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  1. Is there a small chance that it will have autopop in the future?
  2. Maybe they disabled autopop… I did this when its released and it all autopopped fine… Now I won‘t start the PS5 Version without any autopop
  3. Another question. Can I get all trophies local with 4 controllers?
  4. how is it possible to get infallible without winning ever an episode? Is there a new glitch out now??
  5. Any trophies that will autopop accidentally?
  6. How many people do we need to boost all trophies fast
  7. All of them? So I only need a friend for platinum?
  8. So anyone found out if you can get the trophies offline or with a friend in a private match?
  9. Whats about this Dlc? Any trophies that unlock earlier?
  10. I bought this game now at NA Store but there is no New Version. can anyone help pls
  11. Nvm I already bought it now for the NA Version and now I am waiting for the new one appears The EU Version appered today
  12. I also have the EU version and it only appears in the library.
  13. I need to buy the NA regular version correct?
  14. Ok but is also no NA Version….
  15. Where can I find the EU or NA version. Can‘t find any of them