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  1. All games count, as long as it falls within league rules. And no time limit other than what is required for each matchup. I was going to ask for two volunteers to help count. If interested, please let me know. At this point, it looks like we have 22 participants, so I'll do two leagues of 11 members each, which is why I would need two people to count, and then I'll also count to verify scores. That would be nice. I also have to test and make sure my access to the documents work. As a side note for everyone, and maybe @Lucas can add this as a note in the OP, since it appears we'll have 2 leagues, instead of the winners going head-to-head in CWC, it'll be the Top 2 from each league, so that we can still maintain 4 participants. I'll start setting up the league tables as well as using a randomizer to determine scheduling. All of that will be posted next week. As usual, the current matchups will be in the OP, but I will have a section in the docs to see your entire schedule, for those interested. If you want it to be a surprise, just don't access that tab on the docs lol.
  2. @Lucas, In addition to the changes I sent via message, there are more for the OP: Competitors: Shadowhood1111 Also, we are adding one more rule, that will apply both to the season and the CWC. Rule - Rarity bonus: A rarity bonus will be applied to every trophy, as follows: Common x1 Uncommon x1.3 Rare x1.5 Very Rare x3 Ultra Rare x6 This bonus will be applied to the base scoring of the participants. This is intended to help cut down on super quick, super easy trophies and plats by rewarding harder trophies more. Thanks.
  3. Jan 27. I wanted to give plenty of time to get he word out. After Jan 20, I'll start putting the league tables and fixtures together. Jan 27.
  4. I know trophy rarity is a big thing here, so I am hoping to add a rule for bonus points based on trophy rarity, in hopes of cutting down on easy trophies. Here is what I propose: The rarity bonuses are defined as follows - Common x1 Uncommon x1.3 Rare x1.5 Very Rare x3 Ultra Rare x6 So, as a simple example, let's say someone earns 5 Bronze trophies. Their base score is 5, and let's say they have 1 of each type of rarity among these 5 trophies, then their bonus would be 1x1 + 1x1.3 + 1x1.5 + 1x3 + 1x6, making their total score: base (5) + bonus (1 + 1.3 + 1.5 + 3 + 6) = 17.8. Now let's say their opponent also earns 5 Bronze trophies, but they pop easy trophies from easy games so the rarity on all is Common. Then their score is 5 (base) + 5x1 (bonus) = 10. Under the current rules, they'd tie at 5. With this rarity bonus, there is a clear cut winner, and participants are less likely to fall victim to easy trophy pops. The hope is it will deter (but not prevent) super quick, super easy trophies, which has been raised as an issue by some people. What do you all think? should we implement it this season just as a trial run, to see if we want to keep it for future seasons? Or does this seem unfair and we should not implement at all? Please let me know your feedback.
  5. @Lucas, if you could add microsamm to the list of competitiors, that'd be great. Having access to the old tables and stats would be awesome. I'll definitely send you any new documents I make. Also, I don't intend on changing the rules right now, but I do hope on adding one. I want to mention it first to see if others think it is a good idea.
  6. Ah, I did not see your reply on Monday. I slightly misunderstood. My reading comprehension sucked last week lol. I had thought you were saying you were going to give me access to the OP, but no, you said for me to tell you what to change and you'd change it. I understand now. So, here is the list of changes for the OP: Title change from Trophy Hunters League to THL - Season 24 Signups Now!! League Runner changed from you to me. List of Current Competitors: stupid0089 Wavergray freddie1989 me3lingual HcG Clawz GTA_Darren Redbeard-Rik Omar AffectatiousDonk hibpshman theshywaterguy OmegaFenron XShadiwYakuzaX MidnightDragon Psy-Tychist VASORAT13 ShogunCroCop That's all the changes for now. I just thought it would be easier to give me access to the OP, but we can do it this way too.
  7. I totally blew my 2019 card..let's hope I can do better in 2020.
  8. I still do not have access to the OP. I requested it, but I know @Lucas is busy, so until then, the sign up listing will be here...if, by Jan 20, I still do not have access to the OP, I will start a new thread that references this one. With that said, here is the list of people who have said they are either interested or participating. League starts Jan 27. If everyone mentioned can let me know by the 20th if they are definitely participating, that'd be awesome, as I can finalize everything that week before Season 24 starts. If I also missed someone, please let me know. @stupid0089 @Wavergray @freddie1989 @me3lingual @HcG Clawz @GTA_Darren @Redbeard-Rik @Omar @AffectatiousDonk @hibpshman @theshywaterguy @OmegaFenron @XShadowYakuzaX @MidnightDragon @Psy-Tychist @VASORAT13 It is official!! Sign ups are underway! Spread the word since I cannot update the Title of the thread or the OP yet.
  9. So I know. I haven’t updated December yet. Things got really busy around the holidays and I haven’t been on a lot. Let’s just continue the December rivalry into January, and I’ll tally everything up at the end of this month.
  10. I appreciate the input. I did away with the challenges/themes idea, as mentioned before. I’d love to have access to the OP. I’ll hit you up on PSN. To all the rest, signups officially begin tomorrow. For those who have already said they’ll do it, I’ll add you as soon as I get access to the OP.
  11. So maybe for the initial reboot, we keep it simple and just do the rarity bonuses. Maybe we add the challenges in if this picks up steam. I’ll get official rules/procedures written up in the next few days, as well as an official sign up.
  12. I also noticed participation has gone way down. However, I have had a successful reboot of the SeaTK over the past year, so for 2020, I am going to try and reboot this as well. THL Rebooted (aka Season 24) will begin sometime in January or February. Based on those who expressed interest, I think the Gold, Platinum, Manganese, Bronze, and Silver Leagues will be momentarily done away with. Instead, the format will be fresh and new, and hopefully we will add leagues as (and if) interest grows. The head to head will remain. Each week or so, participants will go head to head and whoever has the most points will be the winner. But, I think I am going to switch it up a bit. In an effort to try and curb some of the easier games, the points system will be slightly tweaked. The basic points system will be the same: 1 pt for Bronze trophies, 2 for Silver, 6 for Gold, 12 for Plat. But, in addition to that, every matchup will have a challenge/theme, whether decided by me or by them, to complete in every matchup. For example, the challenge might be "Earn as many trophies as you can from games that feature a female protagonist," or "Earn only trophies from games in your backlog," or something along those lines. Points for trophies that are acquired for a challenge will be double. There will also be a points multiplier for rarity of trophy. Since trophy rarity is never static, the rarity will be determined at the time of the counting of scores, not necessarily at the time obtained. So if you get a trophy that starts out Ultra Rare, but is Rare by the time the admins count scores, it is counted as a Rare. Because there will be a lot of counting and a lot of points involved, and because at the start, this reboot will likely be small in participation, I am proposing 5 day matchups, with 2 day breaks in between each matchup. This gives ample time for admins to count scores, as well as giving participants a few days to coordinate theme with their opponents. So ideally, I see the flow as being such: Day 1 - 5 A v B, C v D, etc Day 6 - 7 Break for counting and to discuss challenges/themes Day 8 - 12 A v C, B v D, etc To allow the discussion with opponents for themes, the schedule for each matchup will be revealed on the final day of the previous matchup (so Day 5), so that each participant has the full 2 days to coordinate a challenge. If a challenge is not coordinated in that 2 day timeframe, I will assign one. One or both participants must agree in the thread to the challenge, and inform me so it can be posted, no later than the end of the 2 day break. Every other THL rule, and requirements for joining, remain the same. What are your thoughts on the proposed reboot? Too complicated? Just right? is there more we could be doing for a better overall experience? Let me know. I am thinking of starting this the end of January, so please let me know if you'd be in for a reboot, and whether we want to keep this thread open or start another. I can definitely streamline some of this so the seasons happen quicker, and more formal rules will come out within the week. I just don't want to create a reboot if there is not going to be enough interest. So let me know if you'd be in, and what tweaks/changes if any, to this proposed reboot you'd make. I want this to be something we all can enjoy, so I value everyone's input.
  13. Here are rivalry resuts for November. Most trophies in games released in November (any year, any region): MrUnknown625 (193) AvengedEvil (140) Redbeard-Rik (93) ArcticCress (45) Walt the Dog (43) Psy-Tychist (33) stupid0089 (31) Terra (6) xZoneHunter (1) soultaker655 (1) ShogunCroCop (0) zajac9999 (0) Vanilla (0) HCG Clawz (0) MStalker58 (0) Myu (0) Stevieboy (0) FilmFanatic (0) Jesaya815 (0) Wdjat Prinny Doods (0) willmill97 (0) I counted any game with a release date of November in any region. Some didn't have release dates listed on this site, so I did the best I could via Google. If I missed something, please do let me know. However, most of the scores are far enough away that if I missed a few, it most likely won't affect standings. MVP is MrUnknown625, for his November prowess, and ArcticCress climbed the charts on Total Trophies this month, moving up one spot, so I gave him Most Improved. Rivalry matchup for December is Highest Completion %. Tables have been updated. Sorry for it taking so long. I was busy most of today.
  14. Thanks all for the interest! I think a January reboot would be best since the holiday season gets crazy. I'll be reaching out to some of you to help with counts/voting. More details to come on the new format/experience. I am going to reach out to you regarding this. I like this idea, but am no familiar with Inkmasters.
  15. Ah, so they aren't separate per region.I thought the site listed the different regions individually...ok, in that case, whatever the release date is given on this site is, that's what I am using. I haven't updated yet. I have had a busy day. So bear with me, and let me know f you find something to be in error.