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  1. Would you like to join? We have openings. Also, it's always been done by updating the theory we could use a new thread every time, but it generally hasn't been necessary.
  2. Hello all! We are pleased to announce that Season 34 will begin on December 6. This means sign ups will go on for another two weeks. I will update later with more information. But get ready to go all out on December 6 for Season 34!
  3. I'll let you in on a secret...everyone is automatically entered into the next season unless we are told welcome to Season 34 anyway! We are still trying to work out the start date, so updates will be forthocming, including retirements, new additions, etc. For now, the CWC tab in the standings Google Doc has been updated.
  4. You can definitely join. Season 34 signups are open now.
  5. (7) blu3st4rdust305 (681.6) v (303.5) X18JELLO18X (1) One of the highest scoring finals ever! Congratulations to @blu3st4rdust305! Season 33 is officially over. We will be back soon with more details on Season 34. Thank you all again for a great season.
  6. CWC Round 2 scores: blu3st4rdust305 (126.8) v (1) X18JELLO18X (125.6) v InfinateEternity (75.7) Great scores but @InfinateEternity is eliminated. The final round is set: @blu3st4rdust305 v @Jello for the championship! Good luck!
  7. CWC Round 1 scores: blu3st4rdust305 (36) v X18JELLO18X (67.6) v xZoneHunter (0) v InfinateEternity (47.9) @xZoneHunter is eliminated. CWC Round 2, already underway, is: @blu3st4rdust305 v @Jello v @InfinateEternity Good luck!
  8. Round 1 of the CWC is over! Y’all have two hours to sync. Round 2 is underway!
  9. Standings and statistics are updated. We have our CWC participants! CWC begins in 5 hours, 27 minutes. @blu3st4rdust305 v @Jello v @xZoneHunter v @InfinateEternity @Arctic Cress earned a promotion to Platinum League. Gold League promotion goes to @Wdjat Prinny Doods, and Silver League promotion goes to @OmegaFenron. @microsamm relegates to Gold. @stupid0089 relegates to Silver. @Boooda and @Tearbaer drop to Bronze. @Wavergray, @Ichiban-Hybrid, and @Obscure_Ale have chosen to retire. We thank them for their participation, and they are welcome back when and if they want.
  10. It's been a pleasure. You are welcome back anytime!
  11. I don't believe that's correct. It is 4:19 PM UTC time right now, and it is 11:19 AM here in Texas. So at 12 AM UTC, it'll be 7 PM here. That's what I have been basing the start times off of. UTC never changes. Time zones change for Daylight Savings around it. On November 7, when we switch clocks here in the USA, I'll go to UTC -6, but right now I am UTC -5. After the 7th, 12 AM UTC will be 6 PM here. If y'all changed your clocks already, then your start time is affected, but UTC never changes.
  12. Here are the matchups for Fixture 10, the final of this season: Platinum League Krazy_99 v Psy-Tychist microsamm v UnwaveringSoul_ blu3st4rdust305 v GTA_Darren Gold League ShogunCroCop v Ichiban_Hybrid X18JELLO18X v stupid0089 Arctic Cress v FallacyUnknown Silver League Boooda56 v xZoneHunter LucasV9991 v TheScruffyton Tearbaer v man_with_wdjat Bronze League OmegaFenron v sui_staR Obscure_Ale v Sptj7 freddie1989 v InfinateEternity This last fixture begins in 2 hours, 33 minutes. Good luck!
  13. Standings and statistics are updated. @blu3st4rdust305 and @Jello have clinched spots in the CWC. @Arctic Cress has clinched the second promotion spot into Platinum League. Silver sand Bronze champions are still up for grabs.