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  1. Worst thing about the game was the motion blur/ horrible framerate, it hurt my eyes more than any game on PS4. Could also be cause everything had a bright yellow hue to it.
  2. Whats the point of playing 2 games on the same account at the same time anyway? If he wants to play with you he can just play it on another temporary account.
  3. Password also works with invades yes cool feature
  4. Don't waste your time, just make a US account and use gift cards. Its the cheapest store overall and has the best sales, setting up a new bank account just for a max 1 dollar discount is not worth it.
  5. That is true they could do that, but the next gen version of destiny 2 is not coming out till 2021 which makes me think it will be a new list with some trophies changed to suit the new content.
  6. Them releasing it on ps5 means there will be a new trophy list... Why would they share the same trophy list for a new release of a game when content from the trophy list has been removed. For PS4 it will just be an expansion likely without trophies like Shadowkeep.
  7. I thought so, thanks for the confirmation! I would rather play it on pc and pop the trophies on ps4 than have to deal with clunky controls on an mmo
  8. How are people finishing this game in a few hours and even 30 minutes? Is there some trick not included in the guide or are they using the pc version and transferring accounts.
  9. For PS5 yes, PS4 i doubt it.
  10. They will have to change the trophy list for ps5 anyway. There is no way they will release the ps5 version with unobtainable trophies.
  11. Probably will make it easier to find players in your country and region.
  12. Is the 100% still possible starting from scratch if I own the game and all DLC already?
  13. He can take your account and make it primary, you will still be able to play it too.
  14. Yes works the same way with PS + not like PermaFox said. 1 ps plus membership will work with the account you bought it on and on 1 additional ps4, then on your other ps4 where it is set as primary any account will able to use the games and ps plus.
  15. No... only twice. The account you bought it on will always be able to play it regardless of having primary activated or not, then you will activate primary on your second console with your main account allowing anyone on that device to use it. You will have to buy it twice though if you plan on doing it on 4 consoles. There is also no limit to the amount of times you can deactivate and reactivate the primary using the PS4.