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  1. Thats me getting "Hearty" @King Dice, but with the Heart Ring and Crackshot's Ex. Also used Crackshot and Heart Ring to get an S-Rank on The Howling Aces.
  2. I hear you. After some unsuccessful tries I hold spin the whole time + did it one combo I think. You could go through my twitch videos to find that part. I could also do this but not before Saturday or Sunday
  3. Perfect, thank you for the update :)
  4. Thank you very much for this detailed plan! I'll try that next week, maybe even stream it. One thing i don't understand, what about PS+ to play online. Sure my main acc has PS+, but what about the 9 others?
  5. https://easyupload.io/azqr1j nothing fancy, just 150EP/30secs Map the 900 to "down, left, square", choose Philly and start the macro as soon as the skater moves. And don't forget to enable loop
  6. Are you playing on PS4 or PS5? I did everything on PS4. maybe there's a connection!?
  7. FYI: I got all DLC Trophys today in one Session.
  8. Nevermind, just recorded a macro myself (18k/hour)
  9. I downloaded your macro, but i don't get it to work. You just start the level, then start the macro, right? At first the skater just jumps, then does manuals and flip tricks. I activated all mods and tried every button mapping to the 900. What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  10. Got platinum today. Lemi + Magnum for the last 4 levels and you are good to go. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Thanks for your input. Got the log yesterday without 100% progress (astronaut) and I got an astronaut with me. Last cipher in biome 5 was a rare room leading to the arena door (sry I just know the German name ;)) which you can always reach via the hub room
  12. Thanks for the input. I read @ign that the log is about the astronaut. Do you remember by any chance if you got the astronaut statue with you when finding the log?
  13. Could somebody give insights on log #51, what it's called for example? I just got #9 after progrtessing parasite data to 100% and maybe #51 is connected to something similiar. thanks in advance
  14. Just got Log #9 after completing Parasite Database 100%. Restarted my PS5 just for the lulz, and there it was after the second blue door. You can even watch the video of my stream i just ended for confirmation. Last couple of minutes. Log #51 left though
  15. Once this bug is fixed let me know if someone wants to boost this trophy. Haven't read into it in detail, but i remember that you have to create a few accounts etc. I won't play this game in the future so i've no problem, deleting my team and start from scratch.