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  1. Thank you I appreciate the link. I did end up at least rebuilding the data base. If it doesn't work I will follow that link and post an update. I really appreciate the help thank you.
  2. I did get an NP error code although I do not remember the number I will try, thank you
  3. No, same hard drive that I got with the system
  4. Hello all. I am having trouble with random trophies not unlocking for random games. And, it seems for a couple games my ps4 is struggling to even download the trophy data. In the game "Stilstand" the first trophy didn't unlock as well as a story related trophy way later in the game. For the game "Castle of Pixel Skulls" the trophy for completing level 10 did not unlock. For a couple of games the trophy data wouldn't even download, "Stilstand" was one of them which may be why I didn't unlock the first trophy. I'm not sure. I found a fix by deleting the application, deleting the save data, restarting my ps4, and replaying the game. But is there a way to avoid this all together, or is there a reason why this is happening? I can provide more detailed explanations if needed, you can see the timestamps on my trophy lists for proof. Thank you, please help if possible.
  5. Wow I wish a guide told me that the servers were closed. Thank you, I appreciate the help
  6. I'm not sure if it is just because I'm using PS Now or if the servers are down or what. But I'm unable to upload my character, locking me out of the trophy. Any help would he appreciated
  7. I would absolutely love a guide for the DC part. Or at least a roadmap
  8. I sense an @Optinooby guide coming perhaps
  9. Realm Royale 5.67%
  10. *solved, community maps aren't really a thing. I was mislead*
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. That makes sense lol, thank you
  13. Hey I just recently made a European account and I chose Germany as my region. Does anyone know any games that have a Germany stack? I've seen • GER before but I can't remember what games
  14. I recently bought this game and saw that as of 1.01 a trophy is glitched. I saw some work around but I wanted to know if anything has been fixed as the forums and guides are a little dated
  15. Is the trophy still glitched?