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  1. It is in a legit way because I got the requirement that I have to survive 48h in game. It's not an autopop trophy. Also I heard that this trophy will not be flagged anymore because the player did the requirement legit
  2. Can someone help me with this problem as you can see I got flagged for the Run like the Wind Trophy on GTA5 (PS3). All Online Trophies are legal received by myself and I never got flagged in the past. I just survived 48h in game and that's it.
  3. MajorasMasked Grand Theft Auto V I was in a lobby and got a bounty on my head. So from now I was alive for about 40 minutes and thats the only reason.
  4. Ok anyway bought both EU Versions. Unfortunatly there are 2 more Stacks but I cant buy a Simple Horror Game 4 Times LuL Do you know how to get them anyway? Know no one who has the N/A Stacks.
  5. What if I buy this game. Will I get both Versions? Anyone knows?
  6. Is it possible if I platinum PS5 Version First that I can Autopop the Trophies for PS4 Version? Anyone tried this?
  7. That means? 100% RIP?
  8. Hello. I cant start "Finish Line" "No Limits" and "Photo Finish" But I bought the Season Pass.
  9. Got another Vita 85$ and the game 30$ I bought both. So now after shipping I have 2 Vitas and 2 Physical Copies And I bought the PS3 Version too for 14$
  10. Hello. I dont have a second PS Vita is this possible to get another way?
  11. Is there an Autopop for the PS5 Version?
  12. Anyone knows how long the servers might be up? How long does it take to get all online and co op trophies?
  13. Thanks. Do I still need the DLCs if I got the EU DLC Packs?
  14. Where is the JP Version at PSN Store. I cant find it. Anyone can help?
  15. I changed to PS5. Got my savegame from ps4... Anyone can confirm that the 1000 Kills Trophy will Autopop?