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  1. I freaking can‘t wait to play this game! 😊
  2. PERSONA 5 😊
  3. This ‚Learning to work together‘-trophy?
  4. OMG! Hell Yes!!!
  5. DARK - Season 2 (incredible and awesome, one of the best tv-series/shows ever!)
  6. No new trophy list for newest DLC ‚Ultra Pack‘?
  7. Does anyone know how to close my boosting session?
  8. It’s pretty hard to me. I can't make it, after hours.
  9. Me too. Same here :/
  10. There you go: 😊
  11. A very nice game. I really liked it. The game is a lot of fun for me. I got goosebumps when Ezio meets the corpse of Altair in the altar room. I even had tears in my eyes because that moment was just wonderful.
  12. Yes, it counts.
  13. EDIT: got the trophy. 😊 Thank you so much @tlal_q8_22
  14. EDIT: got the trophy. Thank you so much @tlal_q8_22