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  1. You need to complete the bounties without exiting Orb Vallis. Talk to the guy beside the entrance/exit to Fortuna to receive another bounty. It's the blue icon there.
  2. On door 4, arrange the 5 power generators at the door such that the top two centerlines are where the traps below them meet (in other words shift the two top ones half a trap to the right to make a trapezoid shape with all 5). This should allow for the blue viking looking guys to trigger the top traps too as they enter/exit the lane instead of just the bears. Finished my grind last night. \o/
  3. Try this one: It's ~310k in 10:30 using Max. Dobbin will probably be the coin difference, and maybe time too. It mostly runs itself. Bounty Generator on the tar and brimstone traps. +combo part on scorcher and napalm (scorcher's flip or Max's stun will trigger the +combo). +dmg to burning targets on the ballistas. Luck potion is used in Waves 1, 5, 8, 10, and 11. Rage potion is used in wave 1. If you don't have the teleport ring, it'll add another 30 to 45 seconds to your time.
  4. Island is the same as world. You can just slap one down next to the landing pad and move on to the next one. Boss islands and event islands are exempt; you only need the ones that list a relevant number on the map details, like Squire's Knoll is 1-01.
  5. It should pop at 44(?). The event islands don't count.
  6. If you would like to post a video of what you consider an "optimal" layout of banquet halls, I'll run it.
  7. This method is still better with T7 and the parts. My banquet halls runs topped out at 875k / run, which is a little more than 23,500 coin / minute. Endless banquet halls, at least for me, had the habit of crashing the game around the 39th minute mark, wiping out the entire run's effort (blue-screen game crash, not just game end at the 40th minute which is what I expected). This also lets you break it up into 10-12 minute chunks, instead of the ~40 minute requirement in an endless run.
  8. Every trophy is online. You need to connect to the OMD!U servers to play.
  9. Having just finished with a time of 1:40.6, here's my advice: First, be wearing a military uniform to slip over the military base unhindered. The jump from start to 1st waypoint is about landing the glide on the side building with sprint held down and a fully charged jump ready to go, getting you to the 1st waypoint on one airdash. 1st waypoint to 2nd waypoint is done with two landings. The first is onto the far partner of the pair of buildings like you landed on getting from start to 1st waypoint. The 2nd landing is getting from that building onto the far water tower. From the water tower, a fully charged jump and a dash / glide should land you either on top of the tall building between the tower and 2nd waypoint, or clear over it. My time for reaching 2nd waypoint is ~41s. 2nd waypoint to 3rd waypoint (military base turn). This is a series of uncharged short jumps where you double air dash as quickly as possible to cross the roofline. 3rd waypoint to final is about jumps to reach the height of the next building's roof, and double airdashing to get across the roof as quickly as possible, and mastering the last turn by using the skyscraper with the triangle corners to make the last leap to the final waypoint. That last turn is what messed me up a bunch (I'd miss the building completely by turning early). My time to the triangle building is ~1:35, iirc. Aim for one of the triangles and you should be able to jump, double dash + glide right through the last waypoint. In general, to get the necessary speed to do this, you need to remove as much time gliding as possible from your run, and work as many airdashes as you can. A lot of my time from the 2nd waypoint to the last turn is spent just jumping and dashing. Good luck!
  10. It's not just you. I have yet to find a team elimination match to play.
  11. Guardians continue to double in cost: 8k, 16k, 32k, 64k, and so forth.
  12. Titania's ultimate form counts for the archwing trophy.