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  1. I remember it to be really easy yes. As stated you need to use two controllers. I’m guessing because of that and that it takes more than 10 hours to complete most people will avoid it. You’ll quickly learn where to put your towers and what to buy so it gets really easy once you’ve figured it out
  2. Update: Just got the 25 k burst trophy and I got it on the first level. Got to lvl 122, and was so tired of the game, that I just hoped playing the same level over and over would work, and it did. So when you get to 250 stars, just grind out the first level for a while and you should be good
  3. Yeah I would guess something like that.. Which makes me wonder how the 250 stars are more rare than the 25k... People must be struggeling with the game as I didn't count my run as a good one, getting the 250 stars at level 114. But maybe it was just me expecting to much of myself..😅 Anyway I still don't have it, but now I'm just playing new levels. currently at 117 as I had the weekend off.
  4. It seems to be endless amounts of levels. Can't actually go beyond the levels you've cleared to check so I'm not sure, but getting 250 was no problem as I got only 1 star at a quite a few levels, and there seems to be many left after the 114 that I cleared. The problem is that I didn't chek at what level I got it, but it seemd like a fair amount of time/levels when I got it.. Assuming I got 10 k at level 40 I should be getting the 25 k around lvl 115-120 (assuming there is more bubbles in later levels..) I finished at lvl 114 and have replayed the first level atleast 50 times with no luck.. Maybe replaying levels don't count?
  5. Looking at the rarity of the two trophies, one would suggest that 25 k burst should pop some time before reaching 250 stars. I've got the 250 star trophy and grinded the first level for about 20-30 min without the 25k trophy popping. Could it be glitched ? I got my 250th star at level 114 I also seemed to get the 10k trophy at the correct time but with no ingame counter, I've no clue...
  6. After buying this game cheap I looked for some guides or pointers, but I couldn’t really find any, so now when I’ve platinumed it I though I’d give give future trophy hunters some tips / info This game is really easy. I’d give it a 2 and some stages might be touching 3. it’s a really slow pace game so it will most likely take betwen 10-12 Hours.(I clocked in at aprox 11) YOU NEED TWO CONTROLLERS to perfct each stage. I figured this out a stage 5 (out of 40). First 5 was no problem with one controller. This is no stress however, the game is so slow, that you can easily move around changing controllers when need be. You’ll mostly use one to move around and build stuff while the other is idle at the towers to upgrade them. You’ll quickly understand what to buy and where to place your towers. I always started out with two small towers, bought a third when I had enough, then bought the money tower.(Only two stages requires you to start with the flame towers to beat the first wave) I’d usualy upgrade each tower (apart from the money tower) three times, as any tower seem to be strong enough then. Other good towers to buy are the flame towers, poison towers and ultima tower. P.S: a few stages have invicible enemies, which requires you to buy the radar tower. Any stage that needs that, have the ghost enemies spawn in the first round, which means you can quickly restart the round if you didn’t get it. The one trophy that isn’t ‘story related’ says that you have to play one Skirmish round, but you actually neds to win the round, which is also really easy. Hope this helps, and makes more people platinum this mediocre game
  7. So you value the prize of gaming time to 1.225 p/pr second? Interresting
  8. You’re all probably right. I must have thought that reaching the level required would give you a trophy aswell. I do apologize for a stupid thread.
  9. I played Skyrim years ago and got all the trophies except for what I believe is 2. one of them is Legend for killing a legendary dragon. The other one was for reaching a high level (I think it was lvl 70?). Now I couldn’t bear the grind at the time so I put the game away, but now going through my backlog I’m only missing the one trophy for killing the dragon, which kinda makes me wanna go back in and finish it up. So is it correct that they removed a trophy? And if so, does ayone know if the lvl requirement for making a legendary dragon spawn have been lowered? I’m guessing there must be a reason for them to remove the trophy, like it takes way to long or is too hard or something?
  10. If I’m not mistaken (I haven’t played the game myself in a few years) the Leviathan raid was taken down not too long ago. Destiny have been doing this since the first game, so it’s not uncommon. What they also did was changing the trophy requirements from completing the raid and completing it on prestige to completing a nightfall and a nightfall on the hardest difficulty. I know this was done on the ps4 version, and by looking at your profile and your D2 trophies for the PS5, it has been changed there to. Just update yourself on the trophy requirements
  11. No. Will Pinocchio’s nose grow if he says ‘my nose wil grow now’?
  12. Sign me up please! Here’s my list: (In order of time completed) 1. AC: Unity 2. AC Freedom Cry 3. AC: Syndicate 4. AC Chronicles: China 5. AC Chronicles: India 6. AC Chronicles: Russia 7. AC: Origins 8. AC III Remastered 9. AC Liberation Remastered 10. AC: Odyssey 11. AC II 12. AC Brotherhood 13. AC Revelations All is PS4 games and all is 100% completed DLC’s included. Chronicle games are standalone 100%s, not bundle with platinum.
  13. I will start this game tonight and only have a few hours to play. Will I be able to attemp this trophy or will I have to wait to later in the game ?
  14. Steep Oh how I enjoyed the game, the music, the views. There was a few challenges which didn’t make it easy. This is one of the few games that got me that childhood gaming feeling, like playing and progressing in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Actually don’t think there’s any else of the 107 plats I got. I LOVE Assassin’s Creed. But the grind for locations and 100% is a big part in the majority of the games which I don’t want to do again.
  15. Ok, thanks! Yeah I only did one and it took me a while so I’m glad I don’t have to.