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  1. another note is there is a book for shards and for new items as well for the mixer just about farming anywhere with those books and food will guarantee shards on higher difficulty
  2. thank you that's what I've been asking people but no one seems to answer expect you so thank you man
  3. did he have the set to challenging for every single part from the bounties to killing the intel targets
  4. so all day i have been working on an hunts i did the dusk bounty on challenge and i did the aran keener ission on challenge which showed it was a an hunt mission i have no fucking clue any more if the game is just trolloing or this trophies is fucked anyone able to help me out
  5. so working on the silver medal for most of the girls but i am wondering for the doki doki mode can i change their regular clothes to gym or swimsuit for it to work or does it only work at the time when they would be wearing them
  6. no it hasn't been like this for 4 years last month my 60th was displayed no issues
  7. so i noticed the update the site did that changed the trophy milestones from ever 10 plats to ever 25. I was wondering why things change happened? also how does everyone else feel about it. i personal am not a fan of this i like being able to have special games plated for ever 10 now some of that was ruined
  8. Not to mention the exotic drop rates
  9. you need to do all three trees
  10. you need 8 people for the trophy
  11. i do also enjoy aiming for 100% i tr to saver my games and enjoy them as best i can some of my other trophy hunters friends get a bit annoyed lolz
  12. I did the same after the first duel I got destroyed I might give it another try not sure also Planetside 2 most lag games I have ever tried playing and I have the best wifi I can get and quare magic library I sadly got one trophy the day before the server shutdown
  13. I hope the return to using battlelog was great for tracking stats of all kinds
  14. i am at the last dungeon i got the map blue but the meter isn't full and there is a red line still and I can't find the spot
  15. what is the point cap 1k or something like that?