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  1. Anyone can help?
  2. I cant Rank up. My stats says. I‘m not ranked yet. And my account is from Feb 2014. Wtf... I cant get any of the online trophies now... 200 Rocket Launcher because its not saving. Sooo... if this is May 2015 .... my account is Feb 14 I deleted the game and save files. Doesn’t help I‘m not Ranked yet...
  3. Hello. If have this trouble. I cant Rank up. My account is from Feb. 2014 is there any chance to can ever get the level 50 trophy?...
  4. What do u need to press exactly? L2+R2 and O?
  5. Yea I press O and tried everything. But this cant achieve for me...
  6. Are u sure this isn’t: Successfully achieved 1000 goals in FIFA15? I cant achieve this. Doesn’t matter L2+O L2+R2+O deleted save game deleted patch. FUT I tried everything. Nothing helped. 98%. Thxx EA... What can I do to achieve this?...
  7. When went fifa 14 down?
  8. How long do you think we have time to get the trophies.... i hope they wont close the Servers until the next few months.... Anybody knows this?:)
  9. With this guide is it still obtainable? anybody knows that?
  10. Is the Trophy progress still transferable from the EU to the NA Version in 2019? So I can do 2000 Matches at all and only need one more kill for the NA Version?
  11. Anyone who can help me with that? I still need the HK and JP version for platinum...