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  1. I've seen they've patched the game on Steam for the first time very recently, I'm hoping it will come soon for us too. I don't want to email them again to get a release date for the patch as I don't want to look like I'm harassing them but, anyone else, feel free to do so
  2. Yup, save scumming
  3. Yeah, you never know what to expect with indie games. Waited a whole year for Neversong platinum to be fixed. Didn't even expect it would be fixed at that point 😆 Silt feels pretty polished to me, so I'm not surprised that Spiral Circus is the kind of studio that listens to feedbacks that might help improve their game. I'll definitely keep an eye on their future projects!
  4. In case anyone is interested, I also emailed the studio about this, and got an answer: Sounds like it should be fixed pretty soon.
  5. Hi, I also had a trophy location glitch. I don't know if you were in the same situation, but just in case, here is how it went for me. The game crashed on me during the mission, and when I tried to go back, I could not connect to the servers. I went back later, and it connected just fine, and I finished the mission, unlocking the challenge for the locations BUT not the trophy. I checked the map and saw that there were several locations that were marked as not found. I could not re-visit them in the mission instance I loaded, but I re-visited every location I was missing on another run and it unlocked the trophy just fine. I had to do it in one go though, as I saved my game and stopped playing in the middle of the mission, and when I loaded it back, some places I had already visited were marked again as not discovered.
  6. From what I know on this part, staying between the barricades is never a problem, except with the 3rd & 4th heavies, because at least one soldier must come in front of you from the right. If he doesn't show up, then he may be coming from behind you. They may also throw a grenade at you (very rare though). I guess it might also be possible that, very rarely, the soldiers come for you, even between the barricades. During one of my practice run, the Zerstörers were triggered at the same time as the last heavy, so I guess things may unfortunately go wrong sometimes.
  7. You already made it to Ausmerzer 2, you can and will earn this. I've died three times in a row in the courthouse while using the same method I always use. This part is awful because it is partly luck.
  8. Yes, walking in this corridor ends up being heard by the Kommandant behind the door. He then shoots at you with his Kampfpistole through a little window in the door.
  9. Hey, I haven't read the 24pages but there are some useful videos for this run available on Youtube. Just got the trophy thanks to these (got it while streaming, so I have the video but I don't think it is really helpful - there's no tips, it's in french, and I never thought I would get it while streaming). Used these two videos to prepare my runs :