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  1. Excellent advice from the OP, I have only a few points to add. The whole challenge is to reduce the random elements and get as many of the 17 as planned kills. As said, the first three are easy (tower Tigers with fire extinguishers). Note that the double kill along with the guard will sometimes eject the Tiger onto a roof and into view. If so, restart. Before starting the riot by opening the main gate, there are a couple of more relatively easy kills, if you want to try it. 1 - The Tiger patrolling the left catwalk in front of leftmost building. If you shoot the guard inside along with Khabko's clothes (but only when the Tiger is at his rightmost point, otherwise he will hear the shot go through the glass and investigate). Bullet distract him to the building door, then shoot the icicle. Easy kill, body is not hidden, but no one goes there until really late. 2 - One of Khabko's guards will stand under a light in the foreground, outside the main prison. Shoot the light, and sometimes he flops right into a snowbank. If not, use shockwave ammo to hide him. Skip these if you want. My advice: Wait until Khabko gets into the admin building with Resnikov. Wait until Resnikov moves away from the table and shoot the sedative vial near the vodka. Let both targets toast their deal and then fall asleep. Then start the riot by opening the front gate and the main (tallest) guard tower. The targets will not wake up, and the 2-3 Tigers will stand guard over the sleeping bodies. At least two, sometimes three, guards will head outside the main gate and get a beatdown from the escaping prisoners, netting you two more kills. After the fire has burned up a couple more Tigers, open the leftmost gate and the locked gate to the admin building. You will get 5 kills in the fire as the targets do not wake up in time to flee. At this point, no one has fled, and you should have a minimum of 11 kills, and maybe as many as 14. The remaining Tiger kills are random. With some luck and restarts, you will get them through fire extinguishers, lamp kills, electrocutions, and the gas cylinders as they try to run out through the top right. Last point about the top right exit: there are four possible accident kills here: fire extinguisher (building wall), gas cylinder (single, at top of stairs), gas cylinders (several, at corner of building), and gasoline cans (bed of truck in the extreme top right). This last one saved me once by burning up an escaping guard after he was already on his snowmobile!
  2. Can confirm that as of the last few days, the North American disc version enables downloading of all episodes. 1) Borrowed GotG disc from my local library. (I have never owned/installed the game previously. Obviously, the disc has been previously used!) 2) Loaded disc on PS4. Started up game. 3) Downloaded episodes 2-5 from PS store, linked from inside the game. 4) Played game, got platinum. Good luck all. I enjoyed this one. Jokes and plot are very well done.