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  1. Not to mention the exotic drop rates
  2. you need to do all three trees
  3. you need 8 people for the trophy
  4. i do also enjoy aiming for 100% i tr to saver my games and enjoy them as best i can some of my other trophy hunters friends get a bit annoyed lolz
  5. I did the same after the first duel I got destroyed I might give it another try not sure also Planetside 2 most lag games I have ever tried playing and I have the best wifi I can get and quare magic library I sadly got one trophy the day before the server shutdown
  6. I hope the return to using battlelog was great for tracking stats of all kinds
  7. i am at the last dungeon i got the map blue but the meter isn't full and there is a red line still and I can't find the spot
  8. what is the point cap 1k or something like that?
  9. thanks sucks how long i have to wait to use the next tent
  10. Aye not a fan of battle Royale
  11. hows does the dog map work?
  12. everyone has to have their fell arms equipt