. My rank on the ranking has always been between 30 and 40 for at least 100 years now, so no logic there. I also did the Manhattan classic but that took me 63 minutes and only got me 29k in return. I did get a lot of "set" objectives so that didn't help but still. Sadly seems that the best way to farm (if you have 1 console and want to do it the easy way) is the contracts and to just "get lucky". Theoretically it could take 30 hours of total simming for all the coins, but if you are unlucky it could easily go up to 40-50 hours of just hitten next...
  13. Yeah challenge 6 is a pain in the ass. Best thing to do is take An extra stap back to ensure you don't get aced. The do a sharp vertical shot. Run towards the middle of the court behind the baseline. Do a drop shot horizontally. Run back to the middle of the court behind the baseline again. Finish the rally of with a flat shot into the open corner. That is great Info! I will put this into the guide aswell.
  14. I justed wanted to let everyone know that the trophy guide is done and awaiting publishing. This includes exploits for "this is mine?" And "school is out" and some details on beating each challenge.
  15. yeah, this could be the way, it does however take 20-25 hours of just doing this to get the number of coins you actually need. I will do 1 more test tonight to figure out if playing 1 grand slam while focussing on the coins gives you more or equal amounts.