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  1. Good going on adding FUT Champions Weekend League trophy again, expect it to be unattainable in a year.
  2. Club Legend is going to be a bit grindy.
  3. Most of people replying are right, however you can get a trophy without timestamp even if your console was previously online. It unfortunately happened to me a couple months ago. I've been playing GT5 recently and since its online support is dead I have a habbit of playing offline and going online only to sync newly-earned trophies. However, one time upon booting the PS3 it asked me to set up my date and time. I thought it was weird, but I just skipped over and didn't bother with properly setting it up. When I earned a trophy it wasn't timestamped. Since then the console would keep asking me to set up my date and time upon booting it, and now I'm always using an Internet connection to set it up and then I sign in before playing just in case. As far as I know I'm on the latest firmware.
  4. Why? Shouldn't it get harder with most people having decked out teams? I doubt all of its hardcore players will move on to 20 so easily, there'll always be leftovers.
  5. It's easier to obtain a sniper rifle but good luck with getting Ushanka hat with everyone hot-dropping there. Especially if you're playing with randoms and you're the only one dropping in Estates, coordinated enemy teams will just mop you up. It's also harder to place Top 2 in Quads than Top 5 in Solo if you're not playing with a good communicating team. The final circle is also a lot clutchier with everyone running around using bowie knifes.
  6. I would assume not since limited time modes don't count for leaderboards and overall statistics, but can anyone confirm? Did anyone happen to get their first win in a LTM and did that unlock "My first win"?
  7. You most likely won't be able to earn trophies during the trial, at least that was the case with other games that did a timed trial.
  8. I'd leave the grind for the end. There'll still be more episodes (and races to complete) to come, you might as well get those trophies naturally during the course of 3rd season, or at least get very close to achieving them. No need to force the grind right at the beginning.
  9. It says it was updated yesterday. Perhaps they forgot to remove the tag, but Icon and Specialist trophies don't have it.
  10. Why is the trophy tagged as unattainable in the guide? Did they take out some of the items from Blackout? IX and BM characters not counting is nonsense, they share the same name. It's even more frustrating since IX character items dilute the item pool.
  11. Ah, this is crap. It's hard enough to get specific items to trigger the necessary missions, that you need to complete in the same match, and now they're dilluting the item pool even more.
  12. I'm wondering the same about Ultimis Nikolai and Dempsey available in Contraband this season. Their names are the same as well. It'd be cool if we could earn a few trophy-eligible characters from Contraband every season (looking at you Reznov).
  13. I can't believe they overlooked including some way to check total medals earned. Especially since they're obviously tracking that for trophies. That and some other stuff like MVP finishes not counting as podium finishes are jarring oversights.
  14. Is there any way to check the number of medals earned? Also I got no luck with landing on an opponent, can't believe it has a 87% earn rate. EDIT: Okay, I just managed to get a Crushed takedown. 😄
  15. I'd love to play this on PS4, but I already have a big collection on PC I'd like to keep working on. Hopefully, they allow for player profiles to be unified on PC and consoles.