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  1. I can confirm no trophies are installed until you choose a game from the selection screen. For Razing Storm online mode you need 3 other people (I found my group using Gaming Sessions) and an extremely good dose of endurance, you'll spend 80-100 hours doing the same things, at least this was my experience.
  2. Take in account the fact that some encounters happen when you go through a specific path or perform an interaction with something (e.g. magic sources, generators, and so on). And yes, the path can end in a zone you already visited 2 minutes before, without triggering any fight. An example is the chapter 3 dungeon: before reaching the boss area, you'll arrive in a wide area and no enemies will spawn. Going through one of the paths (the upper one if I recall correctly, it'd be a dead end) will oblige you to come back and several daemons will wait for you.
  3. You're right (for the normal nightfall) 😅 Yeah, you can only wait for another week 😒
  4. Nightfalls Prestige runs don't count anymore for this trophy. Only Leviathan Prestige.
  5. @leonaustin Try doing again the maze without buying any powerup. I suppose you used the bug that allows to buy infinite ammos/lives in the shop when you get more than 25 coins; but doing so can also lock trophies in my opinion (I recall there's something related to trophy locking in AZ1 too)
  6. Folklore / FolkSouls (JP) with trophy support Fatal Inertia EX with trophy support Nier / NieR RepliCant (in the end it's the same game...)
  7. You can play whatever mode you want (e.g. I got my trophy after a Frontline in Seal Rock, if I remember correctly)
  8. Ultimate Survivor can be done in more runs. If you fail a cell, just die during the next one and start again the level. The trophy will unlock when all the survival cells are marked in yellow in the progress map. EDIT: you can also get it if you do e.g. six survival cells in AR and one in hybrid research.