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  1. Tier 1 is back up everyone, good job.
  2. they merged it but didn't bother too reply
  3. Seems they deleted your post and merged it with the other one.
  4. There is a EA phone number also, might be better than writing to live chat, done live chat twice before and they don't know anything haha
  5. Best thing you can do is make a post here and try to get their attention, and maybe tweet them. It worked for Dante's inferno.
  6. They said the exact same to me, told me check my wifi is working and linked me a generic playstation troubleshoot page. I told him this is a issue for everyone then he said he passed it onto support team, sounds like he made it up though to be honest.
  7. For tier 1 yes. The whole point of this topic
  8. I advise everyone create a support ticket / speak to live chat so they are aware the server is down.
  9. big bully is 100% bugged on both consoles for me, its like the most common trophy in the game, and I have knocked over almost 100 people but nothing,
  10. not every trophy is bugged, only the ones he mentioned in original post, which I can confirm are all bugged on ps5.
  11. If you do a simple search on down detector you can see servers are down for 1000s of people, this seems to only be in the UK.
  12. there is no 4 player trophies, all are 2 players. And like hunting fever said it won't be possible to do yourself without 4 hands lol. Some of the missions are hard and if 1 player loses all their lives its over and the level resets.
  13. yeah its not on the US store, I bought god eater 2 in the sale too and didn't get 1.
  14. Can we still download digital games and DLC we already own after this date or do they need to be installed?
  15. Does it run at 60 fps?