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  1. I think it's the fact that so few players have played this game. So the people who bought the game are the ones that really want to play it and more likely to plat it.
  2. The game showed I got the gold but the time would just be blank. But after getting gold on all the other levels the trophy did not pop (or rather I did not get that mini gift/statue that you need to open for the trophy), so I had to replay that level and get a real gold time to get the gift and then the trophy poped.
  3. I found a potential exploit, that if you die after reached the goal the finishing will trigger when you respawn at the start giving you the time 0:00 and a gold medal. Im not sure tho how many levels it's possible to use on or if it is easy to reproduce tho. Edit: getting a time like this doesn't actually work
  4. A tip is to do the collectibles of the last level as soon you completed the story, because of a glitch that can happen. I did not, in fact I did everything else before, with one of the minikits glitch out (the one with the 3 silver statues) leaving me stuck at 99.8%. Luckily I had a backup save at 90% just having to replay the last 9 missions.
  5. Thanks, now just need to make a US account.
  6. Anyone in the U.S that can check if Sonic the Fighters is on the ps3 store there?
  7. Is this game still on PS now or is there any way to play this game? I been interested to complete the whole Sonic series but this game might be a gatekeeper with no way to play.
  8. potentially the easiest way to do this: make a offline hc pala. dupe runes for all the gear you need. remote play your ps5/ps4 to your computer and use a bot 24/7
  9. Nightmare Over - Sparkle Unleashed. 11 Achivers
  10. Gotta say this game was a lot better than I expected. A bit much dialog in the beginning maybe, and it take some time to get used to the jumping (or no jumping). But I really liked the art style and music of the game, as well as the puzzling and fighting mechanics.
  11. Why is the digital version almost x3 times the price as physical?
  12. The currently fastest archiver did nightmare in 34 minutes. With 108 levels that's less than 19 seconds per level, this also includes loading time between levels and levels with a timer. Unless im missing something or there is some kind of exploit, this should probably be impossible.
  13. The Paw Patrol games need a Series Stage 1 Stage 2 EU NA
  14. The thing is I got the normal version on disc, but I will check the store again when I get home, maybe I just missed it.
  15. Oh sorry meant to post on the ps3 version