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  1. Top 3 Games (out of 32 total): 1. Assassins Creed Origins - 101 hours 2. Prey - 89 hours 3. Rise of the Tomb Raider - 79 hours Days played: 315 days played at 1704 hours clocked. Trophies earned: Total: 1725 Trophies earned Platinum: 38 Gold: 170 Silver: 403 Bronze: 1114 (I don't think the Vita games were counted, but their trophies were...)
  2. If you play Hitman 1 and 2 levels in Hitman 3, only Hitman 3 trophies will unlock. You cannot get Hitman 1 and 2 trophies this way.
  3. Yes, if you want all the trophies in Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, you will have the play all of Hitman 1 twice (once in Hitman 1 and again in Hitman 2). Annoying depends on your POV. I love Hitman, and sank about 100 hours into Hitman 1 and over 350 hours into Hitman 2, so my opinion is quite slanted....🙂
  4. If you want all the trophies in Hitman 1, you must play Hitman 1 to 100%. There is no sharing of game data from Hitman 1 to the other games. If you want all the trophies in Hitman 2, you must play Hitman 2 (the gold edition with all the maps included) to 100%. To get to 100%, you must have Hitman 1 and import the Hitman 1 maps into Hitman 2. You will play all of Hitman 1 inside Hitman 2, as well as all new Hitman 2 content. There are two Hitman 2 trophy lists: the original one which topped out at 125 trophies, and "Hitman 2 - Additional Expansions" which encompasses the last three Hitman 2 maps. If you want all the trophies in Hitman 3, you can either import your completed Hitman 2 profile into Hitman 3, which will award most, but not all, of the Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 DLC trophies. Follow this up by playing Hitman 3 to 100%. Or, you can skip the Hitman 2 import, and play through all of Hitman 1 and 2 inside Hitman 3 to get the DLC trophies.
  5. You can argue whether Transformers: Devastation is a Great game, but I will assert that it is undeniably a Quality game. Attractive, saturated, cel-shaded graphics running at 60 fps (PS4), smooth camera and controls, deep and satisfying combo fighting system, great soundtrack, decent Generation 1 Transformers story with the original voice actors of Optimus Prime and Megatron. It is a Platinum Games/Activision release and unfortunately only available on disc now. Platinum #100 - All Trophies You haven't truly lived until you've played as Grimlock and executed a suplex move on Megatron. Plus, dialog like this that takes me back 35 years and watching the cartoons after school: Megatron: We should have been allies, Optimus. But you ... never had the manifolds to do what needed to be done! Optimus: I ... have the manifolds to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. [Yeah yeah, Prime. Great comeback. Always the Boy Scout.] Remarkable point: I checked the version on the installed game. 1.00. The first release has never seen an update and I couldn't find a bug. In this age of delayed, buggy releases, patches, etc. this game really stands out.
  6. [Has I/O released the info how to transfer progress into hitman 3 from past games yet?] https://profile.hitman.com/ Although I don't recommend trying it right now. The servers (both game servers and whatever is transferring your Hitman 2 progress) are way overloaded.
  7. I see you got the trophy! Congratulations.
  8. Sorry to hear that. I don't know how to help you troubleshoot, as this method just worked for me. Key points? - There are 24 notes, make sure that they are all different and all represented. - A note should audibly sound as you step on each block. - There is a 10 second limit, so the blocks can't be gigantic (you won't make it in time) nor too small (it's possible to step right over a small block without sounding the note). It is possible there is some strange bug tied to whatever character you're using. Maybe change characters, or try restarting the game?
  9. Chests are shown on the minimap when you are close to them. I admit though that the little icon doesn't really look like a chest. I understand that the earlier versions of the game had a beam of light identifying them, but a patch took that out. I think that in the desert (?) biome, the Sphinx statues always have a chest inside, and most/many of the pyramids as well. This trophy is a grind, no way to shorten it that I know of. Long before I had all of the pieces, the Trader and the Troublemakers had stopped dropping them. Chests were the only remaining source, and you get mostly inventory items, not pieces, when you open chests.
  10. I know you posted this a while ago, but no, in my opinion the DLC isn't worth it. There are no trophies tied to it, and the DLC is just a few skins.
  11. I don't recall what was required to unlock this trophy, but I see that you do have the "Open the Steins Gate" trophy, which is the only requirement for "All Worldlines Complete". There is a 20 minute gap in my trophy list between "All Worldlines Complete" and "Open the Steins Gate", which leads me to believe there is an epilogue or credits which you must watch before the former trophy unlocks. I would make sure you have watched the ending to completion. (I played this game on the Vita, so if you have a different system, perhaps the ending is different.) Good luck.
  12. For those running short of monocoins near the end of game, when you are trying to buy the whole gallery as well as get all the presents from the monomono machine, there is already a save-reload method to get the gallery trophy, then reload to recover the coins. I found a method to also recover coins spent in the monomono machine, if you did not get any new presents (and thus wasted the coins). It is easier to describe using an example: - From anywhere in school mode, make a save (I will call this Save A). - Quit to the main menu, then select Extras, then School Store to get to the monomono machine. - Let's say you have 100 coins. You spend 10 in the machine, but don't get any new presents. Coins = 90. - Back out of the monomono machine with Circle. Coins = 90. - Back out of the Extras menu with Circle. The game will ask if you want to save. Select No. - From the main menu, select School Mode, then select Continue. - You will enter school mode at your last save (Save A). Press square and you will still see Coins = 90. Select Quit to main menu. - Back at Main Menu, select Extras, and School Store. Now, Coins = 100 again. I don't know if this is a bug or a save exploit, but it works consistently for me. Note that if you DO get new presents in the monomono machine and you want to lock them in, just back out of the Store and Extras menus, and select YES to save. Create a new save (Save B). You can then re-enter the Store and try your luck with more coins. I used this most effectively when I had a few presents left to get, and I could boost the % chance of a new present to 30-50% by spending a bunch of coins. If I got a new one, I saved. If I didn't, I used the method above to try again with the same coins.
  13. Good guide for this game, but there is an improved, fast method for the Full Scale Musical trophy. The guide uses the Giant Piano Keyboard brick build to get the trophy, but the blueprint for this build is randomly dropped from chests, and I didn't get it until I had passed about 45 hours in the game. You don't need this brick build, and instead can build your own keyboard. Only requires that you have the Landscape Tool (received in the Tutorial) and that you have visited the Dessert Desert biome for the first time. You will use the Landscape Tool to make blocks, and the Dessert Desert biome will give you the specific musical note paints to color the blocks. Here's what to do: - Select the Landscape Tool, then the Add/Remove subtool. (You probably use this mostly in Remove mode to punch holes in things.) - With the tool active, press Triangle to access the paint colors for the Add/Remove tool. - If you have visited the Dessert Desert biome, you have unlocked the musical note paints. Scroll down in the paint list to choose the first note paint. They are way down in the list, and are all called "Note 1, Octave 1" or something similar. Their actual colors are white and black, like piano keys. - Set the first block. You will want to make a long row of blocks, like a sidewalk. Pick a flat area, or do like I did, and make a jetty out over a body of water. The block size is not critical, but I made them about twice the size of the minifigure. You will need to run over all blocks in 10 seconds, so they can't be too big, but you need to step on each block, so they can't be too small. - After setting the first block, press Triangle again to get the paint menu, and select the next note paint. Set the second block next to the first. - Repeat this until you have blocks in every note paint. There are two full octaves, a total of 24 blocks you need to set. - Now walk along your block sidewalk. Each block will sound a different note, and if you hit all 24 in 10 seconds (easy), the trophy will pop. That's it, takes about 5 minutes or less. No Giant Piano brick build, no use of the paint tool, no use of the piano gun (also a random drop). Only needs the Landscape Tool and the Dessert Desert biome unlock.
  14. No, I was playing on Hard. I have heard independently that the Novice difficulty. which was patched into the game in an update, has a number of bugs. Thanks for the information, as I will have to pick a difficulty when trying for the One Shot trophy.
  15. SPOILERS BELOW, for those who have not played the game or gotten to Mission 16. The known story-progression bug in Alien:Isolation is still there. The solution I pieced together from various sources does work, but it appears that the original game forums have disappeared along with the posts, so I will recapitulate here, hoping that it is helpful to other players out there. The bug occurs at the end of Mission 15/beginning of Mission 16. What happens is this: - After finishing Mission 15 on the Anesidora, where the reactor explodes and you escape in the ambulance shuttle, the game places you in the Lorenz Systech Spire transit hub. You will have no objectives, and no dialog to tell you what to do. Thinking this was the free-roam part of the game that I had read about, i started walking around, but no objective updates. - Eventually I made my way to the elevator to Seegson Communications. At this point for me, the objective updated to "Find Ricardo". I took the elevator up to Comms, but as soon as the loading screen clears on this floor, the right stick (camera) is locked. You can move with the left stick, but can't change your view. Not playable at this point. - Loading saves, making new saves, restarting the game, rebooting and restarting - tried them all but the game still bugs out upon reaching the Comms floor. - The solution (as posted elsewhere) is to reload Mission 15. You will notice on the Mission load screen that there is no Mission 16, despite your supposedly being in this mission. - Replay Mission 15 (the Anesidora) in its entirety, but do not make any manual saves. Skip all save consoles. Yes, it's a pain on Hard, but it should only take 15 minutes or so if you are familiar with the level. Try not to get killed. - Note: near the end of the mission you need to hack the reactor with Taylor. The hack is a tough one: 5 characters. You can fail this minigame (I did), which will blow up the ship and reload a checkpoint. This is a game autosave, and is okay. The story will still progress after this. - Escape the Anesidora in your ambulance shuttle. You will know if you bypassed the bug if, after loading screens, you are now in the ambulance bay of Seegson Comms. Ricardo will immediately begin talking and your objective will update. Your right stick will work. Go ahead progress Mission 16. The bug reportedly is caused by saving during Mission 15. This somehow causes the objectives not to complete and update properly. Thus the solution of playing Mission 15 in one shot. Apparently many players do not encounter the bug, saving or not, so if you find yourself in the ambulance bay after Mission 15, count yourself lucky. Additional note. During the glitched Mission 16, where you load into the transit hub, you do have free roam as long as you don't go up to Seegson Comms and encounter the camera lock. I actually wandered all over the Sevastopol, collected most of the Nostromo logs and found a few more ID tags. All of these collectibles will save, so when you replay Mission 15 to progress the story, you will not lose these items. I also made multiple saves during the glitched Mission 16, got killed multiple times, etc, and none of this caused any problems after I replayed Mission 15 to progress.